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Dr. Karin Huffer explains why the traumatized clients in court need the ADA


Therapists: If your client suffers anxiety, depression or PTSD, and must face the person who likely caused it in court, the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may help tremendously. Learn how to refer your client to court administration for accommodations that may improve his or her executive functionality during legal proceedings.

This course is presented by Dr. Karin Huffer. As a marriage and family therapist with over 30 years experience, Dr. Karin Huffer identified, in 1995, that extreme stress caused by our adversarial courts of law exacerbates health problems and can cause PTSD and anxiety disorders.  In response, she conducted a longitudinal survey identifying the unique needs of litigants with PTSD and developed a healing 8-step protocol for prevention and recovery. Dr. Huffer is founder of Equal Access Advocates, and conducts webinars that certify advocates in using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to help disabled litigants participate fully and equally in court.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • Characteristics of power-centered and conscience-centered individuals and behaviors.
  • The dynamics of coercive control, and how it can be hidden from family, associates and judges.
  • How lies within personal communication and in the courtroom cause irrationality, which can lead to physical and emotional stress.
  • Understanding Legal Abuse Syndrome which is a form of PTSD.
  • How the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enables traumatized clients to request “reasonable accommodations” that will make a big difference in their ability to cope with litigation.

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I recently attempted to use ADA accommodations for a deposition with my narc spath through a recommendation from this site and it backfired on me. The judge did not honor the accommodations and instead, became angry and inferred my medical diagnosis of PTSD was not real, as I had not previously attended court without accommodations. Also, the report created, through the resource, is no longer practicing, the report was not signed, the ‘forensic evaluation’ made was dismissed as it was not done in person, etc. I think the ADA accommodation is good, just be careful because our judges and court systems are not familiar with it and could respond negatively. Our court administration refused to honor the accommodations, referred me to submit to the judge himself, and still it backfired.

Our court systems and judges may not be sophisticated enough to properly respond to and honor the accommodations and sadly, might use it against you as a weakness or attach a ‘victimization’ mindset to your case.

Anyone suffering from PTSD, C-PTSD — I strongly recommend Melanie Tonia Evans and her Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP). I have been struggling with C-PTSD, co-parenting and legal abuse with my ex for 6 years. On meds, off meds, symptoms have remained significant until recently.

The NARP program goes into your subconscious and helps you find your childhood inner wounds that allowed you to be attracted to the narc to begin with. It is the only way to live symptom free and never hooked again by narcs, sociopaths, cruel evil ‘people’.

The results are FAST too – do the work – own your personal responsibility and heal yourself!! Melanie has a lot of free videos on YouTube, radio show, blog, etc. The NARP program itself is inexpensive but you could do the work from the free information alone. The results are sometimes immediately, mine were over night and I’m still discovering, unleveling, healing and loving my inner child.


The judge also stated the accommodations packet/report indicated I was an ‘unreliable witness’ to my own case. Just be careful, although PTSD is a mental injury, not a mental illness, most uneducated judges, attorney’s, etc. do not understand the difference and will use it against you, especially when fueled with all of the lies, manipulations, and exploitations of the narc has been filling their heads with about you.


Melanie has also helped me. Can’t say enough good things aboutthe NARP program.


Good to know.

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