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Exterminator arrested in brutal slaying of Philadelphia doctor

Jason Smith, of Levittown, PA, was arrested by police last week, charged with murdering Melissa Ketuniti, a Philadelphia pediatrician. He went to her home to take care of a problem with mice. Read coverage in the Philadelphia Daily News:

Bucks County exterminator charged with killing Philadelphia pediatrician

Exclusive: Portrait of an accused killer

New details on accused killer’s exposure charge

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The description of Smith’s personality given to the police,is that of a spath;he didn’t see the need to work or be responsible,he preferred having a good time.Although he was not known to have such a violent tendency,it was to show up later,such as in “road rage”.His contempt was shown by the way he flashed his midsection to the female driver he was trying to pass on the road.And the thing I can’t get over every time I read such a story and look at the criminal’s picture is……THAT SAME SPATH STARE!

Btw,that is the 2nd story of a Dr killed,that I read in the news this week.A urologist was killed by a 70 yr old man;I just can’t remember where.

Ox Drover

Blossom, yea, the old guy was mad at the doc because he was left incontinent or had not been “fixed” from incontinence by the Doctor so he killed him. Possible the old man may have been senile as well not sure yet.

It’s one thing to be upset,even angry about what has happened to you….and making the decision to take another’s like!How horrible!


This is an awful story. I can just imagine some crazy man coming to my house to do some work and instead killing me…so very scary! You just never know anymore. I don’t like anyone coming to my house as a single woman…you just never know. Trust no one. May this doctor RIP.


The doctor in this horrific murder lived not too far from a good friend of mine, and she was telling me about the video surveillance that caught the killer circling the building after he had murdered and set the victim on fire.

The problem with having ANYONE come to our homes is that we don’t typically anticipate someone being insane enough to murder us. There are other crimes that thse types would commit, aside from murder, and I would probably prefer to have someone with me JUST in the event that the workman (or, whomever) is a nutcase.

In my state, one can apply for a license to carry a concealed weapon. I don’t know if I would be comfortable enough to take that option, but I sure know that I really LIKE OxD’s suggestion to have WASP SPRAY handy at various locations. It’s sensible.

A very terrible story and there won’t be a sentence severe enough to make the killer atone for the terror that he inflicted on his victim.

Ox Drover

That is one reason to call a company with LICENSED AND BONDED workmen unless it is someone you KNOW….if someone has to be bonded they do a background check on them so at least CRIMINALS would be known and excluded as employees. But many companies don’t bond their employees.

It does pay to be CAREFUL though who we let in our homes. Out where I live I’m 35-45 minutes away from a cop even if I called, so pretty well have to depend on myself to provide my own defense, and I’m prepared as much as anyone can be but there is still no saying someone couldn’t get the jump on me. But now iif someone drives up I don’t know I also haave the werewolf with me.


OxD, werewolf-ETTE! LOL

I think the direction that I’m heading is to learn how to do as much as I physically can, on my own. I’ve learned how to do a number of generic things that I didn’t know how to do, previously, and it’s empowering, at the very least.

In fact, I used to change the oil in my own vehicles. I don’t think I can do it, physically, anymore, but learning self-sufficiency is very, very important to me, today.

Ox Drover

That’s a good article MaryJane, thanks for posting it. The psychopaths generally are guilty of all the “7 deadly sins” for sure. There are many descriptions in the Bible of psychopaths with warnings to avoid them. Even St Paul calls for “treating them like heathens” if they refuse to change their evil behavior. Not even to eat with them. That is essentially NO contact.

kim frederick

that corresponds to some things I’ve been reading about the left brain and right brain. The right brain sees things as they are. The left brain tries to organize it, categorize it, and make sense of it. Sometimes the left brain even lies to us by making up stories to explain, to rationalize so that everything makes sense to us according to our world view.

Experiments done on people who have had their corpus callosum cut, demonstrate this.

raggedy ann

Skylar, I can’t open the link where I am, but if you aren’t familiar with the concept of “alien hand” in relation to that, you might look it up. In some people, the right brain [left hand] misbehaves and lashes out and makes trouble and undoes something the left brain [right hand] just did. Or its possessor worries [in left brain] that the left hand will hug the kitty too tight and kill it purely accidentally.

