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Dr. Phil conned by ‘psychopath’ about Sandusky sex ring

Yesterday, the Dr. Phil show aired an “exclusive” interview with Greg Bucceroni of Philadelphia, who claimed he was once a child prostitute victimized by every famous pedophile in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, including Jerry Sandusky.

Dr. Phil appeared to believe his story. But according to the Philadelphia Daily News, nobody else does. Law enforcement officials say his claims are unfounded. Former Governor Ed Rendell says Bucceroni is “crackers.” And, regarding Bucceroni’s claims of being a junior mob associate, a real wise guy called him a “psychopath.”

On the same show, Dr. Phil talked to Travis Weaver, the only alleged victim who has talked publicly about being molested by Sandusky. Weaver testified before a grand jury and is suing Sandusky, Sandusky’s Second Mile organization and Penn State. If you watch the show, Weaver’s demeanor, and his description of what happened, were totally different from the story Bucceroni told.

It appears that Dr. Phil has been conned.

Watch: A Dr. Phil exclusive: Child prostitute links Sandusky to pedophile ring, on Dr.

Read: Philly man’s claims of child-sex-abuse cover-up go national, on

Read: “Rock Center with Brian Williams” transcript: Travis Weaver, an alleged victim of Jerry Sandusky’s, speaks out—Thursday, June 21, on

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Ok I saw this and thought the first guy had a lot of details and his story is very ellaborate. I am not sure I don’t believe him. He is not suiing so do you think he’s just jumping in for attention? My experience has been there is much bs with shades of truth to their stories.

It does serve the powers that be to discredit him while he’s claiming to have reported this to the police back in the 80’s. Is the belief that he’s making it all up and wasn’t involved with Sandusky at all? I have to tell you this is the second account of pictures being passed like trading cards I have heard of amongst this generation of pedophiles and molesters upper class white man. I know someone who accidently disclosed to me the picture trading card type behavior of a family member and it jumped out at me when he said Sandusky did this and suddenly what was told to me made sense as I didn’t really give the pictures that much thought. My old business partner had a collection of pictures of “quests” so to speak….. The least this guy has is some knowledge of the behavior.


I just read a bit more about him out of my own curiosity. It is so sad these morons exist among us as true victims have a much more difficult time being believed.

I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about women who have used the court system to hurt their exes as we all carry their burden with us into the courtroom. My credibility is verifiable as it can be but it’s still difficult to be believed in a civil court (family court) where you walk in as equals.

Another opportunity for reflection I suppose. Thank you Donna.

Ox Drover

Well, Dr. Phil can join the rest of us, we have all been fooled/conned by one or more psychopaths…wonder if Dr Phil would like to join our club! LOL ROTFLMAO


Just a matter of time that he got fooled. I’ve seen him advocate often to see the story from ‘2 sides’ and basically encourage someone who was finally taking a stand in a disfunctional relationshit with red flags waving galore to give the waving red flag partner another chance based on his ‘heartfelt’ promises on television, though even the promise included blaming the target already.

Dr. Phil badly needs to read Donna’s book about red flags, because he sure doesn’t recognizes them as red flags at all. He’s the TV example of why you don’t go to a relationship therapist when you’re in an abusive situation.



I agree about the Dr. Phil issue. I have had a difficult time with his “there’s two sides to a pancake” stance. It is very dangerous and only that basically correct about a pancake.

I was invited on the Dr. Phil show with my story in April 2010 when he aired a show about the family courts and abusers gaining custody in the family courts. He, in my opinion, was influenced by the fathers rights movement and didn’t follow through with the cases he aired.

I lost a lot of respect when he then went on in a future show advising all domestic violence women to leave their abusers as there are resources to protect them but I happen to know this is very untrue when they then must fight their abuser in the family courts and are being advised not to mention abuse. It’s just revictimizing these people. He states it’s their obligation to protect their children. That’s not how it works though. I can tell he has learned more since then as he uses different wording these days on some of these issues and doesn’t portray the “system” as working.


Maybe Dr. Phil needs to be directed to this very date and issue on the Lovefraud blog.

He definitely doesn’t get it even though I know it can get confusing. It’s irresponsible of him not to at least do the general search I did after reading Donnas comment to me.

