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Dumb moves with sex offenders

What do you do with sex offenders? Yes, it’s a difficult question, but there must be better answers than the decisions described in the stories below.

Teen girls housed with sex offenders in controversial Wichita program on

Officials place sexually violent predator in small town on

Second story is also available in video

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Ox Drover

This is “unbelievable” to me—yet I know from first hand knowledge how UN-EDUCATED some of the judges, lawyers, cops, etc. are and even some social workers about psychopaths and sexual offenders. When the Trojan Horse Psychopath who had tried to kill my son C was released from prison on parole, his parole officer did not know HE WAS A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER—for raping little girls ages 9, 11, and 14, the parole board had tried previous to his actual release to release him INTO A HALF WAY HOUSE which is PROHIBITED BY LAW in Arkansas, and the parole board obviously either didn’t know he was a sex offender or that it was illegal to put on into a a half way house (which should have been part of their working job knowledge) ONLY because I found out and RAISED CAIN and threatened to go to the press and the governor did they cancel his already approved (over my protests) parole into a half way house.

UN-believable, UN-acceptable as well. When will the law quit letting sex offenders and rapists back into society?


Well done Ox for ‘raising cain’. What are these people thinking?!

There are many links posted which I will never read. Can’t, too painful. However…..

It never cease to amaze me how the authorities think offenders can be re-rehabilitated. It’s just a revolving door for heavens sake.

Sex offenders re-offend, that’s what they do.

It’s like spaths, they will ALWAYS be spaths.

They NEVER change.

Ox Drover

Just my humble opinion, but I think the MAJORITY if not every “sex offender” (rapist, date rapist, and child molester) IS A PSYCHOPATH and that is why they will ALWAYS re-offend.


I agree Oxy… only someone without a conscience could harm children and feel entitled to do so. “normal” people just don’t work think that way.


I’m not at all sure about the Ozanam story. That female reporter was obviously putting a lot of spin on it and distorting the facts. The more I looked at it, the more things I found to challenge. Reading between the lines, I suspect it’s really “much ado about nothing,” playing on hysteria and unfounded “rape” allegations, and blatantly sexist to boot. Just for starters, only SOME of the boys were “offenders” of any kind. Almost certainly some of the girls were too, although the reporter covered that up.

In the Steve Willett case however, what’s especially idiotic is that it’s in the middle of a DESERT! With all those miles and miles of desert around, why the heck do these morons have to stick a dangerous pervert like Willett right there in the ONLY town for miles around? All they had to do was move about 40-50 miles north of this town, take him and any others like him and put them there instead. There’s absolutely NOTHING out there! They wouldn’t be bothering anybody, because there wouldn’t be anybody TO bother!

That reminds me of a favorite hobby-horse of mine. We really need to pull our finger out and get going with space exploration. It’s deplorable the way we’ve been dragging our feet for so many years. Back around 1961, so I’m told, Jack Kennedy said we should have a man on the Moon by 1970. Sure enough, we did have men on the moon by 1969, ahead of schedule too! So we can do it if we try! But what’s happened in all the decades since then? Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey showed humans living on a permanent Moon base, exploring the Moon, with regular shuttle flights to and from the Earth—and a manned mission to Jupiter! Considering the progress made in the 1960s, all that must have looked realistic in 1968 when the movie was made. But what have we got instead? The year 2001 is ten years behind us, and nobody has been back to the Moon for nearly FORTY YEARS! Far from “making progress,” the current space shuttle program has now come to an end, and right now there’s nothing there to replace it! Spacewise, we’re decades behind where we ought to be.

So we need to get space exploration going again. For one thing it will create more jobs, something the economy is sorely in need of right now. That’s just one of the many ways we’ve benefited from the space program in the past, along with technological spinoffs of all kinds. I don’t plan to list all the possible benefits here, but I will mention just one. Once we’ve conquered the Solar System, we won’t have to worry so much about offenders like Steve Willett, who are bad enough to be a menace, but haven’t done anything quite awful enough to be executed for. We can simply consign them to a specially built base on some remote asteroid and let them live out their lives there. There’s no way they can escape, not without help. Then we don’t have to worry about them ever bothering anybody again.

Ox Drover

Redwald, I think that was the concept the French had with Devil’s Island, but of course that was before the day of air travel or space travel. LOL

Personally, I think it is a good one for a certain level of crime.

Actually, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi have a pretty good system with the penal farm concepts, the only problem is that they allow parole for some of the offenders and that’s a problem with sexual offenders, especially child molesters, because according to Dr. Anna Salter who is one of the world’s leading experts, there are approximately 300 offenses for every one that is prosecuted and convicted….and if you go to bloggerT’s webiste about female offenders, you find that though only a TINY number of females are prosecuted or convicted of child sexual abuse or rape, if people are interviewed, about 50% of the reports of unreported abuse are that over 50% are done by WOMEN….so there is a HUGE UNDER REPORTING of abuse in general and female offenders in particular.

