Extreme depravity: Woman imprisons disabled adults

Four mentally disabled adults were found locked and malnourished in a basement in Philadelphia on Saturday. They were allegedly imprisoned by Linda Ann Weston, 51, who collected their Social Security payments. The four adults were just the tip of the iceberg. Multiple children were also taken into custody. In fact, Weston and her daughter, Jane McIntosh, who is also accused, may have compelled the adults to have children so that they could collect more Social Security money.

Read extensive coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Reporters even interviewed experts on psychopathy about the case.

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Somebody need’s to just shoot those ‘parents’ in the head and leave em to rot.

Amen Hens.

You are absolutely right Hens, only it should have happened years ago.

Father was a registered sex offender

The child that was raped was mother’s fourth child. Third child was also taken from her at birth by this same agency and placed in a foster home where she was killed by the foster parent at age two.

Maternal grandmother can’t understand why her daughter is in jail and what she did wrong

Again, the agency is “shocked” these parents would do something like this. I’m sure they were “shocked” when the third child was killed (blunt force trauma) while in one of their foster homes.

I can’t follow this any longer, I am physically ill.


You know, I’m with you, this makes me physically ill and right now I am already sick with the RMSF and don’t need more stress in my life.

I am LESS surprised and upset by what the “parents” did than I am what the AGENCY DID in allowing these two people to have UN-SUPERVISED VISITATION with that child.

It would also be interesting to know what the JUDGE ACTUALLY ORDERED….did s/he order “supervised” visitation, if so why was it NOT SUPERVISED by the agency? If this “father” was a sex offender then why did the judge ALLOW ANY visitation? If the agency is so “good” then why were they approving people so unstable that they would kill a child for foster parents? If the mother had all 3 of the first kids taken away, why was the judge/court/agency thinking she could be a “good parent” to this 4th one? Jimminey Christmas!

What the heck does a person have to do to lose their “parental rights?” I wonder if they will bring this child to the prison to visit mommy and daddy so that they can “maintain a relationship” with them while the parents do a couple of years in stir for this?

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