Does that go with the fence riding blog and duped minion? lol



Last year, just after my first recovery, I once saw a show of his of a woman who had kicked out or left and broke totally with her husband who had lied about bills and bad credit. She had given him some chances and confronted hm about it, but he blamed her for not trusting him and continued to avoid responsibility. So, after a few months into the marriage she separated (but wasn’t divorced yet).

This was the situation before the show aired.She was righteously setting boundaries and had rightfully concluded to close the door. And Phil just fell totally for the man’s pity play of being the misunderstood and villanized partner as well as the man’s claims that she had reacted too severely and too harshly. When the man promised to not do it again, Phil started to persuade the woman to consider a reconciliation. He didn’t let the man off the hook totally of course, didn’t condone what he had done. But he didn’t validate the woman’s wise boundary actions either. Instead he did the opposite. And of course, if Dr. Phil recommended and persuaded her to reconcile with the man on a live TV show with the camera in her face, eventually she relented.

I was so disgusted by it, that I’ve never watched a Dr. Phil show ever after anymore.


I have heard “Phil” as you call him (lol), I know 2 people with phd’s who I haven’t been able to stomach calling them “Dr.” this would be 3. Anyway, he’s supposed to air a show regarding this 16yr old boy, (Damon) who has been on the run for a year now in CA. The Center for Judicial Excellence is who got the other gig on Dr. Phil I mention above and they are now helping Damon who has evidence of molestation by his father and has been tricked forced etc to live with his abuser. I have followed his case during my case and wrote to the DA in another county asking them to hear this boy. Fox news has finally got the nerve to put it in the media which makes me believe Phil wants to take it on due to ratings and all. I, too, am not happy with his shows although people keep telling me to go on there. I disagree. I don’t want ratings although I’d gladly take publicity about the problems in family courts that are hurting children.

OxD, is right. He should join the Lovefraud blog and maybe he should read some of our posts and those from years ago so he could learn what he may not grasp of these types.

We should get on his blog and post the lovefraud link except it would scare me that the real creeps would be accessing this site too much.

There is one more enabler I keep wanting to mention who I saw on Dr. Oz (Now he’s a real doc:)). He’s the author of one of those anorexic/bolemic websites that teaches them how to be this and many people have died while being members there. This guy was so creepy and wasn’t getting his hands dirty per se but he was helping people into a disorder who are dying and the disorder has a very high mortality rate. Their loved ones called him out. A woman who is an advocate said to his face he lacked affect in his demeanor. I saw it. I was stunned how I could see he was claiming a service for these people to speak freely but he really was the worst sociopathic killer in my eyes that I had seen. He really didn’t claim to care either. I hope he gets in trouble for something enough to get him off the streets and wondered if anyone has heard about it…….

Ox Drover

People must keep in mind that “Dr Phil’s show” is ENTERTAINMENT not real THERAPY….unfortunately, too many people don’t seem to grasp that.

As for Dr. Oz, there are some things he is right on about and other stuff he is FULL OF CRAP IMHO

I’ve never watched Dr. Phil but I’ve heard people say he’s a spath. Either way, it could be argued that he is an N who only cares about his ratings.

kim frederick

Well, I know that one of the things that rings my he’s a narcissist bell, is the fact that that he steps off the stage to recover his admiring wife, takes her by the hand and exits…every show. Good God. Doesn’t Robin have anything better to do. She just sits in the audience, being beautiful, smiling and nodding. The perfect cheerleader.

Okay. I am probably jaded, but with my back-ground, this is co-dependancy, at best, and narcissistic supply, at worst.

kim frederick

If Dr. Phil’s calling was to be entertaining, why didn’t he get a degree in Theatre? Why spend 10 years seeking a Ph. D to be a family therapist….because it’s great to be an expert, have the degree and certification, get a nation to follow you, claim to have all the answers, solve lots of problems in 60 minutes, make a killing, create drama, resolve drama, move on, and make a killing. Dr. Phil is a hero. Hero’s are usually ficticious charactors.

spaths don’t want to be entertaining, so much as they want to be THE AUTHORITY. For spaths it’s all about power and authority.

My ex-spath went out to talk to the guys who were trimming the trees next to the road. He complained that the way it was being trimmed, left a dog-fork and that the tree would never grow back correctly.

