Dr. Albert T. Lambert kills and decapitates his ex-wife, then kills himself

Albert T. Lambert, an emergency room doctor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, did not want to pay alimony to his ex-wife. Authorities believe he shot Kimberly Lindsey, cut of her head and fingers, and disposed of the body. Then, as police were closing in, he killed himself.

Broward doctor apparently shot and decapitated ex-wife, overdosed days later, on

Ex-husband of slain nurse found dead at sister’s house in Miami; cops say he was main suspect, on

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Quote: [Sheriff] Bradshaw said. “We don’t believe there’s any other people involved in this. Think about it: he’s a doctor—who’s got better skill to do that.”

It doesn’t take much “skill” to chop off fingers, or even a head. Any Al-Qaeda terrorist with a carving knife can do it, as anyone can see from their videos. The weird thing is, a doctor more than most people ought to know that cutting anyone’s head and fingers off in the hope of preventing identification is utterly futile today. Thirty years ago it might have stood some chance, but in these days of routine DNA testing, no chance! And why only the fingers, when palm prints are just as distinctive? So what on earth was Dr. Lambert thinking?

Or could he, contrary to Sheriff Bradshaw’s assumption, have had a little “help” from some well-meaning but less well-informed friend in disposing of the body?

Whether the Dr had help or not,I cannot say.But his angry and arrogant attitude about “going to jail before paying a cent” says everything about his intent!

Suicide by overdose was dying too easy- compared to what he did to her…the mother of their three beautiful daughters!The heartache those poor girls have been left with!

His angry and arrogant attitude about “going to jail before paying a cent” says everything about his psychopathic disposition, too!

They do reveal themselves; sometimes blatantly. We must sharpen our skills in recognizing the clues and commit to taking them seriously. We must be aware of our tendencies to make up excuses for the bad behavior of other people and when we’re being too generous with giving the benefit of the doubt. We mustn’t let our beliefs about human nature blind us from seeing the psychopaths among us.

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