Donna Andersen on ‘My Life Is a Lifetime Movie’ – watch the full episode online

The Lifetime Network aired my episode of My Life Is a Lifetime Movie last Wednesday. But if you missed it, don’t worry, because you can watch the entire episode right here.

Each show covers the stories of two women, and in this one, called Husbands Gone Wrong, mine is the second story. The first one, however, is also a story of a sociopath—they actually call the guy a “psychopath,” and I’m pleased to hear the TV show using the word. My story starts at 30:45, although it plays better if you watch the entire show. Here’s a link to the show:

Husbands Gone Wrong on My Life Is a Lifetime Movie

You can see more episodes of My Life is a Lifetime Movie on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on the Lifetime network. Here’s more info:

My Life is a Lifetime Movie


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Kim ~ that sounds so good my mouth is watering, especially that warm french bread…….

Yea, now I’m worried he will hit the kid with a grey rock and tell the Principal his Grandma told him to.

It is never dull …….

Mangia, Mangia (eat, eat)


Bloody mary mix worked? Great!! I hope it turned out wonderfully. Enjoy. It’s barely soup weather here. 🙂

Kimmie, that sounds wonderful. I love to experiment with spices and putting different ones in different foods. Fresh versus dried, etc.

There’s lots of things about food that are just plain FUN to play with. Since having to TOTALLY RELEARN everything I ever knew about cooking (like NO SALT!) I have realized that the salt overpowered the flavor of both the foods and the spices I was cooking with. Now that I am off the huge amount of salt I was cooking with, much less spice helps foods taste great.

Milo, yea, Grand needs to learn PATIENCE as well…the other kid will break first if Grand learns patience so see if you can teach him the concept of our waiting the other kids.

Pink manure spreader! Classic. Priceless in fact.

the spathy kid mirrored Grand’s gray rock? LOL!
I wish all spaths would mirror our gray rock. problem solved!

Yeah, maybe you do have a bit more work to do…

Kim, I’m getting mimetic envy with your bloody mary soup!!

Can I come over?

Skylar, you mentioned that spaths like bright, shiny things…..I’m thoroughly skeeved, now. I never considered that with regard to the xspath. Of course, fetishwear is one thing and veiled necrophilia is quite another!

As this divorce process continues, I am absolutely dumbfounded by how it’s all panning out. It just keeps getting crazier and crazier. And, it’s not like there’s this huge battle over BMW’s or beachfront properties! LMAO!!!!!!!

As an aside, I love the idea of bloody mary soup! I make my own bread (when I have a farking oven to bake it in), and there’s nothing yummier than homemade soup and homemade crusty bread……oh, my.

Brightest blessings!

Shunning is defined as torture. Of course, shunning a stranger is different than shunning aa parent or child or spouse or sibling. Shunniing family should be reserved for use only with toxic Psychopaths, abhorant abusers and chid molestors with whom you never want to reconcile. There is a current increase in grown children shunning good parents for not being perfect. I am being shunned for trying to protect my daughter and grandchildren fron her psychopath sperm donor. There is even a book about it.

The soup and homemade bread sounds perfect. It’s supposed to be a rainy weekend here. Perfect dinner for a weekend like that. PS the one ingredient for broth if its made from scratch among others is salt. If you look at the Bloody Mary mix, ketchup, tomatoe bases, they all have salt pretty high up on the ingredients list.

Salt is best when put in by the cook as store bought products use a lot of it. It brings out flavor ( kind of like bacon) in everything. It is also a preservative. Old world exporters used to put citrus fruit in barrels of salt to keep the fruit from rotting so they would have vitamin c the entire voyage to avoid scurvy. Salt also used to be used as money.

I’m really not a salt fan and that is why I learned so much about it but it is best when you control the salt you eat when ever possible. Salt gets the negative rap from commercial food processors who load everything up with it for the reasons above among other reasons as well. My favorite is sea salt. But kosher salt is good too. I don’t tend to like iodinized salt though so I have to make sure I get iodine from other sources.

But broth calls out for salt in my book. xoxoxo love Lil

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