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Donna Andersen makes the cover of ‘Chat It’s Fate’

If you’ve read my book, Love Fraud — How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan, you know that my experience with a sociopath has an important spiritual dimension.

Through my journey, I learned that I’d known my ex-husband, James Montgomery, during multiple lifetimes over multiple centuries, and every time he was evil. This person beat me, raped me, and lead me to be killed.

Now, my story is being featured in the UK publication, Chat it’s fate.  In fact, I’m on the cover with the headline:

BETRAYED by my dream man for CENTURIES
But it was my destiny

You gotta love the British tabloids.

But my marriage to the sociopath was my destiny. This time around, my objective was to put an end to the cycle of betrayal. In that, I succeeded. And I found true love.

Here’s the magazine. If you want to read the story, you can buy just one issue for $2.27.

Chat it’s fate — June 2018

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Good to get the fact out that there are sociopaths.


Donna, I believe reincarnation has a lot to do with this. Also, I believe that because Earth may not so shortly be destroyed by humankind, that the word has been put out in the Spiritual Realm, like a “last call” in a bar, so many sociopathic personalities are reincarnating here on Earth, many for the first time. Feel (again, this is only my opinion!), there are one or two, or even a few more, “lower” planets, where sentient beings are barely operating above wild animals. My hope is, if I can burn off enough karma, I can reincarnate in a more spiritually oriented country or even go on to the next higher planet . . .

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