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Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped at 14, tells her story

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Elizabeth Smart was snatched from her bed on June 5, 2002. She was repeatedly raped and threatened, until she was rescued nine months later. Now, for the first time, she is telling her story.

A decade after her rescue, Elizabeth Smart says, ‘I didn’t feel human’, on

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I watched this interview.Elizabeth Smart was prevented from yelling out for help by being told she’d be killed.She was kept in an encampment not far from her home.They were able to hear the voices of the searchers.She even recognized the voice of her uncle calling out to her.But again,she was told she would be killed if she responded and so would any of the search party who came near to the encampment.

Elizabeth said because of being raped daily,she wished she could be like so many other rape victims who were killed afterward and no longer suffering.But she wanted her parents to be able to find her body.So when they moved to California for the winter,she panicked.”Emanuel” was considering moving to the eastern coast when Elizabeth MANIPULATED HIM and said she had a feeling that God wanted them to move back to Utah,and suggested that he pray to God and ask him.So back to Utah they moved!There were several times that Elizabeth could have easily been recognized and rescued.She was relieved to know that her parents never gave up looking for her!

The thing that most impressed me about this story is what Elizabeth’s mother told her after she was back home.She said”What happened to you is terrible.But if you really want to get back at him,BE HAPPY!” Good Advice for all of us!

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