In my efforts to understand what was going on, I interpreted this as a lashing out at the left brain for having more authority over the body. Like the left brain will be what decides to direct the body to get up and walk to point A. The person, more than most people, can resemble two competing souls/consciousnesses… who might have a harmonious or strained relationship. I could be wrong in my interpretation. Maybe you know a different one.

Some people get this, other people don’t. I have trouble squaring it with the right brain seeing things as they are. I would expect the left hand to be more predictable in that case. (?)

Raggedy Ann,
I agree with your interpretation. It does make sense to me that way, particularly if a person is extremely left brain dominant. My own right brain was SCREAMING at me to SEE that my spath was dangerous. It did this through intrusive thoughts and dreams and even my own freudian slips and choice of words. (I once told a woman who made a pass at me that my spath was probably a serial killer and it would be dangerous if she and I got caught having sex and I thought I was lying) My left brain ignored it all and refused to see it.

My exspath likes to kill people by making them fall from high places: buildngs, airplanes, helicopters. When I first met the spath I very suddenly developed a fear of heights. This was perplexing to me because I had never had the slightest fear of heights before. IMO, this was my right brain taking over and protecting me.

You expect your left brain to be more predictable because that’s what your left brain would like you to think, so you do. The right brain doesn’t judge or make sense of what it sees. It just sees things, like in a picture, but it doesn’t label or explain what it sees. It passes the information to the left brain, which says, “Ah yes, that’s uncle fred and aunt suzy, they love me, I’ll probably get a card with money in it for my birthday.” Our left brains are know-it-alls.

raggedy ann

Just to be clear, I was saying that if the right brain sees things as they are, I would expect the left *hand* to be more predictable/consistent across the people with the surgery.

(let’s also assume for the moment that everyone was right-handed. I may have seen this information as qualifying that the non-dominant hand was the one that might misbehave)

Oh, also, if it wasn’t clear, the alien hand phenomenon is observed in people with that surgery, not elsewhere (that I know of).

Your ex is such a satan that I wonder if he is the kind of molestor who would not actually *test* as a pedophile.

raggedy ann

This awful story in the article has some weird parallels to the Annie Le case that happened at Yale in 2009.

you said:
I was saying that if the right brain sees things as they are, I would expect the left *hand* to be more predictable/consistent across the people with the surgery.

I’m not clear about what you are saying. Why would you expect the left *hand*/right brain to be more predictable?

Predictable to whom?

The example I gave above, about developing a fear of heights when I met a man who likes to kill from great heights, might have saved my life. BUT, to my left brain, it looks more like sabotage, because it is unaware of the REASON that my right brain would want me to fear heights.

So you see, the left brain, in its arrogance, can’t predict what the right brain will do because it doesn’t KNOW what the right brain knows. But it thinks it knows everything.

raggedy ann

Skylar: More predictable to the scientific observer, or more consistent between/among all people with this surgery.

Why: because you contrasted the two halves and implied the right one was more reliable in seeing reality [or so I interpreted you]. If the right brain can be counted on better for that, what explains the acting out in some cases and not in others? I admittedly assumed that nothing was detected about the subjects surrounding realities that could explain the lashing out.

tangent: there might be an intersting contrast in power/powerlessness in this phenomenon. I have no idea what it would be at the moment, but the thought occurred to me.

I am preoccupied with my own sense of the difference between the amoral person who is aware of his own power, smug about it, etc. and the amoral person who is not in possession of his anxieties, for instance, or is in a powerless situation or lives with a lot of desperation rather than, say, numbness, or has little sense of having any power. I called recent ex a venal wretch, he was phobic, hysterical, sensitive, kind, draining, stifling, clearly shame driven in many ways. As things would down toward explosion with him, I had taken in a friend who had been living on the street. The mutual friend from my work who knew him for 20 had not noticed he had a drinking problem. He behaved as an addict does, in a fog, lying non-stop about the beer. Lying lying lying. Not caring how patiently I explained or how I ranted about open beers on my landlady’s carpet or about being lied to. I so regret not recording the beer conversations because they were like Becket or something. He was so childish and would be indignant if I even said stuff like ‘I think you have ADD, there is nothing wrong with that, I have it’. I privately regarded this person as incompetent and an idiot. I knew that in the past his caginess about things was shame based. Once I nabbed him on something and he protested that he had not lied, he had fibbed. He has dried out and is living in the SA. More reliable and less sociopathic than before, and has hung out with me regularly to get away from the SA and to help me and probably out of loneliness.

