Extreme depravity: Woman imprisons disabled adults

Four mentally disabled adults were found locked and malnourished in a basement in Philadelphia on Saturday. They were allegedly imprisoned by Linda Ann Weston, 51, who collected their Social Security payments. The four adults were just the tip of the iceberg. Multiple children were also taken into custody. In fact, Weston and her daughter, Jane McIntosh, who is also accused, may have compelled the adults to have children so that they could collect more Social Security money.

Read extensive coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Reporters even interviewed experts on psychopathy about the case.

Police amazed woman was alive

Horror deepens in Tacony basement case

Gauging psychopathia

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QUOTE: “None of this (evil) happens in the absence of choice.”

I think that sums up the psychopath;s world. They HAVE CHOICES and they make them, just like we and everyone else does.

This case is “beyond belief,” and yet, shows what people are capable of. What is ASTOUNDING TO ME is that this woman has previously starved someone to death and she was NOT kept in prison for the remainder of her natural life. WTF?????

This case really highlights the vulnerability of the disabled in modern life — still, in 2011. Now, my spath did tell me that my disabilities were such a burden that no other man would ever want me. And he did tell me once that he found my seizures sexy — you know, the helpless convulsions part. But goddamnit, at least I’m still alive. All of a sudden I feel really, really lucky.

Dear LadySweetG,

Welcome to LF, and I think you ARE really REALLY lucky! You are alive and you found your way to LF–and that’s a good step in healing the “burns” you suffered by being close to a Psychopath!


This is kind of an off topic question… and it may be kind of weird. But i wanted to ask anyway, for those who might have any clue. Two out of the three sociopaths that I have encountered in my life appeared to have an affinity for horror films and also cartoons? As for cartoons, they both had a weird obsession with family guy… has anyone found that any sociopath they’ve encountered were attracted/had an affinity for these media genres as well ( Horror Films/Cartoons) ? Just curious. Of the sociopaths I am describing, one was male, one was female.


Not off topic at all. There have been posts on here in other threads about how some spaths enjoy watching emotions on empaths. It’s very entertaining and interesting to them, because it’s so foreign. Somebody posted, i forgot who, that their spath liked to take them to horror flicks and TOUCH during the move so the spath could feel the jump/horror/surprise.


Mine liked reality tv – and sport’s – nuff said.


Mine insisted on horror films. I hate them, and he knows it. I haven’t been able to watch stuff like this since my dad took me to see Jaws when I was 7. (Dad is a narcissist and he was ruining our planned vacation to the beach that year)

But ex-spath’s very favorites were those “World’s Worst…” shows, like world’s worst car crashes and the show 1000 Ways to Die. Spike TV is his favorite channel (lots of sexist BS and violence on that channel). He also loved, absolutely loved, Ultimate Fighting Championship and any other mixed martial arts fights where there are no gloves and men end up bleeding or with broken bones.

And he’d get mad if I didn’t sit down and watch that s#it with him every night. Gah.

Thanks for the link,Donna, glad you are following this story past the first news of it.

It amazed me about how many kids this woman had, and how some of the older ones defended her….but also amazed me how others NOTICED that people had “disappeared” around this woman, died etc. and they DID NOT CALL THE POLICE OR GIVE ANY INFORMATION TO AUTHORITIES ABOUT IT. How many other stories have we read lately about people NOTICING ABUSE and DOING NOTHING!!!!! (grrrrrr–sounds of my teeth grinding here!!!!)


In regards to your question about movie watching, mine seemed to like watching violence in movies but would deny that to my face. After I started to realized how he was somehow ‘off’ I would watch his reactions during violent scenes in movies and he wouldn’t ever flinch. During the Mel Gibson movie about the Mayan culture, there were gross beheadings, stomach churning, he would just watch with no change in expression. He liked the movies where young girls were sexually abused, would get excited.

