Dr. Phil: Crisis in the Family Courts

The Dr. Phil show today covered the sad story of Katie:

Two months ago, Katie found herself pleading with a judge to order supervised visits for her ex, Stephen, and their 9-month-old son, Wyatt. When Stephen threatened to kill their son and himself, Katie tried multiple times to get a restraining order. After Katie’s five attempts to get protection from the court, Stephen did exactly as he threatened.

and Stephanie:

“Stephanie,” 17, wanted to speak out on behalf of the kids in the middle of custody battles and court rulings. She says because courts have ignored cries of abuse, some kids are left in the hands of their abusive parent. Stephanie fears this is happening with her younger sister. And, meet another mom who says the court failed her and her two boys.

I intend to order the video and hope you will all show your support by watching and commenting. Crisis in the Family Courts

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Yes I too get a lot more out of here than on the couch, gave up on the counseling couch and its much cheaper here lol
Atleast with one of your sons you know what you are dealing with. My mother inlaw died never knowing the answers to why her son treated her so badly. She always thought if she did more, gave him more he would love her more. I am sure he sent her to an early grave, she was so sad and I truly believe its because she had no understanding of her son.
Education sets us free and makes us stronger. You are brave and strong, be proud of taking back your life. big hugs back to you! its late here time for bed for me…thanks for the chats! Nite!


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