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Donna Andersen writes the Kathy Morris story for MailOnline

Lovefraud readers are familiar with the tragic story of Katherine Morris. She married Army Spc. Isaac Goodwin, only to find out the wedding was a sham and he was cheating with multiple women. She allegedly committed suicide, although her mother, Rev. Marguerite Morris, has convinced police to reopen the investigation.

This is my first story for MailOnline, which is the biggest news website in the world, with 130 million visitors in July 2013. More are in the works.

Police re-open ‘suicide’ case of wife who was heartbroken after she discovered ‘soldier husband only wed her for Army benefits and was sleeping with other women’, on

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Army Specialist Isaac Goodwin allegedly marries for money, and his wife commits suicide


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Very sad and tragic. She was so close to earning the college degree, was beautiful, kind… with a wonderful mom and friends who loved her. This excuse of a human being for her husband.. too bad he can’t be stoned in public viewing for gross exploitation which was intended for his personal wealth. He certainly deserves worse than a general discharge. How about dishonorable discharge?
With a general discharge, I think he may be eligible to receive medical care per VA. More freebies for him, nothing he deserves.

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