Did he like cartoons? Yes. He would laugh at them and liked Bugs Bunny, I thought it was cute at first. He had a large comic book collection and it was the first thing he took when he left the house in January. He still has a bunch of crap here, and some of it should be meaningful to a normal person. He only tried to get the posessions that I had an emotional attachment to.

For some reason that comic book collection has some influence on him. I think he sees himself as a superhero. He claimed to have rescued me and I wasn’t grateful to him. More like tortured.

He liked the movie Titanic, I thought it was a sign that he had an emotional side but when son said he didn’t want to see the movie again because it was too sad, spath would always ask if son would see it. He pushed the point because the main thing spath gets off on is manipulating you to do something you don’t want to do. I don’t know if he actually liked Titanic or it was just to look normal. He did have an appreciation for artistic talent.

Hey, Hope4Joy,

Long time no see! Glad to see you are still here. How are things going for you, and most importantly, how is Junior doing?

“I think he sees himself as a superhero.”

Mine sometimes thinks he’s a kind of all-seeing shaman who can talk to spirits and achieve insight into your soul by simply reading your palms and looking at your face.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him watch a cartoon on TV. I think real people are cartoons to him.

“I think real people are cartoons to him”
LOL! Dawn, they are the shallow cardboard cut outs, so they think everyone else is just like them.

Our mistake is in assuming that they have the same depth that we do.

Hi Oxy,

I was gone for awhile so just read your message. Things are looking up, spath has the divorce papers and he’s trying to change history in the wording, lucky my attorney is on it.

Junior is hanging in there. I sent the final letter to his therapist giving him 10 days or I report him to the psychology board. If the therapist is dumb enough to listen to spath and act unethical then he deserves what he gets. I also wrote his boss.

I think that junior may be catching on but it is a slow road. He told me today that spath has started dating a woman and he was watching her dog last week. He is acting the saint with the new girlfriend, that’s how he hooks them by putting on his nice guy mask. I feel sorry for the new girlfriend and hope to God she doesn’t have any teenaged daughters.

I saw on one of your posts that you have some ammo for the parole board, yay!!!!!! The spath that’s in jail (I hate to use the word son because I can’t believe he shares any of your DNA), probably fits all the criteria for anti-social personality disorder. It surely can’t hurt your case to keep him locked up because there is NO CURE! Nada! Will he re-offend if he is released? 100% possiblitiy.

Have you seen the video titled “Liespotting”? Here’s the link.

Pamela Meyer talks about dupers delight, which as we know is the little smile they have when they have pulled the wool over someones eyes or got away with a con. She also mentions the ‘tell’. One of Skylar’s favorite ways to spot a spath. Pretty interesting.

Hope you are doing well! I miss you a bunch and will be forever grateful for your guidance and support. Hugs!!!

Dear Hope4,

I’m glad you are following up with the psychotherapist!!! You go girlfriend!!! Your moxy (as Erin B says) and your MOJO is GREAT!!! TOWANDA!!!!

Thanks for the link….

Actually I have a copy of my P son’s medical records (he actually had them sent to me as he needed a surgery on his shoulder and the prison system wouldn’t do it—I got them to do it) anyway, I never read them until this last parole hearing update, and I read through them and BINGO!!!! there was a diagnosis of ASPD!!! SO yes, he has an official diagnosis and now I can FILL IN THE BLANKS FOR THE PAROLE BOARD…..I sent them a copy of that in the packet this last time, but this next time I will outline it point by point!

No new “evidence” but just a really great way to present the old evidence —you are right, he will NEVER CHANGE!


Hopeforjoy – i am 5 minutes into the TED talk – excellent so far.

Hope and OneJoy,
great link so far. I’m at 6:14 and that picture is EXACTLY what my spath looks like when he fake cries. It’s uncanny!

He cries and then peaks with one eye to see if you are reacting correctly. The parallels between the spath and an infant never cease to amaze.


hi sky – how are you tonight?

