Donna Andersen on the Ricki Lake Show Mon. Oct. 29

Two weeks ago, a producer from the Ricki Lake Show contacted me—they were doing an episode on Love Scams, and invited me to Los Angeles to be on the show.

They were also looking for another guest, and of course, Lovefraud has many people who have been scammed. I suggested several people, and they contacted Heidi Lehman, who lives near the studio.

The show airs Monday, Oct. 29. Four of us talk about our experiences with con artists—one of whom was a murderer. Ricki Lake describes her own experience with a scammer, and then some audience members talk about what they went through.

Predators are everywhere. I am so happy that Ricki Lake wanted to do this show—it’s bringing awareness to the fact that millions of sociopaths live among us.

The Ricki Lake Show: Monday – Love Scams.

To find the show in your area, go to the Ricki Lake website and click the “Where to watch” link.


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Maybe this show will be viewed by more than expected with everybody home because of Hurricane Sandy (and hopefully still with power available)?

Donna, which cable channel carries the Ricki Lake show? Can we see it online if we don’t get that channel?

I was speaking with a transgendered friend yesterday who was telling me about a female love interest. The love interest suddenly didn’t have the money to move into a new apartment, could my friend sign the lease, could my friend put up the first and last months payments and the security, and on it went.

When my friend said no to all the requests because of feeling really uncomfortable, the love interest never called again. My friend did an internet search and discovered how many addresses the love interest had to her name. “So? I move around a lot. What about it?”

My friend agreed about escaping a bullet.

I told my friend about LoveFraud and the support available here.

Great job, Donna, and the more there is out there to warn people maybe people will take advantage of it.

I just got burned by some scam artists this past week….well, they burned me a month ago but I just found out I was burned this past week. I was love bombed and I fell for it in a business deal….(head shaking here) and I ignored my gut. Fortunately it wasn’t a HUGE financial loss but it was a LOSS I didn’t want to take and the worst part is me kicking MYSELF in the butt for falling for it.

When we don’t learn, we get to repeat the class.

Thanks for using your voice to speak for all of us, Donna.
Ox, there couldn’t be truer words: When we don’t learn, we get to repeat the class.


I remember when psycho was first in my life and I was so chapped at the thought I was being told to cut my losses when he destroyed a shutter on one of my windows. It was $400 and I was just beside myself about the PRINCIPLE of the matter!! I shouldn’t have to eat that money and take it as a loss. Boy how I wish that was the end of it. Psycho has cost me more money than any person who ever entered my life. I cannot remember if I took the loss as advised by others or if in my quest for repayment, I ended up with a much greater financial loss.

I will watch this show today. And I would like to share my owner story to be married to a sociopath. A few months ago this site and a book Red flags of Love Fraud helped me to understand who did I marry and I stopped to blame myself.

Just got done watching it…good show. Thank you.

You ‘might’ be able to find that episode on tv.blinkx.com. There are some geographic restrictions and I cannot watch it where I am but some people may be able to get it.

I think its wonderful how you are working on making the world aware of the dangers of sociopaths among us. I can’t seem to bring up my past abuse by the ex-s without hearing how I LET him abuse or bully me. The last thing a victim needs to hear is how it is all their fault! I try not to mention MY experience any more. I mean he never hit or yelled at me. People simply don’t understand the emotional damage lies and gas lighting does to someone!

On another note, I’m very proud of my daugter. She’s has a band and writes her own songs. I hooked her up with lovefraud.com to help her understad what happended to her life. I asked her to wright a song about our slippery friends to help people understand. She wrote “Snake in a Suit”. It can be heard at http://WWW.Faerabella.com . You may not be able to listen to it until the 1st, after the album’s release.

These poeple are a real danger to those who are trusting, I am so grateful the word is getting out!

Congratulations Donna.
I will be watching at 3 pm, PST,
Fox 11 here on the West Coast.

Thank you for stepping up and speaking up for all
of us. You are leading the way.

