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Donna Andersen explains sociopaths and how they hook people in a new podcast

What is a sociopath? Why do people fall for them? How does the mental health profession diagnose them? And how can everyone protect themselves from these human predators? Donna Andersen answers all of these questions — and more — in her most recent interview.

Donna was a guest on MyNDTALK, hosted by Dr. Pamela Brewer. This hour-long interview is packed with information to help you understand sociopaths and how they affect their targets. Click the link below to listen or download the interview.

MyNDTALK – Love Fraud – Donna Andersen

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Donna, I am so moved by your interview podcast. Most telling to me, as all our stories are similar, is how you come across…not cool and aloof after all the years and success and love in the aftermath. Even as you have come out the other side, it is obvious the toll it took. This very effect says so much about the ordeal. Your information was and Is marvelous. It has been about a decade for me and interestingly, I remember even above the classic signs how damaging his female therapist was to me by (1) trying to make me wrong, and (2)her pushing me to know just how much I was helping him and his clan by carrying the emotional, financial, and family obligations that had fallen to me.

It is good to know more therapists are recognizing these humanity vampires and the harmful fallout to the targets. I continue to be impressed by your strength. For me, I have become more introverted and at 65,I no longer seek a romantic partner.

Powerful work you have undertaken and the immense aid you provide. Thank you! 😀

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