I firmly believe that many (most) if not all of pedophiles are psychopaths and almost guaranteed to re-offend if released. Ditto with forcible rapists…and go look at that report Donna put up about the parole report for the Jaycee Dugard kidnapper. Makes my hair stand on end, but I think I may be able to use parts of it for my P son’s next parole hearing.


Thanks, Donna! 🙂

Oxy, that’s a great idea if you can make use of that report at the parole hearing. Maybe some good can come out of evil.

Ox Drover

I’m working on several different angles for the next parole hearing. This past one we turned in a report with 150 pages of different things including letters from him to the Trojan horse, the letters from the Trojan horse to him, letters from him to my egg donor, letters that were smuggled out with detailed instructions for how to smuggle in contraband, his medical report diagnosing him ASPD, photos made inside his cell with his contraband cell phone and e mailed out….and so on….a mug shot and rap sheet of the Trojan Horse, letters from both my sons and me to the parole board begging them to NOT RELEASE him, as well as the police report which I had NOT READ BEFORE THIS…I had heard most of what it contained but not read it verbatim so that was “interesting”—I am hoping that some of this report will be useful in persuading the parole board to cover their own arses if nothing else. As it is though only about 40% of the people they release do not commit ANOTHER FELONY within 3 years.

I found out recently that Arkansas does NOT have any “technical” violations of parole….they have to be convicted for another felony (or at least arrested for a serious felony) before they will “violate” their parole. How is that for fried eggs? UGH!!! Grrrrr (that’s me grinding my teeth) Fortunately Texas is a BIT better about that.


well, don’t know that this is related to pedophillia, but sadly don’t know that it isn’t either.

i was talking to someone who used to work in the prisons here, and who is pretty well versed in personality disorders. I got to thinking about my dad and how he doesn’t have empathy in many ways for my mom. He does things that cause her more striffe and trouble for no other reason than he thinks they are better for him, even when they actually cause him more striffe and trouble. he is a narcissist, but i started to wonder….no empathy…..hmmmm.

Ox Drover

One Joy, there is a book you need to read, and I mean NEED to read called the “Science of Evil, on Empathy and the origins of cruelty” by Simon Baron-Cohen, where he looks at Empathy as a continuum rather than as a Is or Ain’t proposition. I think he is right in that view, so picture the Bell Curve with most foks in the middle and some folks out at the Zero end and some at the TOP end…and also he looks at lack of empathy as a permanent OR as a temporary problem, and he posses that there are times we ALL have temporary lack of empathy, but that the PDs have low level or no level of empathy as a permanent factor and why….both the environmental and the genetic.

This guy is a RESEARCHER not just some quack giving his opinion, and studies autisim as well as the PDs. It might answer the questions you have about your P sperm donor and his behavior toward you and your mother. I found it VERY helpful in some insights about others, but also insights about myself.

I realize that we can CONTROL our level of empathy, and we can TRAIN our level of empathy into ourselves. I remember when that psychopathic woman I took in was standing in front of me crying and carrying on after I told her she had to leave doing everything she could to get me to fall for a PITY PLAY, and then when that didn’t work, she would try the GUILTING, and when that didn’t work, she would try the FEAR, and then back to the PITY play she was trying different approaches so rapidly she was like a roast spinning on an out of control spit! LOL I stood before her watching, observing, and without the LEAST BIT OF EMPATHY FOR HER…NONE, ZIP, ZERO….and I realized even at the time that that must be how the psychopaths VIEW US when we are BEGGING them to stop hurting us. I had turned off my empathy for this woman because I had realized she was an abuser, user, mooch, and most likely a psychopath—I turned off my empathy for her the same way I would have turned off my empathy for a poison snake I had found in my yard….I was doing what I had to do to protect myself and my property, I was getting rid of something poison that if allowed to stay in my yard would bite me.

I actually have more empathy for the cattle I kill for food than I had for that woman, because I make sure they are not scared, that they are not alone, and that they do not suffer in any way physically or emotionally. With her, I had no empathy, I just observed her like I would have a snake whose head I had chopped off, and observed how the body kept writhing for a while. She was a perfect example of how a psychopath can flip and flop and try every HOOK in the book to reach my empathy factor and get me to let her back in—to feel sorry for her, or to feel guilty because I didn’t do more for her….but I was done with empathy for that woman…just like the snake. It is what makes NC wonderful and healing. Getting away from their hooks if we still have any empathy. Fortunately, I had hit the EMPATHY OFF toggle switch before I went to tell her she had to leave.


Oxy, I recently sent Donna an article about his research, and I will get the book and read it. I need that sort of perspective.

I have that toogle switch, too. I wrote about that recently. It’s a real gift, one of wisdom. I have done this with my n sire, and the spath. And to a large extent with my n sib. (and when i say that I mean that i will not allow her in my life, but I do feel compassion for her struggles (the enviro illness) as I think they have made her more n than she was. I am not ‘done’ with my n sire yet, that I know – I think reading this book will help. I am still tied by my hurt and anger, and i need to work on that. I would like to be able to be done with him before i sue him; it would make it so much easier for me.

thanks for the recommendation.

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