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Donna Andersen explains why smart women fall for con artists on Boston talk radio

Donna Andersen will appear on the “Talk with Francesca” show on Boston talk radio on Saturday, July 18, 2015. She’ll tell her personal story of being married to a sociopath, and explain the Red Flags of Love Fraud.

You’ll have two opportunities to hear the show:

7 a.m. EDT on WMEX AM1510 — Listen online at Click the tan “Click to listen” button.

7:30 a.m. EDT on WNBP AM 1450 Listen online at Click the “On Air” button.


Here’s the interview:


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Wishing you all the best on this show! 🙂


Thank you for getting the word out.
I certainly do appreciate it!
Not enough awareness out there…yet!!!


DUH on me. Not the red links. Click on the Donna-Anderson-Talk-With-Francesca underneath “here’s the interview”.


I haven’t watched it yet – I look forward to it some time this weekend. I just wanted to comment that I can always tell I’m not dating a sociopath when….they don’t really understand women, they don’t say the things I want to hear, and they act like normal ordinary guys and sometimes even like dumbasses. And one of these normal, ordinary guys has begun winning my heart after many trials and tribulations learning to communicate with each other. With a sociopath, he gets you on his wavelength right away and you are swept into a dream. With a normal guy, you wonder what planet he is from. lol


Listening right now!


I just finished listening to the radio interview.
Great job!
It’s still so frustrating to me that there is not more awareness on this subject and the interviewer was bringing up many points that I hear from others being that what makes a relationship with a sociopath different from a relationship with a man who is a serial cheater.(Eye roll here)
I find myself in such a different place emotionally now that I am no longer trying to figure out what happened.
I now know.

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