Hi One with Joy, Skylar, Oxy,

I’m glad you liked the link, it’s pretty eerie how many behaviors the spath had that were mentioned in the video. I thought of Skylar as soon as she said the word ‘tell’.

How you doing girlfriend? (I just watched 8 mile with Eminem and I’m feeling kind of slangy.) Is your job going well? Is the sock puppet in jail yet? He/She ought to be doing time by now. How is the apartment drama going? Drama free is the way to be. A day without drama feels so wonderful. Hugs to you!

Hey OneJoy,
I’m doing good. how about you?

BF is busy but I want to share Hope’s link with him because it’s really, really awesome in so many ways. I’ll see if he’s available to watch it in a few minutes.

The picture with Dominic Strauss and Obama also gave me a deja vu moment. A guy who I’m sure is a spath (about 80 years old) gave me that exact same look a few weeks ago. He was sooooo nice. he offered to wash my car or do ANYTHING I wanted. He had only met me 30 seconds earlier. WTF?

Awesome link, thanks Hope.


HI Hoepforjoy – no, her spathy self is still free. they haven’t gone back to court yet. still some apt. drama. I am setting my sites on moving i the spring; even if i can’t get out of the city by then, i need to find someplace better than this.

Work is tiring and demanding. I am really tired out – it’s been a hell of a year. i need to get some time off. i just put in a lot of hours to power through an event i did on friday, so am taking monday off, but need some real down time. my contract is up (again) in a couple of weeks, so right after i find out if it is renewed i am going to take a few days off. …i am a bit preoccupied with this topic. can you tell? 🙂

my mom is in the hospital, and that’s the last straw so to speak – it’s really hit me hard. but it is the best place for her, that man she is married to isn’t taking good care of her.


Sky – 80 year old spath….well, that’s both the bad AND the good news. 🙂

Hi OneJoy,
actually this guy looks like he’s NEVER gonna die.

A few weeks ago, he “fell” in front of his house. His landlord (my friend, “joe”), went to pick him up. He seemed incoherent. When Joe picked him up, his pants fell off and Joe had to keep holding him up like that til the ambulance came. He was in the hospital for a couple of days and since he has no family, Joe was checking in on him. The docs couldn’t find anything wrong. He came home and it was like nothing every happened. I think he set Joe up for the thrill of it.

Another time, when my BF knocked on his door to tell him that his car lights were on, the old guy answered the door with his robe open and his junk showing.

For these reasons and many others, I believe he is spath. They set up the craziest things just to see the look on your face.


Sky – hmmm, makes me wonder about all people who expose themselves publicly.

next time he falls, just roll him into the gutter.

I think the link above is really good.

I listened twice, I didn’t hear the piece about the TELL.

But I did hear her opening line, where she said, they’ll find out what it is you want to hear and they’ll say that. EG “SANTA CLAUS IS REAL.”.

If we demonstrate our vulnerability – this is what I need, this is what I want – they use that as the way to open the door. She didn’t expound on this topic but she could have.

I thought she was fantastic.

What else has she done???

Skylar & One Joy,
Both of you crack me up!!

Skylar if he does it again I hope somebody points and giggles, saying look at that teeny weeny little thing. pooor little ole man!

Donna, I think I’m about to vomit.

I hate to go this far, but can we just start offing these types of people? Would it really be so inhuman?

They are mistakes. I sound like a freaking eugenicist, but these people and all the ones in their club need to be eliminated from the gene pool forever. Even the mother helped…they need to go. It’s like they are zombies in a zombie movie and everyone knows they need to be offed, but everyone has this hope and humanity which prevents them from taking out a zombie when they have the chance. Then later everyone pays dearly for being so compassionate.


Thank you. Just before this story came out, Ohio had an incident where exotic animals were turned loose and for safety reasons had to be shot. This made national headlines. This was tragic, some were endangered species. The papers had hundreds of comments written by concerned citizens.

This article, at least 24 hours after it appeared, had NO COMMENTS. What is wrong with our priorities? Maybe it is time to have our precious children placed on the endangered species list.

