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Feds track sexual predators by identifying victims

In a sweep of sexual predators operating online, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency arrested 245 people accused of exploiting and abusing children. Investigators now focus on victim identification to lead them to the predators.

Child sex abuse: ‘Operation Sunflower’ highlights new efforts to get predators, on

123 sexually exploited children identified by HSI during ‘Operation Sunflower,’ on

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Ox Drover

It amazes me that people will give UNLIMITED, UNMONITORED access to the web to children of ANY age….a few years back in my area a young girl, the daughter of a police chief, was lured to her death by a predator who came from out of state to meet and murder her.

IF, her parents had monitored her internet access that never would have happened.

Technology is making it easier and more profitable for predators to abuse children..and I am glad that the cops are making SOME head way, but my guess is that less than 1% of abused children are ever found or reported or the abuser punished.

It makes me SICK to think about all the predators that get away with it. Dr. anna Salter says that every “first offender” pedophile has an AVERAGE number of 300+ actual crimes before they are caught the FIRST TIME. So when a judge sees a “first offender” that person has actually probably done 300+ crimes to children and so the judge “gives him another chance” as a “first offender.” PUKE!

Pedophiles NEVER QUIT…


Oh, yeah…nine year olds have iPhones now. Who knows what they are doing with them?? It’s sick. Sorry, if I had a child, no way would they have a phone at that age.

Ox Drover

I’m not necessarily against a kid having a PHONE…I have one.

It makes PHONE CALLS. It RECEIVES phone calls. It does not take photos it does not hook up to internet, it is just a PHONE.

I AM against a kid having UNFETTERED AND UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS. A kid is curious. A kid WILL look at “dirty” stuff on the web. They would not be normal if they did not. But because I would not want my kid exposed to all that, I would totally 100% monitor every site they went to. The computer would be in a public part of the house, not in the back room…and I would check everything they saw or did.

I would make sure that their school did not give them unlimited access…

I would TALK to my kids about predators, and hope that they would not use their friend’s I-phones to access dangerous and “nasty” sites. I would talk to the parents of my kid’s friends and get to know them.

I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to totally stop a kid’s access to things we don’t want them to see or experience, but we can do the best we can to limit it at least.



But that’s what I mean…if they have iPhones, that is way too technologically advanced for them and they DO have them! Trust me. They don’t have the cell phones that are “just phones.” Haha, are you kidding me? That’s beneath them to have a phone like that. In the rich suburbs of the city I live in…those kids are so spoiled it’s not even funny. Actually, it’s everywhere…just not in the rich areas. These parents allow these children to have these phones and then they expect them to NOT see this stuff? I think the parents are naive or in denial or both. Who knows.

Ox Drover

Louise, my phone costs less than $20 and all it does is make CALLS and receive CALLS….and recently when I sent it through the washer in a pants pocket. I took the sim chip out and put it in a new spare phone we keep handy for such emergencies and was back in business. LOL

Yea, these kids ( of all ages) that think they have to have the latest and greatest in technology…and parents who do not monitor their use?????

Right now the CRIME RATE is actually hiked by the PHONE THEFTS going through the roof…people being mugged and killed for a freaking PHONE!

Well, I will stay “lower tech” and that’s okay with me. If I didn’t worry about falling down and breaking a leg and not being found for 6 months out here in the boondocks I wouldn’t even have a cell phone….but it is a safety measure for me but I don’t need and don’t want to pay for the internet access on the phone.

I sure wouldn’t let my KID have one.



I’m on the same page with you. I only have a prepaid phone and buy minutes as I go. It probably only costs me an average of about $10 per month. I do have texting on mine, but now that I have not communicated with the spath in moons, I don’t even text. I get a stray text here and there from other friends, but that’s it. I don’t even keep it on all the time. Nowadays, I turn it on about 3-4 times a week just to make sure if someone has contacted me or not and if I need to respond. I have had this phone since 2004 and it still works fine! That’s another thing…these old phones also seem to last much longer than the new technology.

Right…what’s wrong with the parents who don’t monitor what their kids are doing on these phones? Like I said, I think they are mostly in denial with some naivety thrown in there.

Yep, me, too…I am staying low tech. People look at me really weird when I admit I only have a prepaid phone and I don’t care! I don’t have an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, HDTV…the list goes on and on of the things I DON’T have. It’s not because I CAN’T have them…I don’t WANT them! 🙂


I agree with you ladies. Kids have way too much access to things they shouldn’t.

I grew up without a cell phone, internet, MP3, satellite tv, video games etc. You know what I did with all my spare time? Read, played outside, rode my bike, took care of my animals. We had 2 televisions, one in the living room and the other in my parent’s bedroom. We watched the one in the living room, together, as a family. If there was another show I wanted to watch I was allowed to go watch the television in my parent’s bedroom because they knew what kind of shows were on back in “the old days”.

I could ride my bike all over the country back then and never worry about a predator. I would never let my kids do that now.

My kids received a basic pre-paid cell phone when they turned 16 because they got their drivers license. I supplied the first phone and they knew it was for emergencies only.

