Electronic abuse gone wild: Swatting and framing

Apparently the latest rage is hacking cell phone systems to cause problems for people you don’t like. Both of the following stories were submitted by Lovefraud readers yesterday.

In Langley, B.C., Canada, a woman opened her front door to find her home surrounded by a SWAT team—summoned by a prank 911 call.

Hacker’s swatting attack calls police to Langley home, on CBC.ca

In St. Louis, a woman spent two nights in jail for sending 837 threatening text messages to a male co-worker. Except she didn’t send them—the man’s girlfriend did.

Text message maniac’s victim tells her story on RiverfrontTimes.com

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Thanks Donna, for bringing this to our attention and reminding us, once again, why spaths are so dangerous.
They have NO LIMITS. They will do the most outrageous things and the STUPID COPS believe them, either because they are spaths too, or because the spath’s behavior is so outrageous that nobody sane would do such a thing.

Everything they do is a mirror image of what normal people do. Where a normal angry person, might send vicious text messages to the person they hate, a spath would send THEMSELVES the text messages and accuse the most innocent person they can find, of doing it.

It boggles the mind. Who does that?

MY EX SPATH. Imagine that.
He does it to me all the time.
I have yet had anyone ‘get down’ on me because of something I may or may not have said, but the electronic harassment has become overwhelming since I cut off all telephonic means of communication.

The STUPID COPS have rules to adhere to as well, dear skylar. Spaths are flying too well under the radar, they just can’t get a fix on them. You have to have an actual LAW in order to enforce it and this has been my complaint since the beginning of SPATH. Laws need to be revised to include ‘internet crimes’ such as the ones Donna is talking about or the ‘love fraud’ connections where a predator is only looking to exploit someone. As I truly believe was the original intent, all along, of my ex sp.

The internet, I believe, should be protected as if it were another public place and should be governed accordingly; just my opinion. SCAMS are SCAMS no matter how they are perpetrated. I would advise everyone to at least check your credit report once every year if any spath has had access to your personal information. It is always better to error on the side of safety than to be victimized only once again.

Thanks Donna, for posting this. Another ‘word up’ for us all.

Blessings ~ Dupey

my spath called me and told me that he was going to play a trick on the cops in order to “punish them”. He said he would tell the spath neighbor woman that I had killed myself because of her and that he had cut my body up and taken it to the well house and dumped it in the well. Or some such thing. Well, I recorded the conversation.

Sure enough the STUPID COPS showed up and kept calling my cell phone telling me to pick up the phone because, “we know you’re there”.

I knew that the truth was very different from what spath told me. The truth was that he, the spath neighbor and the stupid spath cops were all on it together, just to try to get me to respond to him, because I had gone NC, and he couldn’t stand it. How do I know? because the spath neighbor was having an affair with him – she told me in a tell:
“I only date married men. I’m dating 2 or 2 and a half, right now.” (she’s hideous BTW)
I know the cops were involved because they harrassed me the entire day (BEFORE spath called me), calling me and telling me to come in to prove that I was who I said I was, because the evil spath neighbor had called me in as a missing person twice.

The cops left various messages telling me that they were wasting valuable police resources waiting for me to call them.
So, weeks later, I ran into the sherrif at a town meeting and told him what happened and I gave him a recording of the spath admitting that he was setting it up, the sherrif did nothing.

Yes there is a law against attempting to influence a public servant. That’s what Balloon Boy’s dad went to jail for. But the spath sherrif was in on it and he just didn’t want anymore publicity. He told me that if I was so afraid of the spath, I should move away.

And WHERE do you live? zeesh….
sounds like he has quite the public rep around there or something to be so defended and protected. I am so sorry, skylar. Well, I wouldn’t take it laying down, for sure.

That is just horrid. Nobody has done this DEGREE of kinds of things to me but I HAVE BEEN just harassed left and right in crazy insane ways by people from all AROUND THE WORLD he has cooked up some little laugh with.

How long ago did this happen, skylar? I wouldn’t even waste my time on the sheriff…I would just go directly to the prosecutors office. They have an office the public can walk into and if not, I would find my way there anyways. Hopefully, this has all stopped for you ~ crazy people!!!!!! I meant it when I said, 3-1/2 months ago “DO NOT COME BACK OR CONTACT ME ANYMORE. THIS IS IT.” And, I meant it. Fortunately, I have the full support of my local law enforcement and I am sorry that you have found it difficult.

