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Fake Warriors website exposes military frauds

Sociopaths love to claim that they served in the military, because then they can sponge off of the nation’s respect for men and women in the armed forces. Sociopaths especially love to claim that they served in Special Forces, because then they can act both heroic and mysterious. They disappear suddenly for “missions,” which they can’t explain because they are “classified.”

My ex-husband, James Montgomery, pulled these scams. And so do many other con artists. So I communicate frequently with the P.O.W. Network, a nonprofit organization that exposes military frauds.

Well, now they spend most of their time as fraud busters. “There are at least 5,000 names,” says Mary Schantag, who maintains the website. “I lost count!”

So the organization made a change and created a new website just for this purpose, Following is their announcement:

Dear Friends,

As you well know, the POW NETWORK is in its 23rd year of service.

In recent years, it has become more and more evident our time and energy has been focused on exposing frauds and phonies, and sadly, less and less on the POW/MIA issue.

That is not to say the POW/MIA issue is any less important nor the stories any less urgent. It’s just that the path of writing bios, and finding phony POW’s as we did so, started something in 1998. Preventing anyone from scamming a POW family – had an urgency to it!

Reports of frauds and phonies now generate 90% of our mail. It is an all day, every day (all holidays included) effort.

In response to the evident need, and epidemic proportions of the FAKE WARRIOR problem, we are shifting our focus and mission.

We have just unveiled a new website that focuses solely on the FAKE WARRIOR mission. The FAKE WARRIOR PROJECT [ ] is a division of the POW NETWORK and maintains all the tax-exempt donor status established.

The POW NETWORK section of Heroes or Villains will simply host a “redirect” page to the new site. The rest of the POW NETWORK site will remain active, updated as to POW/MIA biographies, and current casualties. But the site, filled with so many stories of true heroes, heartbreaking loss and decades of questions, will no longer be soiled with the false tales perpetrated upon the public by the scum who make false claims.

In its Supreme Court Ruling overturning the Stolen Valor Act as it pertained to Alvarez (charged with falsely claiming to have been awarded the Medal of Honor), the justices stated, “”¦and it has not shown, and cannot show, why counterspeech, such as the ridicule respondent received online and in the press, would not suffice to achieve its interest”¦”

The “counterspeech” referenced in the Supreme Court ruling involves voluntary, unofficial, social efforts by citizens and veterans’ organizations to focus the spotlight of public awareness on military imposters, to enlist the participation of the press in the effort, and to shame the fake warriors into ceasing their disgraceful charade.


In addition, we are pleased to announce that FAKE WARRIORS, 2nd Edition, the book authored by our dear friends Hank and Erika Holzer will be available in August. The original, published in 2003, was based largely on our work.

If we help you find answers, help us stay online and garner the attention this epidemic requires. We want to bring attention to the FAKE WARRIOR ACT of 2012 – and have it introduced as the responsible, constitutional answer to the Supreme Court ruling.

We need help in distributing this information, and need your support so that we can continue this effort. The data bases we use are not free, and hours and hours can be tied into trace work, evidence collecting, and web work. Donations are vital, but due to the work we do, donors cannot be publicly acknowledged on the site. Donors always receive a donation receipt.

Continuing the legacy,
Semper Fi

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Donna, thank you for posting this article and keeping this topic alive. As most readers know, this is a topic that cuts me to the bone.

We equate military service with honor, sacrifice, and dedication, even if the “cause” of their service has ugly political undertones – we, as a culture, recognize military service as an honorable endeavor

When someone impersonates a member of the military, it invalidates every man and woman who has legitimately served, suffered permanent injury, endures PSTD, and it specifically invalidates the “ultimate sacrifices” of those men and women who will never celebrate another birthday.

This is a most heinous crime, and should be treated as such – it’s almost parallel to crimes against children, in my opinion.

Again, thank you for keeping this vile subject alive.

Brightest blessings


Even his co-workers make fun of him and laugh at his exaggerated claims of being a decorated veteran who served in special forces, calling him, “Kill ’em with a spoon.” I have documented proof of my ex’s military history, and it doesn’t include any of his lies. Not wounded while serving overseas, no Purple Heart, and no Bronze Star. He was a mechanic and never even served overseas but claimed to have been blown out of the 2nd floor of the Khobar Towers bombing in 1996 while serving, but it turns out he was never even in Saudi Arabia! He went so far as to embellish graphic details about injuries he never sustained and about angels being with him.


Donna, I wonder if this also lists the names of true army veterans who commit serious frauds such as malingering and lovefraud while in the army? This was the situation with the sociopath I dated in 2008. He was a true Iraqi vet but he was convicted of fraud and adultery after I turned him in. It was shocking to discover the extent of his fraud. I hope there is a subsection for these types.

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