Donna Andersen to star in the premiere episode of ‘Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?’

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? Many Lovefraud readers have asked themselves that question. Next week, I ask—and answer—the question on national television.

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? is a new show airing on the Investigation Discovery network. “Pulling back the curtain on bizarre double lives, this series examines stories of men and women who thought they were happily married until the day they uncovered a shocking secret about their spouse,” states a press release from the Discovery Network.

In an episode entitled Don Juan Down Under, I talk about my ex-husband, James Montgomery, who presented himself as a dashing Australian entrepreneur, but turned out to be a bigamist con artist. The Discovery Network thought the story was so compelling that it selected my show to be the premiere for the new series.Some Lovefraud readers have told me that they’ve already seen promos for the show on the Investigation Discovery channel, although I haven’t.

In TV listings, the Investigation Discovery channel is referred to as ID. The program will air as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 25, 10 p.m.
  • Thursday, August 26, 1 a.m.
  • Saturday, August 28, 4 p.m.

The following week, the show will tell the story of Mary Jo Buttafuoco, who was shot in the head by her husband’s teenage lover back in 1992.

Read the Discovery Network press release.

See clips from the show.

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Love Fraud available on Amazon soon

Coincidentally, the day of the TV show, August 25, 2010, is also the official publication date for my book, Love Fraud. As of August 25, you’ll be able to buy the book on

Much to our surprise, is already discounting the book. Although it was disconcerting—we have no control over the price they set—we take this as a sign that Amazon believes the book will do well. Therefore, we have also reduced the book’s price in the Lovefraud Store. It now costs the same as it did during our pre-order special. And, if you buy another book at the same time, you’ll save an additional 10%.

Love Fraud will also be available on other online retailers and in bookstores, although we’re not sure exactly when that will happen.

I can’t wait to see the show.

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From my experience with the sociopaths in my life….(business and marriage), they don’t ‘go’ away.
It is extremely effective to keep the heat on them as long as it takes to expose them to the world.
As more and more people see their mask fall, they are provided this public information of the severe wrongs the spaths have committed.
This type of exposure serves to warn so many of the dangers of this person.

It also serves to ‘teach’ the sociopath that “YOU” can’t be messed with……there WILL be follow through and they can’t get away with the behaviors they have grown accostomed to getting away with.

NO….they don’t ‘like’ it…..but by public exposure of the truth….we teach them that they must stay as far away from us and may as well spend the rest of their lives in hiding from us……because the minute we hear of a new ‘issue’……with the facts in hand…..WE WILL EXPOSE!

This disarms them in a way they are NOT used to.

I say…..fight like hell…..and Backspath em to the unth degree……..they will be kicked ‘off balance’ and they just don’t ever know…..the next dupe they con…..might just be another NIGHTMARE for them to make it soooooo not worth their while!

One thing a spath does NOT enjoy… public humiliation….or any humiliation for that matter.

I believe what Donna is/has done is a great service to SO many around the globe.

Blow the lid off of them!

I’m torn on this one. I think it depends on the spath, because I know their are attention junkies in the media who don’t care how they humiliate themselves, as long as they are in the lime-light.

Even some serial killers get off on the attention when they’re arrested. Ever seen the interview with BTK? You’ll never want to watch it again, cause it’s soooo obvious his ego is being gratified every time anyone does.

On the other hand, I agree that most of them abhore being outted. They are invested in appearing above-board and upstanding, normal, good, civic minded, etc. etc, etc, blah blah blah.

My X spath had a way of being glib and charming, even after just committing the most heinious emotional torture, and if he could snow-ball me and get me to “forgive” him, he could emerge from the incident unscathed, as if his conscience, his sence of integrety was inside me. Anybody else experience that?

I’ve seen them BOTH ways, Kim. Ones that ANY publicity was a WIN and ones that were scared cheetless that someone would say something bad about them that would be believed. My P sperm donor would think some publicity was a WIN but if anyone normal had seen it they would have crawled into a hole and pulled the hole in after them in shame, not him! He didn’t even know it was negative. But at the same time, he was TERRIFIED that someone would tell the truth on him and be believed.

So in a way, he was both ways. I think a lot of time what WE would consider shameful or bad publicity, they consider it good. They just don’t think like we do.

Ya see…’s the ‘end result’ that matters….
Exposure. More people knowing the truth.

