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Donna Andersen speaks to students at Shippensburg University

Shippensburg University

Donna Andersen speaking to students at Shippensburg University.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Every year, Shippensburg University, in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, draws attention to the issue of domestic violence by planting a tulip garden. This year, I was invited to participate in the ceremony, and speak to students afterwards.

My presentation is called Love Fraud and How To Avoid It. I explained sociopathic behavior, described the Red Flags of Love Fraud, and taught students how to get out of abusive relationships.

As usual, after the presentation, several people approached me, realizing that they were already involved with a sociopath, or someone they knew was. Hopefully, they learned tools to deal with the situation.

Before the event, I was interviewed by a reporter for the university newspaper. You can read her story here:

Donna Andersen to speak at SU about abusive relationships, on


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Sounds like great coverage for understanding DV and sociopaths!Certainly hoping that this wonderful effort will reach the ears of the people needing to hear it…and that they will get out of those relationshams before having their lives and emotions shattered the way ours were!


Go Donna. 🙂 We need 1000 more like you.

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