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Dr. Phil conned by ‘psychopath’ about Sandusky sex ring

Yesterday, the Dr. Phil show aired an “exclusive” interview with Greg Bucceroni of Philadelphia, who claimed he was once a child prostitute victimized by every famous pedophile in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, including Jerry Sandusky.

Dr. Phil appeared to believe his story. But according to the Philadelphia Daily News, nobody else does. Law enforcement officials say his claims are unfounded. Former Governor Ed Rendell says Bucceroni is “crackers.” And, regarding Bucceroni’s claims of being a junior mob associate, a real wise guy called him a “psychopath.”

On the same show, Dr. Phil talked to Travis Weaver, the only alleged victim who has talked publicly about being molested by Sandusky. Weaver testified before a grand jury and is suing Sandusky, Sandusky’s Second Mile organization and Penn State. If you watch the show, Weaver’s demeanor, and his description of what happened, were totally different from the story Bucceroni told.

It appears that Dr. Phil has been conned.

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23 Comments on "Dr. Phil conned by ‘psychopath’ about Sandusky sex ring"

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I suspect that that mobster meant to say “psychotic,” and doesn’t know a lot about the difference between the two terms.

It also doesn’t appear they have ever met.

Dr Phil is definitely a fence sitter, an enabler, an actor, an exploiter, and most of all, dangerously careless. Disordered folks can be duped. I have watched 2 episodes og his show, and both times literally almost vomitted.

Dr. Phil, as I understand, not even a true “doctor.” As in, he didn’t earn a Ph.D.

When I consider it, any one of us could be considered an “expert” in disordered behaviors and provide insight from our own experiences.

Yepper – television talk shows, reality shows, etc….all geared to generate the drama/trauma-thons to keep desperate people glued to their devices. The sad fact is that there are legitimate discussion that really need to be heard, but the bulk of it is absolute nonsense.

I stumbled upon a Dr. Phil program that highlighted a couple’s issues with regard to the idiot husband/father that was so crass, crude, vulgar, and profane towards his wife and children that, if there is any accuracy to the show, the wife simply needs to divorce this jackass. I mean, the outrage at the man’s behaviors, and the disbelief that the wife/mother would even TOLERATE his behaviors sent my blood pressure through the roof! And, so….this is why these programs are rubbish.

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