I’m low tech too and perfectly content.

Tea Light

I teach 18-early twenties undergrads and talking to them keeps me in touch with the reality of kids lives today. Prof Sherry Turkle at MIT calls it being ‘tethered’ to technology. Apparently kids have become increasingly anxious after 9/11, school shootings and parents also so they see a phone as an essential link to home / loved ones but they increasingly resist calls and prefer IM FB and texts. I guess the peer pressure to have a smart phone for social media is huge

I know that many routers can be programmed to not allow certain types of traffic, like game or porn sites. Cell providers could attract customers who are parents by offering services like that. Why shouldn’t the person paying the bill get to choose how the phone is used?

I agree that parents should monitor childrens’use of the internet (we kept the computer in the livingroom)just as tv viewing should be monitored.As for cell phones,ipads,etc…well,I think it’s much like the need to have a pair of Nikes or Chic jeans,etc back when I was in school…PEER PRESSURE!I didn’t give into that,but my younger siblings sure did!Parents and children hear about the dangers all the time,but BRUSH THOSE WARNINGS ASIDE,as happening to other people….the parents are weary of hearing their children beg for these things,and buckle under the pressure in order to finally have some relief.The children are just so excited to show their friends what they now have!

There is sooo much EVIL in the world.I was just reading about Rodney Alcala,the “Dating Game” murderer.He appeared on the game back in the ’70’s as bachelor #1.Around the same time,he murdered 2 young women.He is called the “face of evil”.The details of the crimes were so brutal that the judge even broke down and cried.

I think kids should have special cell phones designed just for kids.

the other day, I was coming out of the veterinarians office while a father and 2 little boys were walking in with 2 large dogs. The stupid father didn’t have leashes, only collars, on the dogs. As they opened the door, they smashed the foot of one of the dogs and then as the dog whimpered and whined, they KEPT yanking on the door even HARDER and smashing it more. I finally yelled STOP!! and they stopped but the OTHER dog was so scared he broke loose and ran away into the street. The kids stayed in the lobby while the dad ran after the dog. They were alone for a long time, and I’m not sure if the father ever found the dog. But I checked with them and they both had smart cell phones. Even the one who appeared to be about 6 or 7.



Wow. OMG…they sound like idiots hurting that poor dog in that way! UGGHH. And the little boy was only about 6 or 7 with a smart phone? Ridiculous.


Spot on. It’s all about peer pressure and I do have to agree that is mostly why these kids have them…if everyone jumps off a bridge…

I had to laugh when I saw what you said about peer pressure!Only…the way my parents said it was”If everybody jumped off a cliff,would you jump,too?!!”That worked for the first 6 kids.But like I said,when it got down to the younger siblings,they caved in to the peer pressure!

Ox Drover

Blossom4th You said

There is sooo much EVIL in the world.I was just reading about Rodney Alcala,the “Dating Game” murderer.He appeared on the game back in the ’70”²s as bachelor #1.Around the same time,he murdered 2 young women.He is called the “face of evil”.The details of the crimes were so brutal that the judge even broke down and cried.

THIS MAN TARGETED OUR OWN DR. LIANE LEEDOM, and she was one of aobut 300 pictures of young women he took….HE CONNED LIANE INTO COMING INTO HIS HOUSE…but his mother was home. There is an article about it here on lovefraud. This was between the time he first got out of prison after raping and the time he raped and murdered….Liane lived near him when she was 15.

Oh my goodness! What a small world(and scary one!)I will have to do a search and find that story.

It scares me,the thought of possibly being targeted,and then how to protect oneself.I try to be cautious all the time.

Ox Drover

Yea, they found about 300 photos and published them in the news paper and Liane’s was in there…SCARY, huh? How close she came to being a statistic.

My little .38 revolver has saved my “bacon” 3 times that I know about….

Skylar was picked up hitch hiking by the Green River killer…

So we never know how close we come sometimes.

Ox Drover

‘Dating Game’ serial sex killer sentenced to 25 years to life bringing degree of closure to families of victims

* Rodney Alcala, known as the ’Dating Game Killer’ due to his appearance on the famous television game show in 1968, was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison for murdering two New York women in the 1970s
* Alcala, 69, is already on death row in California for raping and mutilating four women and a 12-year-old girl in the Los Angeles area between 1977 and 1979

By Damian Ghigliotty

PUBLISHED: 19:08 EST, 7 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:45 EST, 7 January 2013

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Serial killer Rodney Alcala, known as the ’Dating Game Killer’ due to his appearance on the famous television game show more than 30 years ago, was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison on Monday for murdering two New York women in the 1970s.

Alcala, 69, already on death row in California for raping and mutilating four women and a 12-year-old girl in the Los Angeles area, was extradited to New York in June to face charges in the murders of flight attendant Cornelia Crilley, 23, and Ellen Hover, 23, the daughter of a nightclub owner.

Crilley was found strangled in her Manhattan apartment in 1971. Hover’s body was found in the woods of Westchester County, north of New York City, in 1977.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office brought charges against Alcala last year after conducting new interviews with more than 100 witnesses.

