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Donna Andersen’s story on Lifetime TV – watch the full episode online

Back in 2012, I was featured on Lifetime TV in a show called, My Life Is a Lifetime Movie.  I have just learned that Lifetime is airing the show again. You can watch the full episode online.

Each show covers the stories of two women, and in this one, called Husbands Gone Wrong, mine is the second story. The first one, however, is also a story of a sociopath—they actually call the guy a “psychopath,” and I’m pleased to hear the TV show using the word. My story starts at 30:45, although it plays better if you watch the entire show. Here’s a link to the show:

Husbands Gone Wrong on My Life Is a Lifetime Movie

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I applaud donna for telling her story and raising awareness of psychopathy.


You may have to watch it on YouTube if Lifetime is not part of your cable line-up.


Hi Donna,

You are truly amazing and I really appreciate you having the heart/guts to do what you have done for people! I am praying daily for my sister to finally wake up to see what her path has done! I was wondering after all of this time, does your ex still try to sabotage you or has he given up?

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