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Entire family charged with murder in custody case

A New Jersey schoolteacher, Kathleen Dorsett, and her father are both charged with murdering the woman’s ex-husband. Then, when her dead husband’s mother was awarded custody of her child, Kathleen Dorsett allegedly conspired with her mother to have the woman killed.

Read this bizarre case of murder, attempted murder and money laundering, Indictment charges former teacher with attempted murder of ex-mother-in-law, on

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Distressed Grandmother

Well all I can say is these people are very sick.It is very scary to think that things can come to that.

Ox Drover

DAMN!!!! What a “bad fiction plot” for a novel—-it is worse than fiction, it is TRUE! DAMN!!!!

Grandmother, they aren’t “sick” —-they are MEAN. They qualify as psychopaths it seems to me, might even score pretty well up there on the psychopath’s check list–revised (PCL-R)

Looks like the whole mess of them are willing to commit murder.

I’m so glad they are off the street and that “distressed grandmother” is allowed to raise her murdered son’s child without being in fear of her life.


The spaths have no limits.
Do not ever under estimate one, even if it’s a school teacher by day, it is still a vampire.

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