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Fake Marine accused of rape and theft by deception

Michael J. McNearney

Michael J. McNearney (Spokane County Sheriff’s Office)

Michael J. McNearney Jr. met women on the Plenty of Fish dating site and in bars, then convinced them to spend money on him, used their credit cards for unauthorized transactions and raped them, according to recent testimony in a Kootenai County, Idaho, courtroom.

As he was doing this, he falsely claimed to be a Marine.

McNearney will stand trial in Idaho District Court. A trial date has not yet been set.

Women say they were duped, on

Stolen valor: Fake Marine accused of rape, on

Similar charges were filed last year in Spokane, Washington:

Man accused of assaulting, stealing from women, on

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I will be following this one for sure!


Wonder what would have happened if these two got hooked up….,,20404695,00.html


Sorry link is not working. Bobbi Finley, the bigamist bride, married more marines than women buy shoes….

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