You are right ~ people tell me all the time “I” need to move because he knows where I am all the time but I REFUSE to change ANYTHING about MY LIFE ~ HE can make the change. I made enough changes for his ugly self. Enough is enough. This is MY HOME not his. Period.


It makes me sick when women do this to each other. She was hideous yet she had 2 married men??? Figures…Imagine if they used their imaginations for good, what could get done?? What a waste of human potential.

My spath did not like cops around at all. Even if she got the crap beat out of her, she would NEVER call the police. She is afraid of them I think because of her record. So, the cops can be used either way I guess. To help the spaths or the victum, which ever way it plays out first.

I don’t want to say exactly where I live, but this happened in 2009 in a small rural county.

What I later found out from friends of my spath is that he spent lots of time at the cop shop, shooting the breeze, bragging about his helicopter. He can impress anyone and everyone thinks he is such a great guy. But more importantly, he can zero in on a person’s narcissism, or any evil tendencies they might have and exploit them. He spent 2 decades “hobnobbing” with the sherrif’s deputies in 3 counties, just to make sure he could get away with murder when the time came. I’m sure he has had them in compromising positions various times. He has probably had sex with a couple of them. He can convince people who have never met me to despise me! and want me dead.

Or else he might convince them to use police resources to play a “trick” on me. Just for fun. Well, they never expected that I was on to him and would record him. What a stupid spath.

Cops shouldn’t tell a woman who is afraid of her spath that she needs to move. They should assure her that they will protect her because my taxes pay their salary.

Sounds like a real schmooze job, like you said.
I am so sorry this has happened to you. I do hope that by now you have convinced someone of the seriousness of all this. I know when I first went to my local law, they had a really bad attitude about MY being the vindictive OW, blah blah blah, UNTIL they found out “WHO” I truly was/am and what the TRUTH was behind the story. As well as having telephone recordings of death threats he has made on me along the way, of course, which he denies making. I am so fortunate that I have a local police department that does NOT play around and he has been shuffled out of town a few times already and will continue to be should he show his face around here and he COMPLETELY KNOWS and understands this. THIS IS MY TOWN; not his. He and I live hours and hours and hours away from one another and he is KNOWN & RECOGNIZED here by law for his evil misdeeds, not just in this town, but in other places as well. He is definitely ‘in the system’.

I hope you are alright, there, skylar. I worry about you.
I don’t know how far I would let that wander away from me…their refusal to do anything. I think if it were me, I would JUST HAVE to make waves. 🙂 hahahahaha

Love ~ Dupey Dupey Dooo

women don’t do this to each other, spaths females do it to women. It is not a woman, it is a spath.

She told me that she was dating one married man a couple of years before the incident. I didn’t know what to think exactly and tried not to pass judgement, but she also told me that her family had disowned her because of her “lifestyle”. Again, it went into the WTF? bucket. But when I found out about spaths being driven by envy, I realized that she was a spath and that the reason she dated married men is because she doesn’t want her own man, she just doesn’t want any other woman to have one either. She is driven by pure envy toward married women. She couldn’t care less about “having” a man.

Duped no more!
no, I haven’t created any waves yet. I hope that when I do, though, it will be a tsunami.

yay! tsunami….
Go get ’em Tiger! 😉

They are such sicko’s. When I think about that: I don’t want it, I just don’t want you to have it. God, it makes me sooo mad! It’s just so destructive and childish…

I hope you get a good move going with the tsunami, hey I’ll raise my arms up to start the wave!

I know I’m slow, but I am getting the picture. 🙂


a computer tech i know told me about this stuff in langley. So i came home and googled and sent it off to donna.holy @$%#$%^
no, we are NOT safe from these @#$%*^&^.

one/joy: um, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


hi duped – one of the articles that donna linked to above is about something that happened in Langley, B.C. (BTW – that’s British Columbia, not ‘before christ’ ;))

thanks OneJoy, for sending this to Donna. It’s classic spath. just classic.


