Exterminator arrested in brutal slaying of Philadelphia doctor

Jason Smith, of Levittown, PA, was arrested by police last week, charged with murdering Melissa Ketuniti, a Philadelphia pediatrician. He went to her home to take care of a problem with mice. Read coverage in the Philadelphia Daily News:

Bucks County exterminator charged with killing Philadelphia pediatrician

Exclusive: Portrait of an accused killer

New details on accused killer’s exposure charge

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OK, but skylar, who has confirmed for *you* that reality matches the right-brain response? Right-brain artists’ consensus? Right-brain scientists? What would that be? So far right-brain scientists seem like they would be all about “I don’t like those people’s claims that they had those findings because it reminds me of a bad experience” or “Yeah, I like that. It validates me.”

Pictures… the eye doesn’t always get reality right either. We can be prone to illusions, we completely miss certain light frequencies, some people’s eyes’ nerves or muscles are weaker than others’, some people have colorblindness…

Ignoring that, is artistic consensus left brain or right? everybody who gets a bad vibe from person X use red paint, everybody who trusts them use blue paint, everybody unsure youse yellow, everybody ambivalent use brown. Place your dots now. Voila, Seurat! That’s one stab at artistic consensus vs left brain. Although they have much in common.

But could there be consensus? “I’m surprised at the other dots and don’t like that everybody placed their dots in a way that the pattern came out like that, therefore the pattern is incorrect and truth is what I say and what doesn’t remind me of bad things and don’t even talk about this picture again….?”

I’m just feeling around in the dark here with these imagined scenarios, because I don’t know how one could determine that entity Y can be counted on to perceive reality accurately without some research of some kind.

I didn’t know the term secondary sociopath until my simultaneous experience with the two wretches. I saw slivers of decency and goodness in all three of them, or at least the two exes. I mean the kind that was truly gratuitous as opposed a tactic in their con and pursuit of something. The homeless MD sadsack, I am not so sure. A degree of pity for them is still there. I told the long story of the second ex to a former colleague who has become a psychoanalytic clinician. After I finished, she said He sounds like a very troubled person.” That’s when I started crying and said I know that’s exactly why I loved him. I come partly from a culture in which one feels greater tenderness for a troubled person. My psychotherapist non-spath ex with the monstrous ego and self-reported traces of narcissism claimed that he fell in love with me because I was f***ed up. It’s not expected to be fun, it may or may not be connected to rescuing, but it’s also just part of how troubled people are perceived and spoken of from a distance. The psychoanalyst and psychotherapist both grew up in that part of the world. My parents, both from there, modeled that example in different ways too. I know my father loved my mother more deeply for having been the sort-of Cinderella of her own family.
The secondary stuff can certainly evoke that stuff. In a primary I think those notions are likely to be more of an abstraction, because probably most people will take the primary type to be in far better control of his impulses than the secondary. Secondary ex was constantly having be to be talked down from figurative ledges, primary ex’s machinations were sometimes about ensuring he had places to stay/live. Salvation Army guy didn’t have the wherewithall to avoid homelessness.

I think seconndary spath can be the temporary state of, or mimicked closely by, a substance addict. I certainly think the SA guy was worse before drying up. Still is completely ADD with wetbrain. Still occasionaly defaults to a defensive lie. Does it much more rarely, and fesses up much sooner.

I am NC with the ex’s as people.


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