Electronic abuse gone wild: Swatting and framing

Apparently the latest rage is hacking cell phone systems to cause problems for people you don’t like. Both of the following stories were submitted by Lovefraud readers yesterday.

In Langley, B.C., Canada, a woman opened her front door to find her home surrounded by a SWAT team—summoned by a prank 911 call.

Hacker’s swatting attack calls police to Langley home, on CBC.ca

In St. Louis, a woman spent two nights in jail for sending 837 threatening text messages to a male co-worker. Except she didn’t send them—the man’s girlfriend did.

Text message maniac’s victim tells her story on RiverfrontTimes.com

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knowing the red flags is the first barrier of protection.
grey rock, is the next. Be so boring that they know they won’t get drama from you.
knowing that they like to use the authorities as minions also helps.
You have to be prepared to go to a higher authority and the media.

Thanks for the info. It looks like I’ll be using grey rock next at work. Ah, she can’t use the owner for a minion…lol She’s to smart for that shit…lol it makes me laugh.

OMG… while I thought I was looking dreamily at the clouds above. Tell BF I was really looking at chem trails..ugh..Mr. Jowls in on tv..Mr. Perry running for pres.

Unfortunately I already know all too well what the computer and technology can be used for.

It’s good information for the public to know.
Also, I belived, IMO, that as big as the internet and cell phones are nowadays, that there should be a larger law enforcement task force against such crimes.
My SpathX got away with contacting me through hacking into other people’s email accounts, as well as on the phone through other people’s numbers. In court when I tried to get a restraining order against him for harassment, it was brought to the judge’s attention and she didn’t even bat an eye. I’ve posted here before about how they dismissed the request because the emails and voice mail were just ugly hateful hurtful words, not actual threats against me.

There’s the other article here that came out recently about how they continue to interfer with our lives even when it’s all over and done with and why they do it.
Still a control issue – true.

“look I can still come into your life regardless of how blocked I am”

It’s pathetic. and sickening.

Thank you for this article Donna. Like I said – it’s more info and knowledge is POWER! NC all the way!

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