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Executive sociopath tries to force out EEO officer

Here’s yet another story about the tyranny of Carl Greene, executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA). Why, you might ask, do I keep posting stories about this guy? Because this is the most comprehensive coverage I’ve ever seen about how destructive sociopaths can be in the workplace.

In this latest episode, Carl Greene met the agency’s equal-employment officer, Rosanna Grdinich, in the hallway and asked her what she was working on. She replied that she had received complaints about him. A month later, Grdinich was demoted to a job where her life was actually in danger.

This story shows how sociopaths retaliate, and how sociopaths recruit others to be their henchmen. It’s scary stuff.

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Hooray for Rosanna Grdinich, the former EEO officer under Carl Greene. It sounds like she had a few spaths retaliating against her for imagined “wrongs” (she was just doing her job) at this workplace, – she stuck it out, believing that the truth would come out in the end, and it did! This woman has more courage than all the spaths combined (who tried to make her work life a living hell, the goal being that she’d quit). She is an inspiration, having made it through the craziness inflicted upon her by spath bosses.

Ox Drover

No, Donna, I have NO doubt why you “keep posting articles” about this creep. Unfortunately, there are many many people just like him in positions of power over others—in public offices and in private companies, both large and small.

I wish I thought that Greene is a “rare species of bird” but Unfortunately, I believe he is as common as the brown sparrow! This kind of bird spreads guano wide and deep!

It is unfortunate too, that so many times, the people whose heads they carp on are in such a financial bind and need their jobs badly enough, or are not in a position to get any action, that they are powerless to do a thing about it, even though they know the truth. I’ve been in that position with people I believe are as evil as Greene is, though their position might not have been as high when they “guano’ed” on my corn flakes, but it hurts to suck it up from a position of powerlessness.

I’ve also been in the financial position I could walk out, but still not get any satisfaction because the person stayed in their position and kept on abusing others.

I’m so glad that this man is at least OUT of his position, and I hope they put his sorry butt in prison where it belongs. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the “system” to make that happen.

I was listening to NR on the way back from town today and they were talking about all the financial scammers that put our country and the world into a recession to line their own pockets and the interviewer asked the guest why those people aren’t in prison? The answer was, “The public has not become enraged enough.”

I think it is time WE ALL BECAME ENRAGED that people behave like this and think they can get away with it!

Thanks Donna! Sometimes RAGE is a good thing! I share yours!


I don’t know what is worse. This man’s behaviour or the people that allowed it to continue and grow.

Corporations really need to start screening for psychopaths. Having seen the resumes of one particular psychopath it shouldn’t be hard. Fake degrees, fake jobs, references from friends and lovers… and my personal favourite: ‘mensa member’ under qualifications.

A simple credit check and surprise drug test would also out a many of them.



You have a sharp wit, “A simple credit check and surprise drug test would also out a many of them.” “mensa member” Wow, that’s good stuff!!!!!

Ox Drover

The only qualification for membership in MENSA is taking an IQ test and scoring in the top 2 percentile. There are many MENSA chapters in PRISONS, my son started one until he no longer had the funds to keep up his yearly MENSA membership in the national organization.

MENSA membership doesn’t mean anything except you score well on IQ tests.

Ox Drover

TOWANDA!!!!!!! Thanks for the update Donna!

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