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Executive sociopath is fired

Lovefraud has been following the story of Carl R. Greene, executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA). At least six women have accused him of sexual harassment. Well, the PHA board of directors has fired him.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Former Mayor John F. Street, the PHA chairman, described Greene as a “flawed genius” moments before the board voted, 4-1, to terminate his $306,000-a-year contract. An internal investigation had concluded that Greene was a “true serial sexual harasser” and had engaged in a cover-up with at least four key aides.

“He is like a great athlete with a drug problem. He is the Tiger Woods of public housing,” Street said of Greene, whom he had staunchly supported before news of three secret sexual-harassment settlements worth $648,000 broke in August. A fourth settlement, for $250,000, had also been agreed upon without the board’s knowledge, but not signed.

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One woman, whose complaint was dismissed as “unsubstantiated,” told her story in a related article. Here’s a particularly telling part of the story:

(Rachel Roberts) filed an internal sexual-harassment complaint May 28. She met with general counsel Fred Pasour and human-resources manager and lawyer Sibyl Bryant – two officials cited by the PHA board as part of a cover-up of Greene’s misconduct.

The next day, Roberts went to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to file a similar federal complaint. She told an intake officer that she worked at PHA and wanted to file a sexual-harassment complaint.

“Against Carl Greene?” the woman said without prompting.

“You know him?”

“Everyone knows him.”

Roberts was so unnerved by the exchange, she said, that she left and never followed through with a federal or state complaint. “You’re led to believe that he’s untouchable,” Roberts said, “that he owns this town.”

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Ox Drover

“The Tiger Woods of public housing” LOL ROTFLMAO Bwa ha ha ah hahahahahahah Choke, snort! Come on Donna if you keep publishing this kind of stuff you will be responsible for me choking on my own tongue laughing!

“Everyone knows him;”

I can ONLY HOPE that the people who were covering for him are going to be with him as he is kicked out the door. I also hope that there will be some Federal or state prosecution on this as well. I actually don’t think it is the tax payers who should fit the bill for the cost of settlements with the offended parties. THIS IS A CRIMINAL not just civil matter!.

Thanks, Donna, I think the public is getting fed up with this kind of thing being swept under the rug and maybe (I hope) that this election time in November the crooks will be voted out of office. We may still vote in more crooks, but at least it will be DIFFERENT CROOKS!


I have to wonder if he received any severance.

And who the @#$ is this John Street character that he would make such statements about someone who has been so thoroughly and publicly disgraced?

The woman whose claim was dismissed clearly misunderstood the eeo officer who said ‘everyone knows him’. Her first thought should have been – that’s because there have been so many complaints against him. It’s indicative of the trauma that she took it as a threat. And very very sad.


After a brief search in google, I found this little beauty:

The rats turn on each other.

The former mayor (Street) has quite! a history.

Ox Drover

It sounds to me like a nest of vipers–just like Chicago, Washington DC, and every other major city in the US…these turds just floated to the top of the cesspool and got scooped out, don’t worry there will be more pop up before long and start to stink!


The sexting DA is also out the door.


What really needs to change is the mindset of the people who support and protect these psychopaths.


Oh my…superglue! If that doesn’t teach HIM, nothing will….actually a grapefruit knife would have been more appropriate – six sections could service SIX women (jk!).

romanticfool no more

I giggled at “flawed genius” but the Tiger Woods remark was truly a classic. Really, that guy was a Mayor? Someone must have written his speeches for him, maybe his ghost employee? I can see why he needed to hire someone to talk to and make his phone calls. Man is dumber than a doorknob. My gosh, criminal 3 Stooges. When I read the DA sex-texted an abuse victim I stopped laughing. Hand me that grapefruit knife please! And that guy, Mr. Gluey penis is a child abuser, would bet Mom had a few bruises in her time too. I think the women showed great restraint in only gluing his penis to his stomach, a little fingernail polish remover will take that stuff right off. Might sting a little tho (insert evil snicker). Reminds me of the cheating abusive husband who passed out drunk and his wife superglued his hand to his penis. I guess he had a reputation, a few of the nurses wouldn’t work on him because they had the giggles. Can you imagine the emergency ward, that guy must have been like comedy relief! Bet Mr. Gluey Penis hears snickers everywhere he goes, even if they are only in his own mind. Big tough guy, telling his daughter he hates her and hitting a little girl. At least while he’s in jail he doesn’t have visitation rights and Mom can breathe a little easier.

Donna have mercy on the coffee drinkers and warn them to put plastic wrap over their keyboards before reading! We could have our own acronyms. Instead of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) we could have NSFK (Not Safe For Keyboards). Kind of like gamers writing SPOILER before they reveal part of a game.

Tiger Woods of public housing, snort snort. And I thought ours was bad! But here it’s Children’s Services that is the scandal. Want a child, but have a felony child abuse conviction? No problem, move to Oregon and flash some money. You’ll have a foster victim in no time. Ask for Katrina…no wait, I heard she got fired. I hope it was something I said…. I did warn her she was going to regret illegally tapping my phone, hee hee. I’d say something really juicy and then say “Did you take notes on that Katrina? Want me to say it again sloooowly?”

Ox Drover

Dear romanticfool NO MORE,

I Like your new “handle,” and yes, NOT SAFE FOR KEYBOARDS is true here MORE OFTEN THAN YOU MIGHT THINK. I have spewed– SPEWED– COFFEE all over the carpet in my office trying to avoid the keyboard!

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