Much love,


The US Postal Inspection Service has money available from fines that have been assessed that must be used on eduction. They started about a month ago and are making several short segments about different types of crime. The segments run 60 to 90 seconds and are designed to be embedded into a local new broadcast. I think they are making 18 of these spots and releasing 6 a month. When the Postal Inspector called to ask if I would participate I jumped at it. Any publicity is good in my book. Anyway, I filmed my spot on October 19th about my dad’s ongoing case of elder financial abuse and it was the first spot they did on that type of crime. I did not think I could squeeze the last three years of my life into 60 seconds but they said it went well.

Thank you, Donna!

I’m watching : ) great job ladies!

How cool! Education is the first step.

Thank you for letting us know this would be aired today. Well worth watching. I would have liked to see her mention lovefraud.com website – perhaps she did and I missed it. I hope she did, so others can easily access informaiton.

Your website was so helpful to me when I was first coming to terms with separating from my ex – I had figured out he was a sociopath and was searching on the internet for a description of “sociopath” and found lovefraud.com – glad I used the right terminolgy and a good search engine!

How exciting! I’m watching right now, just saw you Donna;-) So helpful and healing to hear I’m not the only one, lol. I didn’t lose any money, but I lost about a year wondering what I did, and why the perfect man for me broke up after we ‘got it on’. Thanks to Donna, I know all the signs. And for online dating, I’ve found the first 10-20 people that email are usually scammers. They ask right away for your number, leave theirs, ask for email, say they don’t want to wait. Since I simply delete these right away, and don’t respond to anyone that doesn’t have a picture, or asks for personal information, I’ve dated a few ‘real’ people. Still it’s quite difficult online… you have to be extremely careful.

Just watched you on television, Donna!!!!
Great job telling your story.

I am grateful Rikki has decided to include you and the
others in her show. I hope a bazillion-million people will
see it. Seriously.

Thanks, again, for standing up and speaking out
for all of us, Donna.

I am honored to call YOU my ‘friend’.


I missed it! I looked it up and it said 3pm but it was on at 2pm. I have told others so OOPS! I hope I can watch a replay or a rerun. I have seen “Who the Bleep Did I Marry?” and I have been watching the series “My Life Is A Lifetime Movie”. I haven’t seen Donnas yet. It’s been kinda “racey” though. lol…….. These people are incredible and hard to wrap the mind around. I saw the psycho student who who accused the happily married with children teacher of having a detailed and embarrassing affair with him in her small hometown. He really set her up. It potentially was going to ruin her. He still lives there and she refused to leave the town. EEWW!

Then there was a christian wholesome girl who was married to a man leading a double life and it was a REAL horriblly humiliating difference from who she thought he was. Disgusting actually. Disappeared while she was pregnant with their third child and no means of an income. She and her church thought he was dead. They went all out to get to the bottom of it. It was such emotional abuse it boggles the mind. (she’s married to a really lovely man as she says and I hope!)

I am waiting for Donnas story. There are others which are just as bad but these were the main stories. I commend these women for their courage and willingness to go public. I know it must be so difficult.

Sad I missed the show today!!! Thank you again Donna!!!!
You are so brave and determined to put the word out. I hope I can be so brave when I heal a bit more. It’s a must!!! The shock and awe is validation of how bad our own experience is. I am never prepared for this. I tend to think mine isn’t as bad as I think…….The criminal element is humiliating and worries me that others are thinking “wellllll what did you expect?! but I didn’t know and he was so good at acting as the polar opposite with the “christian” card and I was so naive to that.

My psycho appears he is going to be a daddy again and he has a job at quadruple the pay he’s ever made and I find myself second guessing whether he was cured while away in prison………..i also worry about the courts feeling the same…….It’s so bizarre I cannot come up with how this is all happening except with a miraculous recovery! UGH! For the childs sake it would be best but what the odds really?

Great show. It was interesting to see the shocked faces in the audience. This is old news for us, but obviously was the first time that some of them were hearing this.

So glad that Ricki let Donna speak about LoveFraud. I was a little concerned at first, but she got plenty of air when Ricki has her do her second segment.

Still, the disbelief and shock of so many in the audience…we have a long way to go to get the word out.