Sky, there are times when all i want to do is swear about these shits – this is one of them.

hahaha one/joy: I didn’t think it was before christ! 😉
Wow: that was an awesome story. Amazing. Probably start catching on in the states too, I would imagine, before too long…

You know those spaths: they are just everywhere…
I seriously sometimes think they are alien beings or perhaps being cloned in China. 🙂

Thank you for sending this to Donna.
I am just amazed. Truly.

There is a rapper, here, in the L.A. area, that started tweeting to all his fans that he was going to have an apprenticeship coming open with his group and that his fans could call two numbers to find out more information but it was also going to be one of those ‘mass mobbing’ kind of deals ~ I guess he wanted to make a video out of it for one of his tunes.

HOWEVER: one of the numbers he listed on his tweet was to the L.A. Compton police station, one of the busiest stations on the planet. They were answering rapper calls for over 2-1/2 hours and not being able to conduct the business they were suppose to be doing. SO: this spath rapper is being charged with a whole bunch of things but can you imagine that kind of havoc that created? If that isn’t spathy, I don’t know what is.

He IS facing some serious charges and they ARE going through with them. They said that even the famous should be responsible for their actions and I do believe that is true.

Hey guys,
But how do we protect ourselves from this crap?? I don’t think we can until it happens and you have to hire lawyers to get out of it. This STINKS!! Ugh. makes me so frustrated.

Well, thank God I was sort of good at deflecting the crap!
I never did allow myself to get COMPLETELY sucked in being that I have always maintained my own ‘life’ separate from others anyways. I can’t imagine someone completely falling into this and marrying, having children – what a horrid thing.

My heart absolutely goes out to married people with children. It’s so scarey to think that perhaps the children may end up like that as well. I don’t know what the answers are, Ana – all we can do is the best we can do. Those of us who have been spathed need to come together and make people recognize it and those of us associated with the legal system should go out of their way to make people recognize these things for the crimes that I truly and actually believe they are, irregardless of any diminished state of capacity, which would probably be the spaths primary defense. No matter how ill, we are all entitled to the same protections under the law and my spath tried to kill me!

I am thankful everyday that I live somewhere where the things he has done to me ARE against the law. In a whole lot of ways. He knows it; the law knows it and I know it. The only reason he isn’t sitting in jail right this moment is because “I” am being a nice guy TO MYSELF and not wasting one more moment of my life on HIM in any way, shape or form. It will be dealt with after my demise and he has been informed. That’s it. End of story. Period. And I mean every single word.

The last time I saw him, I told him of my intentions and then asked him to leave and never return or come back or contact me for any reason. That I was done being scammed and used and treated like dirt. I told him to wait for a court subpoena to submit for DNA testing. I told him that will be the only other time in this lifetime that he will hear anything from me ever again and I meant it and still do.

We need a spath global recognition system. 🙂
Can’t we scan them or something? LOL

We could nickname it “The SGRS”….

knowing the red flags is the first barrier of protection.
grey rock, is the next. Be so boring that they know they won’t get drama from you.
knowing that they like to use the authorities as minions also helps.
You have to be prepared to go to a higher authority and the media.

Thanks for the info. It looks like I’ll be using grey rock next at work. Ah, she can’t use the owner for a minion…lol She’s to smart for that shit…lol it makes me laugh.

OMG… while I thought I was looking dreamily at the clouds above. Tell BF I was really looking at chem trails..ugh..Mr. Jowls in on tv..Mr. Perry running for pres.

Unfortunately I already know all too well what the computer and technology can be used for.

It’s good information for the public to know.
Also, I belived, IMO, that as big as the internet and cell phones are nowadays, that there should be a larger law enforcement task force against such crimes.
My SpathX got away with contacting me through hacking into other people’s email accounts, as well as on the phone through other people’s numbers. In court when I tried to get a restraining order against him for harassment, it was brought to the judge’s attention and she didn’t even bat an eye. I’ve posted here before about how they dismissed the request because the emails and voice mail were just ugly hateful hurtful words, not actual threats against me.

There’s the other article here that came out recently about how they continue to interfer with our lives even when it’s all over and done with and why they do it.
Still a control issue – true.

“look I can still come into your life regardless of how blocked I am”

It’s pathetic. and sickening.

Thank you for this article Donna. Like I said – it’s more info and knowledge is POWER! NC all the way!

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