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Eight Mennonite men convicted after a rampage of rape

A gang of males from an insular Mennonite community in Bolivia sprayed a cattle sedative into the windows of community members while they slept, then raped the women and girls. Nearly 150 victims took part in the trial. The rapists were sentenced to 25 years each.

Read Reclusive sect’s rape gang used cattle sedative in reign of terror, on au.

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It is unbelievable that eight men got away with raping as many as they did for as long as they did.

I read the Time magazine article that was embedded in the above article.,8599,2087711,00.html

It has more details and photos.

Below are some quotes from the Time article:

“That entrenched, patriarchal seclusion, say those familiar with such communities, can breed behavioral rot and a culture of cover-up.”

“Behavioral rot” – what is that about? Inbreeding bringing out the worst of the worst?

“‘When there were no grown women'” in the houses that the men allegedly targeted, says Wilfredo Mariscal, an attorney for the victims, “‘they did what they wanted with the kids.'” Court-ordered medical exams reveal a 3-year-old girl with a broken hymen (most likely, doctors note, from finger and not penis penetration).”

“‘It’s something we just don’t understand,’ says Bishop Johan Neudorf, the colony’s religious leader. ‘There are good people in this world and bad.’ Nor can he explain how the community failed for so long to investigate rumors of the crimes although many of the victims have no recollection of being raped, the spray drug couldn’t hide the pain and ripped clothing discovered the mornings after. In the beginning, some of the women say they told their husbands or fathers who usually dismissed the confidences as wild female imagination but didn’t speak to one another.”

“…shockingly, some of Manitoba Colony’s male leaders have suggested that because the women were usually sedated during the rapes, they have no psychological wounds.”

“The men range in ages from 20 to 48. Four of them, including Weiber, are married. But they don’t seem to take the case too seriously: they often joke with guards or fall asleep during trial proceedings, and during one victim’s testimony the judge had to reprimand them for laughing and making faces.”

Ox Drover

It sounds to me like these men are psychopaths of the worst sort, demonstrating the “glee” that they experience in accomplishing what they have done.

I hope that the Bolivian prisons are as bad as they are reputed to be. I hope they rot!


The story goes far in demonstrating how strong denial is – ripped clothing and blood everywhere is “wild female imagination”?

And the husbands were in bed with these women when the rapes were occurring?

I’ll be happy when I see articles that say “these guys must be psychopaths,” because they were laughing during the trial and making faces when one of the victims was testifying, instead of making statements like, “they apparently didn’t realize the seriousness of their crimes.”

There is so much education needed.

Ox Drover

Their psychopathy may keep them from realizing just how serious others take what they did, but they were obviously rebelling against the strict religious teachings in a “bad boy’s club”

They also didn’t take much care it seems in covering up their crimes, leaving bloody bed sheets, but that may have been part of their glee in leaving these clues and thinking about the confusion of what people would think,

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