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Sometimes I think some of us are just destined to attract the worst kind of spaths. It’s as if there is something going on, on a different plane of existence that creates a connection between evil and ourselves. I can’t figure it out… yet.


wow. the news that Rodney Alcala had all those photographs really send chills down my spine.

My spath X!husband was into photography and used photo albums as image control. (He also used the camera as a ruse to get close to women while not committing himself. He’d flirt and offer to be available but if they objected, he could say they misunderstood, he was offering to take pictures for them, not offering himself…. I found this out AFTER finding out about all those many Other women.)

Not long after we married, I stopped allowing him to take my photo b/c I saw some of his other albums and got the feeling that all the women were trophy photos. I didn’t want to be another trophy. At the time, it was okay for him to keep photos of girlfriends but a WIFE should not be part of those trophies. I wonder what triggered me to get so weirded out by it. I’ve had other boyfriends have photos of old girlfriends and didn’t get creeped out at all. It was only the way the way my spath X!husband laid out the photos that felt…. off.


thats creepy katy…thats just creepy ~!
The things we ignore – oh my.. I dated this guy years ago, when I went to his house there were framed photographs of him EVERYWHERE…even in the bathroom…it turned me off big time. I never saw him again.
my mother used to give framed photos of herself as gifts…I am gonna go puke.

I just read that those pictures were found in Alcala’s locker in Seattle. real nice. Another spath from the PNW. Why is it they all seem to end up here or they originate here?

I’m gonna go hide in a closet.



Yes, hide!!! Good observation. It does seem like so many of them end up in your area. So weird…


Eugh……ew……ick. Donna, thanks for posting these articles, and I’m with others that are flabberghasted about the fact that these children are being SET UP for victimization because they are provided the techonolgical devices to do it. The kids are not at fault, on ANY level, and technology has allowed human beings an unbridled access to information and techniques that are wholly damaging.

When I was a child, comptuers were called, “BOOKS.” Phones were called “telephones” and hung on the kitchen wall. Text messaging was called “Speaking To Another Person With Your Face And Voice.” My parents were more able to monitor my activities because there were no technological devices to help me “keep secrets.”


Brightest blessings


I’m for anything that can help the police and federal agencies track child predators.

I think a lot more “sting” operations should be set up, like that TV show “To Catch A Predator”. When a sleazy child predator showed up at a particular house believing that he was going to meet up with a minor child for some sex, he got nabbed live on camera!! HA!!!

I also agree that it would be a wonderful and probably highly marketable new product, to have cel phones that are specially designed for children, that allow the parents to determine which phone numbers the child can use or receive calls from, whether the child can send and receive texts, and with a GPS tracker in it to help locate the child, etc. And if the parent allows internet access, being able to select which sites the child can access on the cel phone. I think that would sell really well.


Babs94540, there ARE parental controls on every browser available for internet computer use. Parent’s not only need to set these parental controls with a password, but they need to STRICTLY allow computer use for a specific amount of time in a “common” area where a parent can physically observe and monitor what their children are browsing. Allowing ANY child to browse a computer in the “privacy” of their own rooms is setting up a child for a whole host of “issues.”

I may be mistaken, but I also believe that there are “parental” settings on cell phones, as well. Additionally, parents should be checking phone logs, text messages (that haven’t been deleted), etc. if they’re going to pay for their children’s cell phones.

YES, there are predators out there, absolutely. They prey upon innocent, needy children and they should definitely be rounded up and identified as sexual predators. Having typed that, “intrusive” parental involvement is also necessary in this climate of Technology. Sometimes, being a “good” parent means setting boundaries, and that goes for computer and cell phone use. It is a parent’s obligation to lay these boundaries and to do it with the best interests of their child(ren) in mind.

I know too many parents that literally ignore whatever their children are doing because they have become (or, always were) entirely too selfish.

Brightest blessings

While younger children may be totally innocent as to the dangerous situations that exist (and parents SHOULD NEVER allow technology in their child’s hands without EDUCATING them first about DANGERS);there are older children who already show signs of personality disorders by the time of preteen/teenage years.They ‘sext’ inappropiate pictures to each other.They also end up spreading mean rumors and end up bullying students this way.Sexting can lead to sexual abuse if it gets in the wrong hands and we’ve all heard the news reports of how bullied students have committed suicide.

On another topic (sort of),my husband used to take pics of me on his webcam.Some I approved of for his Facebook page.Others were meant for him only,and when he acted like he was going to put them on the internet,I told him to delete them immediately IN FRONT OF ME.It got to the point where I no longer trusted him with taking pics of me anymore.But he still tried to sneak around and take them if he could get by with it.I had to watch him like a hawk!

Ox Drover

Lots of young “kids” who have poor judgment allow photos and posts on social networks that will be problematic for the rest of their lives when they apply for work, school, etc. They just don’t THINK before they post. Like that idiot who put the “laughing at the rape” video up…and even if it is just “stupidity” or immaturity, it can ruin a chance of a career etc.

Then there are the young budding Psychopaths…who do expose themselves this way or who use and abuse others and drive them to suicide. SICK!

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