Evil strikes the Boston Marathon

My chest tightened and my eyes welled up. Not again, I thought, remembering 9/11.

I had called a Lovefraud reader, and she told me “they bombed the finish line at the Boston Marathon.”

Like that terrible day in 2001, I turned on CNN and saw scenes of chaos. My heart broke for the dead, injured and terrified. My mind railed against the evil that intentionally caused this heartless destruction.

Who was it this time? A brainwashed Islamic militant intent on jihad, believing that if he were martyred he would be met in paradise by 72 virgins? A racist white supremacist who is certain that the United States is going to hell in a hand basket, and the only solution is to overthrow the government? A lonely kid who plays too many violent video games and wants to prove his life is not insignificant by ripping off the limbs of innocent spectators?

My chest tightened and my eyes welled up. Not again, I thought.

Whatever his (or her) paltry excuse, whoever made and ignited those bombs made a choice, and the choice was evil.

This is Lovefraud’s main message: Evil exists. We cannot delude ourselves. As much as we want to have faith in our fellow human beings, we much also exercise caution, remain vigilant and pay attention to our instincts.

We may not always be able to thwart those intent on random violence. But we must try, and the first step is knowing that evil is out there.

3 killed, more than 140 hurt by bombs at Marathon, on BostonGlobe.com.



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Thanks for the warning and the link Donna!

Internet scamming, whether it be of the heart and/or the pocketbook, is running rampant on the worldwide web. Unfortunately, people can ‘be’ whomever they want themselves to be in such an anonymous environment.

The internet was the beginning of my nightmare with ppath and it has lasted 13 years up to and including this exact moment.

I learned the hard way but other people sure don’t!
Take my word for it: over the internet, you are MISSING OUT on all those little ‘flags’ you can’t see in a face-to-face contact. Although there is something wildly intriguing and sexy about an online encounter ~ most do not turn out the way we would like them to. In the process, I have been nearly murdered, (not sure how many times; I haven’t counted them all up yet); shammed and stalked and scammed out of MY OWN SANITY by a very charming and what I thought ‘worthy’ individual. Mind you: 90% of our relationship was on the internet. Although I didn’t know it at the time, there wasn’t just “ME” but a whole host of others…all the lonely hearted women, older – retired and/or divorced from wealthy husbands…

Although it is very intriguing trying to find that ‘perfect person’ on the internet, most of the people there are damaged somehow and that is why they are on the internet looking for love instead of OUT THERE LIVING LIFE, looking for love, which would be the better alternative of the two, because THEN you can hear the fluctuation of the voice; the raise of the eyebrow; the face and the features…you can’t even get that over the phone! Those things say 95% of how we can judge that person. Important things.

Alas, a relationship (over the internet) that has lasted just about 13 years, has come to a very sombre conclusion. Things are NOT ALWAYS AS THEY SEEM TO BE: TRUST ME.

I opened the ‘surprise box’ of them all when I pulled off the ribbon and there was a homicidal psychopath standing there, telling me I BELONGED TO HIM and then all of a sudden, it started to make sense to me, how damaged this person truly was. So very sad that there are people like that in this life, truly missing out on the very small, free, nuances of life that make it all so worth it…psychopaths don’t feel or love or care like we do. They NEVER DO and they NEVER WILL because they are narcissistic. THAT is a trait about them that will NEVER change.

I knew this ppath for 13 years and it only grew in ugliness and the closer I got, the more I uncovered, the uglier it became. You think you ‘know’ someone but do you REALLY? It is a nightmare I AM CHOOSING to stay away from: ONE YEAR NC TOMORROW!!! Where are all my favorite peeps?? Hens; Ox….Louise…where are you guys?

You all were with me during the initial ‘shock phase’…please come back and help me celebrate ONE YEAR NC!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!

I need you here to celebrate with me, THE BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF: NC!!!!! I think I have FINALLY “escaped”! Thank you to every single one of you for helping me ‘see the light’…

Love and prayers to you all ~ Dupey

Learus: I completely agree with you.
The media should implement a black out on the names of the evil.
THAT IS what they are after: the attention and to see their names
‘in lights’ as it were. The media is NOT doing any of us any favors
by continuing such in depth, wide coverage of heinous materials, to us or to our children.

When my children were small, they broke our only sole television.
🙂 —-> I took THAT as an opportunity to start CONTROLLING what
they were letting into their brains…fed them more ‘goodness’ things
than bloody ones. They turned out to be WONDERFUL PEOPLE without
having been fed all that violence.

Watching the manhunt on the BBC. The remaining suspect had ambitions to be a brain surgeon and yet his uncle describes him and his brother as ‘losers’ who were jealous of those who had settled lives. Psychopathic delusions of grandeur? Envy? I hope to God he is captured and put on trial in front of victims and their loved ones.

CONGRATULATIONS Dupey!!! Amazing landmark in your recovery journey, well worth a celebration!! I miss Louise a lot, she’s not posted for a few weeks but found a counselor recently through her church and posted that the first session had gone very well,so I have fingers crossed she’s making progress and will update us when she can. Oxy posted a few days ago that she has computer probs and will be back with us soon, come back soon Lou, Oxy Truthy and many other regs x

I tend to agree more with the uncle’s description than with the father’s….the father described the younger son as an angel,NUHUH,NO WAY!Rather glad he never became a brain surgeon,brrrr!I was at the hospital this morning for a dr appt and all CNN was talking about was that incident in Boston!They were showing the brothers’ pictures with their names repeatedly…Learus you made your point so well about what the media is doing!This is a lesson for us all that overnight we can see our town or city locked down because of the craziness of the evil around us!

Congratulations on 1 yr NC!Glad you posted the warning about activities on the internet….as as you went on to say,unless you are face-to-face you cannot get know if there are red flags or not.

Spath and I wrote letters (another N0-No!As bad as the internet;I’m reminded of Brad Paisley’s song;can’t think of the title right now-single man lives in parents’ basement and loses weight everytime he logs on to social media site)I actually fell in love with his voice as he called me alot.He knew the power of his voice….and it DIDN’T match his body,btw.

Lol Blossom ditto mine used his voice very effectively. It didn’t work so well face to face. His breath could floor a hippopotamus at ten metres. The uncle l felt for, he seems genuinely outraged and ashAmerica of them. How did it go at the hospital? All ok? x

It seems a bit psychoathic to shut down the city of Boston, terrorize the citizens and have 9,000 policemen searching for a 19 year old suspect who “might” be wearing a body bomb. He wasn’t. Someone already sent the original Saudi suspect home to his Muslim country where he will be a hero. No one but the POTUS could authorize that. These boys might be involved but the spaths got away.

Tea Light,
Everything went fine with my Dr appt.I won’t have to repeat the procedure for 5 yrs since there was no need for a biopsy or to cut polyps.Just have to increase the fiber even more and continue drinking plenty of fluids.

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