Donna Andersen explains sociopaths in NetCast Studio interview

On Thursday I talked to Rick Limpert and Steven Lee of NetCast studio in a wide-ranging interview about sociopaths. I explained the personality disorder, how the disorder develops, and the warning signs that you may be dating a sociopath. Steve and Rick also asked whether some people currently in the news are sociopaths, which led to an interesting conversation.

Donna Andersen Red Flags of Love Fraud


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Thanks for your work on this, Donna! It’s so needed.


Wow, Donna, you’re everywhere! Good job getting the word out.


Hi Donna,

Our knowledge of this subject is our power and I was very excited to listen to this interview. I got to hear that you are great interviewee. The interview flies by and you make sure you pack a lot of information into it.

One thing that “bugged” me is that during the discussion about the many politicians on the spectrum of sociopath behaviors, the interviewers brought up two who fit within their personal lives for cheating…both of whom were of one party. I wish Mark Sanford would have been brought up. I wish our last President had been brought up. Mark Sanford left during work time, disappeared, went to another country to cheat, lied about it, and then still had the charm to get re-elected a few days ago. He is not of the party being discussed in this interview. I also wish that in the discussion of presidents, there had been some mention of the last president whose wife appeared on Jay Leno and told of his crashing their car (with her in it) into their garage when she told him early in his political career that a speech he gave “was not his best.” She has been a First Lady whose life and safety was threatened through vehicular abuse and terror and tells it like it is a joke she is so far gone. That President did a lot of things on the sociopath continuum in the opinion of many.

I do agree that politicians of any party can sociopaths. I am wondering if you discuss the politicians in your book and if you discuss all parties or just one? Because I was getting a lot out of the interview until the interviewer brought up one particular President and you came back with another one who died 50 years ago inthat same party. I’m not sure what the party affiliation was of the Pennsylvania state legislator you brought up in the interview was. But, if he was also a Democrat, it comes off as one-sided to me. I have seen both parties include Sociopaths. I personally consider cheating at the sleazy end of the spectrum and a fabricated war and torturing prisoners on the murderous end of the spectrum.

I know they asked the question about Bill Clinton (which obviously skipped a sociopath who came after him and guided the interview) and I appreciate that you kept your answer more clinical. But, I just want to know before I consider ordering the book if you talk about certain political party affiliations more than others or if your book discusses that members of both parties equally share in different types of sociopath behaviors.

Other than that question, I have to say that this is a wonderful interview, and I hope everyone will listen to it for our personal knowledge and growth. Thank you.


This was an excellent interview! I think I was married to one of the most “subtle” sociopaths I’ve heard about. He had almost every characteristic of a sociopath, but exhibited them is ways that were very difficult to pick up on. Once, we married, it was much more evident behind closed doors, but not in public at all.

One of the things I related to most in this interview was the reference to how they may attend therapy and learn the lingo so they can use it as a weapon. My ex agreed to an evaluation as long as I was also evaluated. Of course, I agreed! I was desperate to get him help for what I thought may be bipolar disorder. Part of my evaluation revealed that I had some “histrionic” traits, which our therapist explained were directly related to being in an abusive relationship. Not long after this, I called 911 when he physically attacked me. (Subtle phase of relationship was obviously over!) When the police came, they found him calm and collected wearing a suit and tie. I was terrified and crying. He said, “I’m sorry you were bothered with this, officers. My wife has been diagnosed as histrionic.” The police believed him and left, refusing to put in the report that he busted our door in to get to me.

He then went to all my friends and family and told them I was mentally ill. Interestingly, one of the ways he hooked me was by using the sympathy card about his first ex who was “mentally ill” with BPD.

Now, I worry. Won’t I look like a sociopath when I talk about my psycho ex?


Secretsister: Sounds so familiar. We are normal people trying to deal with abnormal people and we end up looking like the crazy ones. The police are truly not getting any better either. When my niece was abused by her ex-husband we would call the police, she would have been knocked down, hit in the face, etc. But, when her druggie ex-husband had a “defense scratch” where she trying to stop him for trying to kill HER, the police would say that because he was also injured, they would both get arrested! She had two small children, so guess who always won that fight? The police didn’t have to arrest the real abuser AND they didn’t have to try to spell correctly on any report.


Fight, Thanks for your comments. I think one of the benefits to Donna’s work could eventually be in educating police, lawyers, therapists, etc. If they understood this disorder, they may handle things differently.

On the other hand, my therapist told me that most of the victims of abuse he treated were being abused by partners who were police officers or in the military. Perhaps there are certain careers that sociopaths choose… where they can be in control and it’s legal to control others.


Secretsister: What a great idea…to educate leaders. It sure wouldn’t hurt to buy Donna’s book and mail it to the City Council where I live. You are right about the people who are supposed to protect us. Many police officers are narcissistic sociopaths who want power over others. I recently found out the local FBI can be called and you can ask them to investigate your police department. This was based on a sociopath next door who threatened me with a gun. His mother is the police dispatcher and I think his illusion is that he is part of the police department by proxy. When we get educated, we can help educate others. We can all do this. We can all send the list of the Ten Red Flags of a Sociopath to all of the leaders in our own towns and cities and get a sociopath education chain going. Great idea.

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