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Donna Andersen to speak at Battered Mothers Custody Conference, May 4-6, in Albany, New York

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The Battered Mothers Custody Conference is an annual weekend event dedicated to educating professionals and the general public about the serious legal and psychological challenges faced by battered women who seek protection for themselves and their children from the family/divorce court system.

This year, the conferece will take place May 4-6, in Albany, New York. Donna Andersen, author of, will be one of the featured speakers. Her topic is:

Your Disordered Ex – What you need to know so you can recover and move forward

If your ex assaulted you and wants to take your children away, you’re probably dealing with someone who has antisocial, narcissistic or borderline personality disorder. Donna Andersen is author of and the book, “Red Flags of Love Fraud – 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath.” In this no-nonsense workshop, she explains the traits of disordered individuals, what motivates them, and how understanding what you are dealing with will enable you to move forward. Donna offers steps you can take to reclaim your sense of self—which will help you deal with the custody battle.

During the conference, Lifetime Achievement Awards will be bestowed upon several national leaders in the battered women’s custody movement, including:

  • Alan Rosenfeld, noted Colorado child custody attorney, who is running for State Representative in Colorado’s 12th District. “I want to help write laws that protect battered women and their abused children,” stated Attorney Rosenfeld. “That is why I am running for the Colorado State Legislature.”
  • Connie Valentine, a founder of two groups, California Protective Parents Association and Mothers of Lost Children
  • Nancy Erickson, a New York state attorney and long-time battered women’s advocate.

Other presenters with expertise on battered women’s custody issues include:

  • Evan Stark, internationally renowned expert on domestic abuse, author of Coercive Control, and a major force behind the inclusion of coercive control in DV laws across the world.
  • Lisa Fishel-Wolovick, a NYC-based attorney and author of the newly released book, Traumatic Divorce and Separation.
  • Attorney Toby Kleinman, author of Domestic Abuse, Child Custody, and Visitation.

The chair of the event is Mo Hannah, Ph.D. For more information about the conference, please go to


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This is amazing Donna!! Thank you for making a positive impact, on our society, by educating so many victims & supporters of victims around the world.💜 Education is powerful!! Wishing you all the best at this conference. 🌍

(ps I went to their site & under the “BOOKS AUTHORED BY OUR PRESENTERS” tab at the top, I noticed your books were not listed, just to let you know).

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