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Donna Andersen interview on Comedy Cellar podcast

The Comedy Cellar,  one of the top comedy clubs in New York City, hosts a weekly podcast, and last week I was the featured guest. I was interviewed by club owner, Noam Dworman, and club regulars Dan Naturman, Kristin Montella  Marina Franklin and Alan Havey.

065 Circumcision and Sociopaths

It was quite a conversation. In the beginning, Noam Dworman talks about the birth of his child if you want to get right to the discussion of sociopaths, fast forward to 14:00.


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Hello Donna. I just listened to the podcast. Interesting mix of conversation there. Not your typical comedy subject or the easiest context for you to present your info. I liked how you picked your moments to make your points. Keep planting your seeds. All your work is will pay off.


No, I don’t believe sociopathic children can be reared out of it. They can only learn to fake not being one.


Agreed Infinity….But pretending to be better than you are is awesome as long as it is a conscious choice for the GOOD!!!!
I have two children…both raised with love righteousness and great privilege. I know that both are wired like their father.
My son is estranged from me…..after the divorce he point blank told me that he did not want anything to do with me because if I could not support him then what was the point in having a relationship? My daughter on the other hand I see struggling to make good choices. She consciously CHOOSES the less hurtful path in all her relationships. She cognitively understands that to harm is wrong and tries very hard to connect honorably. It’s not easy for her and I know it. But I do appreciate that about her!!!
I do think that gender roles and same sex parenting have a role to play in how it turns out. We do need to remember that at the end of the day exploiting another human being is ALWAYS a choice. I’ll take the fake empathy to the deliberate infliction of harm any day!!!!


Imara this is not something I recall reading about very often, at least not from this perspective. These are important points to me ethically. No one can be blamed for their genetics. If a person has a diminished capacity and makes poor choices we can overlook, we get it. When an intelligent, articulate, high functioning person makes conscious choices to deceive, & hurt another, they are accountable. I appreciate how you emphasized that point. I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is making good choices even though it may not happen as naturally for her. It is our actions that define us and the choices are seldom easy. Thank you for your candor and insights.

I appreciate your experience! It shows how wonderfully made we are;that we do have free will,to make choices! It may be a real struggle;perhaps daily~perhaps our entire lives.But to have the love and respect of those around us is much more rewarding than the shallow life of the sociopath! My daughters share their father’s genetics,but do not act like him.We do not agree on everything;let’s say “we agree to disagree”,but basically they are good girls.



I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. You did an amazing job flowing with the comic’s dialogue.

These sounded like some pretty savvy people and I thought their personal stories (especially the “adopted” guy) really “normalized” sociopaths in our midst. By “normalized”, I don’t mean normal and okay, I mean ‘known’. Yes, they are everywhere and yes, we’ve known them, but we don’t have to lose to them.

What I found most heartening, I think is in listening to this dialogue, I was hearing people that were aware but not traumatized as many of us are on Lovefraud. I realized that I don’t need to remain damaged and isolated and fearful; I simply need to be aware, alert and educated.

They aren’t going away and it is me abandoning myself that has allowed the experience to turn me into a shadow of myself.

I’ve always felt that comedians play an important role in bringing the darkness of life into the light and through their comedic skills bring us a collective understanding or at the very least food for thought. I am curious to see if I will be able to pick out those that are sociopathic.

Thanks Donna, again well done.


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