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Donna Andersen to speak on ‘5 Steps to Change the World’ April 29 in Odenton, Maryland

Katherine Morris

Katherine Morris

What would happen if we all knew that sociopaths existed? If we all knew the warning signs, stayed away from them, and helped those who had been targeted?

I believe we would change the world.

I will explain exactly how this could happen in a free presentation that I am giving at an event to draw attention to the Katherine Morris Military Spouse Protection Act.

Lovefraud has written frequently about the case of Katherine Morris, who met and married a U.S. Army Soldier, Isaac Goodwin. Nine months later, Kathy was dead. Authorities ruled the case suicide, but Kathy’s mother, Pastor Marguerite Morris, believes foul play may have been involved.

At the very least, Goodwin brought Kathy into a sham marriage, and Kathy died of a broken heart. Read the story here:

Army Specialist Isaac Goodwin allegedly marries for money, and his wife commits suicide, on

Pastor Morris believes that the military’s response to her daughter’s emotional abuse and death was inadequate, so she advocates legislation called the Katherine Morris Military Spouse Protection Act. She has organized a brunch to raise awareness of the issues.

For Kathy’s Sake, Inc. 2nd Annual Brunch
Bringing Awareness to Ways of Preventing Abuse
Saturday, April 29, 2017
9 a.m. to 12 noon
Nichols Bethel United Methodist Church
1239 Murray Rd., Odenton, MD 21113

Tickets for the event are FREE, but you must make a reservation at

For more information contact Pastor Marguerite Morris at  [email protected]

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Sounds like a good cause.


Donna, what a fitting time to speak publicly about sociopaths and narcissists. Are you going to be touching on any of the happenings in the country post-election and how we can stand up for ourselves? I would be very interested in hearing your take on that though I understand we have to be careful about discussing politics here.


As has been said, 10% of the population are exploiters and public awareness is very important.


I will tell my friend about this.

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