Then he came back in to the house laughing about how he made up the word “dog-fork” and the tree-trimmers didn’t blink an eye. He spoke with an air of authority and they bought it, hook line and sinker. That’s a pure spath for you.

Spaths and authority go together like … whatever, you know what I mean. They want to be GOD. If you could describe a spath in one sentence, it would be: someone who hates God because he wants to be God and it’s not fair that God is God but the spath isn’t.

They have a limited mental capacity.

Red flags are everywhere if you know what to look for. Dr. Phil wants to be an authority more than he wants to entertain.

I’m not saying that there aren’t REAL authorities on specific subjects. And I’m not saying that those authorities can’t also be wrong. All I’m saying is that there is a red flag when someone ONLY cares about being admired for his BS authoritative attitude. You just have to know how to look for it.

kim frederick

Skylar, spaths want to be charasmatic gods…agreed. They want to be gods, but, the Narcissism in them wants celebratey…still can’t spell, shi$.
They want attention. Image is everything….”are the camara’s on?”, and, “how do I look in this light?” Image is everything……give me a mirror……please, or I’ll shrivel up and die.

kim frederick

Hey, Sky, you know how you are always saying that spaths are story driven characters? The root word in the word, “authority’, is author…..the guy who takes the credit for writing the story.

my spath said, “other people have egos, but i don’t. I’m just a regular guy who drives a Geo.”

I thought, “bull$#it, your ego is the biggest i’ve ever seen” but I didn’t say it. In fact, he doesn’t mind being seen as a humble blue collar worker. That’s his mask. He uses it to kill. nobody would suspect such a humble guy of being full of narcissitic rage. It’s the 180 rule.

That pretty much cinches it that Dr. Phil is an N but not a P.

That’s the difference, you know. N’s want attention and power, while P’s just want the ultimate power over life and death.

Kim, we posted over each other.
OMG, you are alway full of vital information!!!!!!
That is such a crucial tidbit toward understanding spaths!!!
I’m gonna be ruminating on that for months.


Skylar, agreed. The exspath claims to be a writer and has never been published – copious “rejection” notices because he is an “authority” on everything under the sun, except human emotion. Seriously. After reading some of his “work,” it didn’t connect the dots that this person is just reflecting what he believes is appropriate, rather than writing from the gut.

They DO author their superficialities to suit their current source targets and it’s a “red flag” to me that someone will claim to be the foremost “authority” on everything, and yet have no notable accomplishments under their belt. An example would be what a great author the exspath is, but the fact that he cannot get published and actually criticized his own composition professor are indications that what he presents is a far cry from what he truly is.

I’ve seen this on many levels. If I don’t know something, I don’t know it. If a spath doesn’t know something, they go to great lengths to regurtitate facts to support their “authority.”

Kim Frederick, thank you for the word origin! Makes sense.

Brightest blessings


Hi Skylar,
LOL-dog-fork! My first chuckle of the day. He probably got the word from golf. They have dog-leg left and dog-leg right to say which way the curve is going. I watch golf on tv.

The spath I knew used words in the wrong context and also said words wrong but didn’t seem to notice. Of course she was an authority on everything.

raggedy ann

I suspect that that mobster meant to say “psychotic,” and doesn’t know a lot about the difference between the two terms.

It also doesn’t appear they have ever met.


Dr Phil is definitely a fence sitter, an enabler, an actor, an exploiter, and most of all, dangerously careless. Disordered folks can be duped. I have watched 2 episodes og his show, and both times literally almost vomitted.


Dr. Phil, as I understand, not even a true “doctor.” As in, he didn’t earn a Ph.D.

When I consider it, any one of us could be considered an “expert” in disordered behaviors and provide insight from our own experiences.

Yepper – television talk shows, reality shows, etc….all geared to generate the drama/trauma-thons to keep desperate people glued to their devices. The sad fact is that there are legitimate discussion that really need to be heard, but the bulk of it is absolute nonsense.

I stumbled upon a Dr. Phil program that highlighted a couple’s issues with regard to the idiot husband/father that was so crass, crude, vulgar, and profane towards his wife and children that, if there is any accuracy to the show, the wife simply needs to divorce this jackass. I mean, the outrage at the man’s behaviors, and the disbelief that the wife/mother would even TOLERATE his behaviors sent my blood pressure through the roof! And, so….this is why these programs are rubbish.

Brightest blessings

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