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Donna Andersen on Huff Post Live today

Donna Andersen will be interviewed at 12:30 p.m., Eastern time, on Huffington Post Live. This is a video interview, and the topic is, “When Divorce Happens for Dark Reasons.”

Here’s the link. You can sign up to be notified when the interview goes life.

Huff Post Live: When Divorce Happens for Dark Reasons

The interview will be archived, so you can also use the same link to watch it later.


The interview was great, and the other guests offered valuable information. You can listen any time by clicking the link above.

Also, my portion was posted on AOL:

My ex-husband committed love fraud  on


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I was disappointed that I clicked on the link,turned on the speakers and got NOTHING.I did read Beth’s story,”First Comes Breast Cancer…Then Comes Divorce”.I bookmarked the page so I can listen to the rest later.

Getting back to Beth’s story,it reminds me so much of my own! But you can only pity and care for a person so long before you realize that you’re dying!If not physically,then atleast emotionally and psychologically.

Yesterday,I finally took my divorce papers to the court.First things first though.I’m trying to get filing fees waived.I’ll know by tomorrow.I was able to get one more document for the Oct 15th hearing.


Just listened to this interview. Donna, as usual, you did a wonderful job. I wish you had been given the opportunity to emphasize that sociopaths are NOT normal people. You did say that but it seemed that the guy in the interview did NOT understand that. I might be wrong but that was the impression I got. Like you said, it is NOT always your fault. They are SO good at presenting themselves as something they are not at first to “hook you”. And like Beth said, then you can easily delude yourself into making the marriage be something you WANT it to be instead of what it really is. I knew my ex would never support me if I got sick. At the first he told me how he would be with me through EVERYTHING, that his goal in life was to take care of me. Then when my mother got sick with cancer he never once even visited her with me. At the funeral he put on a good show in front of people of course. I also didn’t know Donna that you had married a little over a year after. It has been a year and a half since my separation and over a year since my divorce and I too believe my experience did indeed make me smarter and opened my eyes. I am looking forward to a totally new marriage experience as I go in WITHOUT blinders on. Thank you again a million times for your help and your mission of spreading the awareness of sociopathy and the destruction it causes. My wedding is October 4th. My fiance’ is a good man with good character who TRULY loves me.

I’m so happy for you!Wow,your wedding is just a week away!I hope it’s everything you ever wanted!


Thanks Blossom! That’s very kind of you. I made sure I had NO doubts about this man and checked him out thoroughly 🙂 . He has passion and compassion and actually cares about people. I really believe he will cherish me and our marriage. 4 days away! I did have a difficult time at first trusting him and believing him which is understandable and after what we’ve all been through, SMART in my opinion too! I am happy and it’s not like a “in the clouds over the top fantasy happy”. It’s true and real. Really looking forward to a new beginning.

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