DUI entrapment in divorce cases

A California detective agency arranges for men to be arrested for driving under the influence at the behest of ex-wives and divorce lawyers.

Read Coming clean on ‘dirty DUIs’ in Contra Costa County on LATimes.com.

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You know, this is the kind of thing that “nasty” folks do in divorce or other civil cases, and In criminal cases as well…..to subvert justice.

This is also the kind of thing that psychopaths would do to get paid to frame someone. Well, you might say “how can these guys have been “framed”, they were actually driving drunk?

I guess there is no one who hates drunk drivers more than I do. My grandfather and two close friends were all sober drivers who were killed by drunk drivers. However, I think these men were “duped” into doing something they probably would not have done otherwise. I think the only thing that could have been done worse was to have pictures of those guys naked in a hot tub with a 10 year old.

Whether the PI or the women are psychopaths or just “opportunists without much of a moral compass” I hope they all rot in jail and the women lures too.

This is classic spath. They like to usurp authority, hence the using of cops to do their dirty deeds. When you’ve been involved with a spath, you have to expect that they have no limits to the dirty deeds they are willing to do.

It doesn’t sound like the women who hired the spath PI actually had a history of evil, but then that wasn’t really delved into in this article. Suffice to say that they are not good people. Fence sitters, perhaps.

DUI “entrapment” is not the only, low level, type of behavior from attorneys and spath’s. Here in Missouri (which I have written about in previous postings), there is a often used tactic that women use all the time. They usually do it at the behest of their attorney’s. It goes like this: If a woman wants to divorce a man (in Missouri) and wants to stay in the house, she simply has to say the following lie, “Your honor, I fear for my life if Joe is allowed to stay in the house.” BINGO! The man is ordered to leave immediately and to keep paying the mortgage. No proof need be offered and, indeed, the judges are not interested in the truth. Once the husband is forced to leave the home, the wife will (typically) delay, stay & obfuscate for 2, 3,4 even 5 years — living for “free” in the home. This has happened to 12 of my friends over the last 20 years. 10 of the 12 moved out — only to find that their wives had boyfriends move into their homes! Imagine having a judge believe in a lie, boot a man out of his home and then have to watch a new boyfriend living rent free for 2, 3 or 4 years. I realize that most contributors to this blog are women. If you were in Missouri, the courts will rule in your favor 99.9% of the time.

Conversely, if the husband goes to court and says, “Your honor, I fear for my safety if Joan is allowed to stay in the home” — you will be told (by the judge): “I suggest you move out until this divorce is settled!”

My best friend is a divorce attorney. She sees this type of behavior all of the time. Most attorney’s representing women in Missouri will tell their female clients, “If you want him out of the house, just lie and say you fear for your life.”

BTW, my ex spath (who moved into a house 8 doors down from me ”“ with her boyfriend 20 years her junior) ”“ was recently evict6ed from her home; the new boyfriend left her & she fell down a flight of stairs, shattering both hips and is confined to a (4 wheel) scooter for the next 6 months. That is Karma (I think).


Hahahahaha!!! 🙂

Maybe he pushed her down the stairs.

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