When we talk about what is wrong with “the system”, this is a perfect example. 1) this child had been in the custody of the county since birth and supervised visitation was the only contact these parents were allowed to have – this translates into these two had done something DRASTIC AND HORRIBLE to other children. 2) for them to be visiting they had to be working on a “case plan” to regain custody of this child 3) in Ohio courts, this had to be in front of a juvenille judge AT LEAST three times and he/she had to approve this “case plan”

If that doesn’t make you sick, I don’t know what would.

The “politically correct” CARP that “there is good in everyone” and that they have “human rights” (which is what they call it in the UK and EU when you can’t deport an illegal immigrant who is a rapist because s/he has a child and it would deprive them of “family life”) (WTF????) but NO ONE seems to be concerned with the RIGHTS OF A CHILD TO BE SAFE from MONSTERS….There is NOT “good in everyone” and the PC creeps who mouth these PC platitudes should go out to the firing line with the monsters they have so much pity for…..excuse me while I take my politically in-correct arse outside and PUKE!

More on the baby rape – the father is charged with gross sexual imposition and has plead not guilty BY REASON OF INSANITY

the mother has been charged with RAPE and has plead not guilty

the judge has ruled that the taxpayers pay to have the father tested to see if he is competent to stand trial

the father was competent enough to participate in the rape of his own child, film it on his cell phone and send it on to relatives, BUT probably won’t be competent enough to stand trial

protective services is still shaking their heads claiming they had NO IDEA anyone was capable of this

The comments made by the director of the “agency” about how that he just couldn’t believe anyone would DO that to their own child….sheesh!!!!! So this was a “supervised” visitation????? Why would a “supervised” visitation not be “supervised” and/or videotaped?

Absolutely Oxy – this “agency” deals with this on a daily basis, give me a break, they didn’t know anyone could do that….

Also, like I stated earlier, there was a REASON that this child had been removed from parents at birth. This “agency” would have been well aware of that REASON and undoubtedly it had something to do with HORRIFIC child abuse to another child. This “agency” needs to be charged with NEGLECT resulting in harm to a child.

Now, I’m also going to go puke

“agenices” can’t go to prison for “neglect of duty”—but the PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WITHIN THAT “AGENCY” should go to PRISON!!!!

Interesting side note – this is the same city that Casey Anthony and her parents came from before moving to Florida. George Anthony was a police officer here.

Maybe there is something in the water !

Somebody need’s to just shoot those ‘parents’ in the head and leave em to rot.

Amen Hens.

You are absolutely right Hens, only it should have happened years ago.

Father was a registered sex offender

The child that was raped was mother’s fourth child. Third child was also taken from her at birth by this same agency and placed in a foster home where she was killed by the foster parent at age two.

Maternal grandmother can’t understand why her daughter is in jail and what she did wrong

Again, the agency is “shocked” these parents would do something like this. I’m sure they were “shocked” when the third child was killed (blunt force trauma) while in one of their foster homes.

I can’t follow this any longer, I am physically ill.


You know, I’m with you, this makes me physically ill and right now I am already sick with the RMSF and don’t need more stress in my life.

I am LESS surprised and upset by what the “parents” did than I am what the AGENCY DID in allowing these two people to have UN-SUPERVISED VISITATION with that child.

It would also be interesting to know what the JUDGE ACTUALLY ORDERED….did s/he order “supervised” visitation, if so why was it NOT SUPERVISED by the agency? If this “father” was a sex offender then why did the judge ALLOW ANY visitation? If the agency is so “good” then why were they approving people so unstable that they would kill a child for foster parents? If the mother had all 3 of the first kids taken away, why was the judge/court/agency thinking she could be a “good parent” to this 4th one? Jimminey Christmas!

What the heck does a person have to do to lose their “parental rights?” I wonder if they will bring this child to the prison to visit mommy and daddy so that they can “maintain a relationship” with them while the parents do a couple of years in stir for this?

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