I also saw a blooper. Once when they showed the website, they listed it as lovescams.com instead of lovefraud.com…

Great job Donna!!!
It was a good show. My only wish is that there was more time for them to go into the dynamics of it all. How could that be possible within an hour?? Well done and thank you for your continued support and education… Many hugs..
Ox- don’t stress I still get duped on occasion. :). It sucks!! We are just good people.
God bless!!!
And much love and support for everyone in this journey. It hurts! But we must overcome!!

This is such a milestone for all of us. I have used social media, personal experiences, and suggestions for years now to create awareness re: bullying and since my living hell with Mr “very, very nice military man” exposing sociopaths. We are making progress on both fronts.

I finally feel heard and validated alongside thousands of wo/men who have been marginalized.

Good Job Donna,
I delayed going to work one hour so I could watch, I think Ricki ”get’s it”…
Ok, so when are you going to be on Dancing with the Stars?

Donna: You are going to be on Dancing with the Stars?
Who is going to be your partner????
When will the show air?


Thanks for ‘representing’!!! xxoo
Kudos and flowers…

I just gotta say that we are never given our justice. Never given our day in court. Never given our day to speak our mind. Not to speak our mind in public to take him out.

He stilll walks free in the mind

Thank you Donna for always staying strong.
I appreciate all you do. Good to see you on TV again.


I agree. For 2 1/2 years non stop, I would think about mine. It was a torment and a torture. As soon as my eyes were open in the morning it was him and before I closed them at night it was him. And then every waking moment during the day no matter what I was doing, he was there. I wanted to die so many times because I knew it was the only way to get rid of the torture. BUT…just within the past two weeks, I realized out of the blue that he is not the first thing on my mind as soon as I open my eyes. Now, I think, “Oh, it’s raining” or “Oh, it’s still dark outside.” I guess I am telling you this as HOPE. I NEVER thought he would get out of my head, but it just happened one day. I still think about him, but not like I used to. I think this is what tends to happen when it does happen…you just wake up one day and realize the monster is no longer in your head (at least 24/7). I will pray that this happens for you…I will because I KNOW the torment. HUGS.

Dear Louise: I am so happy to hear you sounding so much better!
YES: one day we wake up and they just aren’t there anymore,
in those thoughts and ruminations.

It fades with the passage of time and we readjust ourselves
and find ways to reprocess the memories and experience.
We are stronger than the havoc that was wreaked on us in
our experiences and it’s that core strength that they hate so
much about us. Hm? No woman should be that strong…right?

I am happy to hear you speak of HOPE.
HOPE is all we have to cling to. The HOPE that lives inside of
us. That sets down our boundaries and our paths in this life.

I will keep praying for your journey, Louise.
Lots of love and hugs ~ Dupey xxoo


Thank you. I am getting there. Ever so slowly. Now I am just depressed about my mom issues. It’s always something. Life really is pretty hard when you have a dysfunctional family and friends who also put you down for the choices you are making with your mother…sigh. Just want to give up sometimes, but I guess I have to keep on.

Any chance you can show the segment on lovefraud?

I didn’t get a chance to see it and would love it if there was a youtube of it.

Donna, I hope you are doing ok after the storm. My sister lives in NJ also and she is doing fine, she even has power. So I’m optimistically hopeful that you are ok.

Gosh, I remember thinking of him every second I was awake, this went on for years.. I was so frustrated with myself. I would of stuck the water hose in my ear and washed out my memories if that would of worked. It was just awful, somebody like that having so much control over my mind. But that was part of the lesson, it was not a normal relationship. Getting envolved with a 100% certified sociopath is not like anything else we have ever been through. It take’s a big chunk of our soul to survive that. And year’s to recover, if ever fully.
I dont think of him every second, there might even be hour’s I dont think of him, but never does a day pass that I dont remember something, usually something painful, rarely something good about him.
I see him “from a distance” now adays..and I have no warm fuzzy feelings about him at all, I just want to avoid him..I dont want him to know how he affected my life, not that he would give a damn…or maybe he would feel powerful, I wont give him that either.

that is a perfect description of how I felt too. Wanting to wash every single memory of him out of my brain, and being unable to do it, was so painful. Now I’m glad for the wisdom I gained. If I HAVE to remember it, it might as well be worth something to me.

🙂 superlicious ~!


Will the show allow you to post a youtube video of this or a some kind of link?

I know your story but I still want to see it!


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