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Father charged with murder in boxing death

A Florida man was charged with murder after he allegedly put on boxing gloves and repeatedly punched his two-year-old son in the face, head and torso. The man said he was teaching the toddler how to box.

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Ox Drover

This “excuse” for WHY he beat this child to death is the most “psychopathic” and UN-believable I have ever heard in my life!

It again proves to me that a psychopath really doesn’t “get it” when they make up lies and excuses about why they did something. They don’t even realize that NO “normal” person would try to “teach a two year old to box”—DUH! To them the excuse sounds plausible, but to ANY one else it isn’t even within a light year of plausible.

Dani S

It took me a while to even open this post! Nothing and I mean nothing makes me sadder than a poor innocent child being hurt by the hands of someone that is supposed to love and care for them……

What a sick, sick person he is! I hope he rots in hell with all the other psycho’s!

RIP Willie my heart breaks for you!

It reminded me of a horrific story in Australia where the step dad made the children stand on a top bunk and jump on their baby brothers head. The step dad said to them if they didn’t do it it will be there turn next. These were all little kids at the time and the baby boy died of his injuries. I cried when I read the story of one of the children who is now a pregnant grown women still so traumatised especially as he is being released from jail soon. She said the rest of the kids ended up growing up in and out of foster homes and were not in contact with one another. How do people ever overcome things like that?


Some people never overcome the harm done to them as children and babies.. I will not open this link, anything to do with hurting little kids or animal’s is just nothing I want to see, I know it’s out there, everywhere..Just think of all the horrible sadistic things that go on and never are on the news or ever found out about..puppy mills, child slavery…I can get overwhelmed.


how absolutely heartbreaking.

Dani S

I know what you mean Hens. I can’t even watch the news anymore.


That’s horrible. No one in their right mind could use that kind of excuse for abuse–and expect anyone sane to believe them!


I wish the judge would order a mandatory vasectomy for that guy, pronto!!

I think you give up your right to be a parent when you do something this heinous.

I wish judges would start ordering mandatory vasectomies/hysterectomies for child abusers.

I know that sounds really radical, but so is beating your 2-year old son to death while “teaching him how to box”.

It’s insulting, and it mocks the life of the innocent child who was brutally murdered.

This man has no business being a parent.

I say start the IV on this monster and get snipping.

Ox Drover

No,Rosa, not a vasectomy, but a LORANIA BOBBIT, WITH A DULL KNIFE….and I will volunteer for the procedure. No IV and no pain killer…I think I need to quit reading the news too.


Animals protect their young better than certain humans do.


Oxy-I’ll help you with a dull knife. I’ll leave the fentanyl and versed at home!!

Ox Drover

You know I don’t like feeling this angry or vengeful or visioning doing something so psychopathic myself to someone even if they RICHLY DESERVE IT…I’ve got to quit watching or reading the news. It disturbs my peace, and I can’t DO anything about it except scream and cry!


Ox-that’s why I’ve been glad to be without a TV since January. Getting ready to get one though cuz football is getting ready to start and the end of baseball season!



Just start snipping……


no IV-just a dull dirty knife—then he can get a major infection too. Necrotizing fascitis of the penis is attractive!

You guys are truly EVIL and wicked,LOL
{Tongue in cheek here} Sorry my exclamation mark logo isnt working. Living with spaths sure brings out our INNER SPATH||
Love, mama GemXX


This is too sad…just appalling! beyond words….


They should absolutely “fix” this guy in the manner you describe. I mean what would be next? 2 year old dies in car behind the wheel in an accident after father thought he was ready to drive? CMON this guy is missing not only compassion/empathy, but a few billion brain cells. Somebody or some group of people need to box him merciless.

Ox Drover


Good point!!! Since the child was ready to learn to box, he should have also been taught to DRIVE!

I’m not sure if this murderer is mentally retarded (possible) or if he is psychopath, (also possible) but his “excuse” sounds so psychopathic for sure.

The outcome of his crime is something that reaches us on a deeper level though. If a 5 year old had killed the baby by “teaching him to box” we MIGHT have some sympathy for the killer. But unless the murderer has the mental level of a 5 year old or less, I can’t see any sympathy for what he did, and I hope that he is locked up forever.

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