Who cares if they like the attention or hate it…..
Anyone with half a mind……(not a spath) see’s it for face value and runs.
Spaths sit back and gloat….I’m a tv star….I’ve got attention…..they just don’t understand THEY are the only ones impressed with themselves.

the public outcome is key……

They have no outward feelings of shame….they’d stick a knife into a bunny at a picnic and announce…..I just got a bunny! (As everyone else around him is astonished and sickened).

I agree, EB, I just wish we could educate the public without them getting their jollies out of it…I wish there was some way to make sure they didn’t get their jollys out of it.

But I guess if people learn about them, and can see them coming, eventually the number of targets will be limited, and much harder to find.

The P did everything in his power to go undetected but something in him got bored… there was a piece of him that wanted the attention…not so much the kind of attention but the SIZE of it….the bigger the better …He did it in an underhand devious way, I got glimpses of it and it was chilling…hair stand on end creepy and deffinitely untouched by any sense of fear…fearless…I sensed a dark side that wanted to express itself but was “under wraps”it’s shameless and very scary but daring me to bring it out…no thanks not on my time.

in a very deliberate attempt to crush me (I guess like garlic to get the most flavour out of me) he applied pressure… said I was mentally ill and unable for rejection when I got upset and started outing him, when I stood up and fought him he went with…ok I was strong…maybe even a better person… He turned THAT around to suit himself… saying so you learned a lesson because of ME so what are you giving out about… responsibility…all blame projected out on others and twisted to fit whatever he fancied.. saying sorry was a ploy… He deliberately escalated the pressure on me because It felt like I wasn’t supplying enough attention for him anymore…I’m talking surface attention…he hated deep attention really or intimacy

the fact remains He is a chamelian to suit himself…look what I did over there…look at the impact I had here….all about him and the size of the pie (energy) I can feel him in my life still..he still feeds on my energy transmissions via just thought…the best thing to get him off is to ignore, focus elsewhere, let go….even forgive and deffinitely forget….

my sense is He unconsciously IS looking for his match, his fellow Spath He wants to be caught because his shadow side is excited by the attention and the challenge.. fame and adulation (yes…lots of sickos would be happy with it no matter what way it comes).. and he will keep going until he is stopped by some force…someone to make a dint in his life because it’s empty….look at the calibre of people on this site…they do not go for weak people now do they, they are attracted to strength because that’s what they want…all your strength!! to hi-jack and plug into…to light up what is for them intolerable emptiness…I say leave them in their emptiness…and keep them away from me…

you know there are also many women out there who would be attracted to him BECAUSE he is bad just so long as he has notoriety because they also seek the drama to feed off, maybe their fantasy is to love someone no one loves etc…look at the prison letter writing scene…they brag and bluff for one reason to build themselves up without it they might have to face something…but as long as there is something to love bomb, pretend to, suck up to, torture, rob, inflict himself on he is ticking over, enabled and laughing all the way to his prison cell..

Like Oxy said…..They don’t think like us.

I use to say that to the spath…..You don’t think like others……you don’t ‘get’ what peeps say to you as intended….

I know for a fact the spath was adversly affected by my backspathing….in numerous ways….

He now reaches for completely new peeps…..because the old are on to him. He hates that. And his acts are always exposed by him sooner now, then when he hid behind his ‘family’….US.
BUT…..there will always be another dupe down the line to be temporarily ready, willing and able to think he’s wonderful and honerable…..worthy of their attention etc….because it’s INATE to believe ALL PEOPLE ARE GOOD.

I believe, to keep my spath away……I had to do what I did…..AND be ready to go further if need be!
I will never let him get away with anything other than staying many states away from me and kids and out of our ‘smell’ zone.

I know my spath lives a life of…..It’s spath or nothing………..
Let’s rethink this…….If it’s me OR you……IT”S GONNA BE ME!!!

My exposure wasn’t about HIM……it was about ME and my kids!
He was the byproduct.

He might have thought he had ‘glory’ with the negative attention…..but in reality……HE”S THE EXPOSED ONE NOW!

Just set up my DVR to record this… looking forward to hearing and seeing YOU tell your story Donna… I know it is all said and done and edited now, so “good luck” is past due, but I wish you well in the aftermath!



Wonderful job, Donna. I see that they would not let you say the word sociopath, or they edited it out.

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