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Donna Andersen to star in ‘My Life is a Lifetime Movie’

I’m going to be on TV again, and I’m really excited about this new show. The Lifetime network is launching a new series called My Life is a Lifetime Movie, and my story will be featured in one of the episodes.

The series has seven one-hour episodes, and each episode tells the stories of two women, all of whom have lived through unbelievable circumstances. It will premiere on Wednesday, October 17 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime, and will continue for six more Wednesdays. I don’t yet know when my episode will air, but I will certainly tell the Lovefraud community as soon as I find out.

My objective in participating in this project is raising awareness about the millions of sociopathic predators who live among us. Most of us at Lovefraud learned about these con artists the hard way by tangling with them, then losing our money, homes, jobs, health, children and almost our sanity. By telling my story, I hope people who may be in similar situations will recognize what they’re dealing with and get out before too much damage is done.

I know it works. Two years ago, I starred in the premiere episode of Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? on the Investigation Discovery network. The show has probably run 50 times by now. I know because every time it does, I get email from people who are also involved with sociopaths. Some are amazed to learn that other people have gone through what they’re going through—they thought they were alone. Many are astounded to know that there is a reason for the insanity in their lives—their partner has a personality disorder. Before seeing the show, they thought they were simply losing their minds.

Lifetime has a big following, so I’m sure the show will reach a really a wide audience. I’m grateful for the opportunity to tell them my story. For those who realize it’s also their story, it will be like turning on the lights.

For more information about the show, read the official press release:

‘My Life is a Lifetime Movie’ to Premiere October 17


My episode will air Wednesday, November 7 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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I can’t wait. It was funny reading the title to this post as the joke that’s really not that funny in my life is those who don’t understand and can’t believe the bizarre facts of my dealings with a psychopath just think, I think, I am the star of my own lifetime movie. I will share your movie with them for giggles and hopefully the word will get around.


Great stuff, Donna – good for you. This message is so very important. So few people really understand this subject, and the more we can share our stories, the more we can educate and help others. I’m with you all the way 🙂 Mel x


This is awesome news, Donna!
Congratulations on your endeavors.

I will eagerly await seeing your story on Lifetime.
You have already helped me so much on my path
to healing and finding some of the resolutions.

Best of wishes ~ Dupey


I’m so excited! I cant wait to see it…I am going to try to find the other tv show and watch it…I am going to ask my daughter to watch it as well….

Thank you Donna!!


Maybe I’ll have a chance in the future to see it here in Belgium as well. I’m mandated to give a head’s up to my mother too.

She too saw your episode of “Who the bleep did I marry” and currently reading your “red flags” book.

hahaha, this is awesome! Congratulations Donna. I look forward to checking it out. I love the title of this show. Whenever I tell people my story for the first time, they usually tell me it sounds like a bad Lifetime Movie.


This is exciting news. I definatley am going to watch this. I saw you on ‘Who the Bleep’ a few weeks ago and I was watching with a friend and I said ” I know that woman, she is a friend of mine ~!” I also have your book ”Love Fraud ” that you signed for me. You really helped in turning my life around Donna, I am your no.1 fan.


Donna, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brightest blessings!!!


Yes, Donna, it did about half a year ago, on a Belgian commercial channel. We watched them all.

Ox Drover

Donna, that is GREAT!!!!! I think everyone of us here that have also had a “life time movie” life can vouch for your authenticity and hopefully this will reach other people who have also felt they were SO ALONE. I know that the feeling I got from LF that was I AM NOT ALONE, was what held me together through that summer of CHAOS back in 2007.

THANK you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and getting the word out! This is not something one would “want” to be “famous” for or to get your “15 minutes of fame” for, but at least you can be ASSURED that your years of agony will help others who need that assurance that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

God bless.

I absolutely have to know when this airs. My spathy sister needs to see this and I have to find a way to arrange it. Her spath husband is taking her down the primrose path and she doesn’t believe it. He’s just started on his umpteenth business venture that uses her credit and then collapses from lack of interest. He’s a trojan horse that my spath sent to marry her. *sigh* they are all alike.


Is it possible to get some clips out on youtube or in here so we in other countries have an opportunity to see it?


OxD, yes – we are not alone and, thanks to Donna’s courage and resolve, she put her horrors to work to her benefit in healing herself, and to the benefit of healing others and providing a “safe” place to learn and recover.

I am thrilled with this upcoming event, and I want to know when it airs, as well.


Olga Rodriguez

Go get em Donna! So excited…can’t wait to watch!


Hi Donna,
I have been following your website and posts for almost two years, ever since my encounter with a sociopath, who was a director and teacher at a prominent visual effects school I was attending, by whom I was seduced, manipulated, financially abused, and ultimately assaulted, resulting in broken ribs. I did not press charges, on the advice of my lawyer who assured me that a personality like his would surely invite emotional distress and expense that was not worth it with a person i had otherwise no binding agreements with….however when he continued to harass me, I told the heads of the school, but they did not believe me…not even a therapist who had seen us both prior to the last traumatic event seemed to believe that I was in fact in the dire web of a sociopath. Your website has been a lifesaver and though I have never before posted here, I am very happy that you are so proactive in educating people about the presence and ancillary dynamics associated with sociopathic encounters, as well as providing information for how people can heal and recover from traumatic injustices. Congratulations on your show, and your success in turning your encounter and experience into an ongoing triumph! It is hard to believe that good things come from such malicious encounters, but you are an inspiration to me, and from what i read, to all of us who have found reassurance and some fragile peace and hope when first stumbling on to your site, through the slow and painful evolution of understanding and wisdom and finally, to forgiveness and faith in ourselves, and in others once again.

For the last two years, thank you, I am so grateful. Keep doing your thing!!!


Sparrow, wow – what a terrible experience you had! I’m convinced that just about every attorney only sees a case in terms of FEES, and not as acting as a legal advocate.

Same situation with me – all attorneys have advised that I simply forget what the exspath has done because there’s no “remedy.” What they mean to say, if they had the balls to say it, is that there’s “no FEES to collect,” even if I were to win my case. One attorney came close to speaking the truth when she said, “And, how do you imagine that you’d ever collect the award? There’s no assets to attach…”

In your case, it’s clearly criminal assault if he broke your ribs! I’d file criminal assault charges because prosecuting attorneys are bound by their job descriptions to do their jobs. I don’t know what the statute of limitations are in your area for assault….but, that predator needs to be cut off at the knees before he kills someone.

Brightest blessings


Thank you so much. I am going to Netflix NOW!


Wonderful news Donna!! I wish you could get on Dr. Phil and do an entire hour on psychopaths. I’ll be looking forward to the Lifetime episode.


Congratulations, Donna. I don’t have a TV but will have to find some way to watch it. You are certainly an example of someone who has turned their tragedy into something that benefits others. I hope many many people watch the show.



I found the ID Network and have learned that I am not alone in the aftermath of the sociopath/psychopath. I love that Network.
I, too, should tell my story on Who the Bleep Did I Marry? I know that often ask for stories. Just thinking I really want to stay under the radar now.

I will be watching LifeTime for your story. I am absolutely certain many people will benefit from your story and experience.

I am finally finished with my ex. In the end, God got the last laugh. He does take care of us in so many ways and grows us to be better than we could have ever been without our terrible experiences. After 5 years of NC, and now happily remarried, I am now the person I really love to be and am wiser and happier than I ever could have imagined.

My blessings and good wishes to you and all at Love Fraud.

Perhaps I will someday tell my story on the ID Network.

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