Donna Andersen on the Ricki Lake Show Mon. Oct. 29

Two weeks ago, a producer from the Ricki Lake Show contacted me—they were doing an episode on Love Scams, and invited me to Los Angeles to be on the show.

They were also looking for another guest, and of course, Lovefraud has many people who have been scammed. I suggested several people, and they contacted Heidi Lehman, who lives near the studio.

The show airs Monday, Oct. 29. Four of us talk about our experiences with con artists—one of whom was a murderer. Ricki Lake describes her own experience with a scammer, and then some audience members talk about what they went through.

Predators are everywhere. I am so happy that Ricki Lake wanted to do this show—it’s bringing awareness to the fact that millions of sociopaths live among us.



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I didn’t get a chance to see it and would love it if there was a youtube of it.

Donna, I hope you are doing ok after the storm. My sister lives in NJ also and she is doing fine, she even has power. So I’m optimistically hopeful that you are ok.


Gosh, I remember thinking of him every second I was awake, this went on for years.. I was so frustrated with myself. I would of stuck the water hose in my ear and washed out my memories if that would of worked. It was just awful, somebody like that having so much control over my mind. But that was part of the lesson, it was not a normal relationship. Getting envolved with a 100% certified sociopath is not like anything else we have ever been through. It take’s a big chunk of our soul to survive that. And year’s to recover, if ever fully.
I dont think of him every second, there might even be hour’s I dont think of him, but never does a day pass that I dont remember something, usually something painful, rarely something good about him.
I see him “from a distance” now adays..and I have no warm fuzzy feelings about him at all, I just want to avoid him..I dont want him to know how he affected my life, not that he would give a damn…or maybe he would feel powerful, I wont give him that either.

that is a perfect description of how I felt too. Wanting to wash every single memory of him out of my brain, and being unable to do it, was so painful. Now I’m glad for the wisdom I gained. If I HAVE to remember it, it might as well be worth something to me.


🙂 superlicious ~!



Will the show allow you to post a youtube video of this or a some kind of link?

I know your story but I still want to see it!


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