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Famous British con man released from jail

Paul Bint seduced a string of women by posing as wealthy and accomplished—until he was finally arrested. Now he’s out, and claims he will try to go straight—but admits that no one will believe him.

Read Fraudster ‘King Con’ claims he’s earned £2 million from crime and slept with 2,500 women as he’s released from prison on

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Ox Drover

His whole “confession” is one big BRAG….see what a successful con person I am and I may say I will go straight “no long term plans except not getting in trouble with the law.” Yes. he THINKS he can fool the law again and again, as he has in the past….and who knows, he may be able to do it again and again and again.

I don’t think there’s a snow ball’s chance in hell he is going to get a J*O*B—godforbid he he should work for a living. He says he doesn’t like who he is so he wants to be someone else fake. Well, I don’t like who he is either, and I don’t even know the man. LOL

He doesn’t care what is said about him as long as they are talking about HIM.


Oxy – the scarey thing is, he looks quite a bit like my ex-husband, the spath! (Not quite as ugly as the spath, but well on the way…)


Hi Aussiegirl,
I have put a post thanking you for you help on the “Public behav and private good” post.
thanks. I appreciate your advice to me.


Hi Petite – I’m off to check it out!


Incredible that somebody with such a face of gilipollas has been able of conning anybody. And being with so many women? in his dreams or yes but paying.


How dumb sociopaths are- having slept with 2500 women is nothing to brag about. Shows what a vapid, shallow, compassion less douchebag piece of Sh*t you are. It’s like waving a knife around with blood on it- “Hey guys, I just killed like 100 people aren’t I cool?” Like seriously, talk about “COLORBLIND”. Brag brag brag brag brag that’s all these P’s seem to do. It really is IRRITATING after a while, even if you’re still involved with the P… you begin to notice how QUICK they’ll jump up if it means they’ll get attention or praise. F–ing robots. They are truly repulsive creatures.



I’m not impressed with any man who has “slept” with 2,500 women (there’s something wrong with a person like that) – instead, that bit of information just turns my stomach.


dancingnancies – thank you for welcoming me to the site on my first post the other day. that was really wonderful.

The problem is that we let ourselves get taken in – we trust, and then a man like this can build up his repartory of conquests. We must be more vigilant and protective of ourselves – which I hope that we all will be during this new year.

Best regards and happy new year to all

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