Dr. Martin MacNeill stands trial for murdering his wife

Dr. Martin MacNeill of Provo, Utah,  insisted that his wife, Michele, a former beauty queen, get plastic surgery. His objective, according to prosecutors, was to poison her with drugs during her recovery. He may have never gone to trial, if it weren’t for the efforts of his two daughters, who believed he murdered their mother.

Prosecutor: Utah doctor bragged to inmates that no one could prove he killed his wife, on


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I’m curious. I consider Matin MacNeil to be an obvious-at-a-glance psychopath. Do any of the readers of this agree? I posted a few pictures here: .

A while back Lovefraud had a post from a reader about ‘seeing psychopaths’, , .

Before developing the ability to ‘see psychopaths’ I think it would be necessary for most people to believe that it is possible, that others can in fact do it. The doctors MacNeill and Swango are about as obvious as they come. Any thoughts?

Just based on my experience with my ex-husband, I believe part of the answer is in looking at their eyes. I recall my long-term pastor having commented about the eyes being the windows to the soul and I came to trust in that old saying. In MacNeill’s photos, I see something of a fixed glare to his eyes even though he’s smiling and is obviously a handsome man. I saw the same look in my ex-husband’s eyes so often… not blinking very much, a vacant look to his eyes, often a sheepish-mischief look, and just not engaged as a normal person’s eyes are when conversing with another.
It was as if they are somewhere else, not in the room with you.
There’s no dancing in the eyes except when angry. Then, the eyes take on a black look along with a fixed rigid mouth. This is only what I witnessed personally. With others, I have to hear them talk a while to better determine how I feel about them. Even then, after all the years spent in deceit from my former husband, I still have difficulty but am able to back away in part because I trust my gut reaction much better nowadays. Things that alert me are incessant bragging, inappropriate behavior to the situation at hand, being a poor listener to others, ignoring what others say and going back to the ‘me’ topic, failure to live up to any promise, chronic lying, frequent just walking away and escaping, no apologies ever made, insincere sounding, non-authentic acting.
It’s just a feeling one may get of their being OFF and not in tune that strikes me as a warning. They don’t all come with a jail record so it seems important we learn as much as possible about psychopaths. Some call the psychopath “a more intelligent sociopath”. I would agree with that based on my experience.

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