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Donna Andersen on Websleuths Radio is an online forum for people interested in true crime stories. Websleuths Radio is an affiliated Internet talk show, and tomorrow night I’ll be explaining the truth about sociopaths. The show starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time, Sunday, September 11, 2011. Just go to the link below and you’ll be able to listen in—you don’t have to click anything.Afterwards, the show will be available for download—just click on the same link.

Websleuths radio show featuring Donna Andersen

UPDATE: The show is posted on the above link. There are some technical difficulties in the beginning, but then it gets underway.

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MijLo, while many of us are indeed feeling a financial pinch that she isn’t feeling, but it is difficult to tell whether she (4th wife?) is actually just another manipulator who was trying to manipulate HIM and just happened to get in the way of the flung award.

Many times it has been my observation that people who are in a relationship fall into 3 catagories. 1.) The totally innocent victim who had not seen any red flags at all and gets BLIND SIDED and leaves the relationship 2) the victim who realizes their person is not all they are cracked up to be, but forgives them and keeps on forgiving them bad behaviors and abuses, hoping they will really change next time and 3) the co-personality disordered person who is hooked up with another co-personality disordered person and the fight is on! Of course the last one, the “loser” of the situation pretends to be the “innocent victim” when in fact, they are AS BAD AS the other party to the relationship but boy can they PLAY THE VICTIM ROLE TO THE HILT. PITY PLOY, delux version.

I agree with ya Milo..

Oxy I think your three categories are really on the mark. Well done.

I am trying to figure out which category my dad fell into. Can you be blindsighted and still stay 20 years?

superkid ~ maybe with your Dad it’s a matter of living with what is familiar is easier than the unknown. Sometimes change is very hard for people.

Hens ~ how was the party? Give details, I must live through other people, I am chained to a 10 year old, the nanny quit and the damned Beemer has another flat.

Can’t your chauffeur change the tire? It’s so hard to get good help these days!

sky ~ I knocked him cold with my “Sweetest Granny Ever” award.

Milo The Party was great, the pizza tasted like cardboard, the icecream cake melted and looked like poo.. But my grandson had a great time, he is 11 now,,,,,,


Oh my goodness you hit the jackpot. That’s what it was. My dad was afraid of change so he stayed with my mom.

As a child he was a nomad, raised by various relatives in different cities at different times. He bonded to none, was always in fear. So that’s why he stayed with my mom. Great insight.

SK, I think that we CAN be in catagory one for 20 years, especially if we are started out as children and accept what our parents say is “real.”

In training oxen (cattle to work) we start with an animal that is YOUNG and that we feed (on a bottle) and convince it that we are BIGGER than it is, that we are the source of ALL that is good, and that it must allow us to do whatever we want to it without protest.

We put a yoke on them and teach them words that mean “go” “stop” “go right” “go left” and “back up.” We literally MAKE the animal do what we want to OR ELSE. They never learn to question our right to do this to them, or to work them, or give or withhold food or water. We are “god” to them.

As they grow they could easily kill us or refuse to do what we say, or run away, or kick up to death….but they NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING IT. Because whatever we say is ALWAYS RIGHT and they do not question it, or our right to do it.

If you started instead with a grown steer, rather than a baby one that you could control, it would protest and you might have to beat it into submission, and maybe you could subdue it and get it to obey you. It would in any case never bond to you as “god” the way a baby calf would that you had fed on a bottle.

So a person who is abused from birth is much more likely to be submissive than one who was nurtured to be independent and self assured.

But there is also a certain amount of inborn personality in various breeds of cattle (and humans and other mammals) and some are much harder to subdue even as “babies” than other breeds. So I think there is, again, a mixture of DNA + environmental aspect to what we become….

Hens ~ my grand will be 11 in November. He went to a birthday party for a classmate last evening. The birthday boy has food allergies so they served soy hot dogs and soy ice cream. Grand came home saying he felt so sorry for his classmate because he has to eat “that crap” everyday.

Glad your grandson had a good party and doesn’t the pizza at a kid’s party always taste like cardboard?

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