Anyway, the lovefraudster from my past was different from these two completely. Nerves of steel, or composure of it. Had supposedly been an undercover cop in Cairo. Very smart. Funny, slept well all the time.

They all had problems with hysterical circular reasoning or reaching bringing in irrelevancies in argument and staying on point, but I see the desperate ones very differently from the cool-blooded, controlled one with the separated harem all over town vs. the wretched two. I can relate to the wretches somewhat, and hardly at all to the controlled one.

Raggedy Ann,
You are assuming that the scientific observer was seeing reality also. But remember, most scientists are using their left brains too. The right brain doesn’t speak, it uses pictures and feelings.

You asked, what explains the acting out? I would say it depends on how repressed it is. Like my poor right brain, which is treated like a second class citizen by my left brain, had to make me fear heights just to protect me from the spath that my left brain “loved”.

It sounds like your Egyptian spath was a primary spath but your other spaths were more secondary, or as I like to call them, “failed spaths”.

raggedy ann

OK, but skylar, who has confirmed for *you* that reality matches the right-brain response? Right-brain artists’ consensus? Right-brain scientists? What would that be? So far right-brain scientists seem like they would be all about “I don’t like those people’s claims that they had those findings because it reminds me of a bad experience” or “Yeah, I like that. It validates me.”

Pictures… the eye doesn’t always get reality right either. We can be prone to illusions, we completely miss certain light frequencies, some people’s eyes’ nerves or muscles are weaker than others’, some people have colorblindness…

Ignoring that, is artistic consensus left brain or right? everybody who gets a bad vibe from person X use red paint, everybody who trusts them use blue paint, everybody unsure youse yellow, everybody ambivalent use brown. Place your dots now. Voila, Seurat! That’s one stab at artistic consensus vs left brain. Although they have much in common.

But could there be consensus? “I’m surprised at the other dots and don’t like that everybody placed their dots in a way that the pattern came out like that, therefore the pattern is incorrect and truth is what I say and what doesn’t remind me of bad things and don’t even talk about this picture again….?”

I’m just feeling around in the dark here with these imagined scenarios, because I don’t know how one could determine that entity Y can be counted on to perceive reality accurately without some research of some kind.

I didn’t know the term secondary sociopath until my simultaneous experience with the two wretches. I saw slivers of decency and goodness in all three of them, or at least the two exes. I mean the kind that was truly gratuitous as opposed a tactic in their con and pursuit of something. The homeless MD sadsack, I am not so sure. A degree of pity for them is still there. I told the long story of the second ex to a former colleague who has become a psychoanalytic clinician. After I finished, she said He sounds like a very troubled person.” That’s when I started crying and said I know that’s exactly why I loved him. I come partly from a culture in which one feels greater tenderness for a troubled person. My psychotherapist non-spath ex with the monstrous ego and self-reported traces of narcissism claimed that he fell in love with me because I was f***ed up. It’s not expected to be fun, it may or may not be connected to rescuing, but it’s also just part of how troubled people are perceived and spoken of from a distance. The psychoanalyst and psychotherapist both grew up in that part of the world. My parents, both from there, modeled that example in different ways too. I know my father loved my mother more deeply for having been the sort-of Cinderella of her own family.
The secondary stuff can certainly evoke that stuff. In a primary I think those notions are likely to be more of an abstraction, because probably most people will take the primary type to be in far better control of his impulses than the secondary. Secondary ex was constantly having be to be talked down from figurative ledges, primary ex’s machinations were sometimes about ensuring he had places to stay/live. Salvation Army guy didn’t have the wherewithall to avoid homelessness.

I think seconndary spath can be the temporary state of, or mimicked closely by, a substance addict. I certainly think the SA guy was worse before drying up. Still is completely ADD with wetbrain. Still occasionaly defaults to a defensive lie. Does it much more rarely, and fesses up much sooner.

I am NC with the ex’s as people.

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