Feds track sexual predators by identifying victims

In a sweep of sexual predators operating online, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency arrested 245 people accused of exploiting and abusing children. Investigators now focus on victim identification to lead them to the predators.

Child sex abuse: ‘Operation Sunflower’ highlights new efforts to get predators, on

123 sexually exploited children identified by HSI during ‘Operation Sunflower,’ on

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I just read that those pictures were found in Alcala’s locker in Seattle. real nice. Another spath from the PNW. Why is it they all seem to end up here or they originate here?

I’m gonna go hide in a closet.


Yes, hide!!! Good observation. It does seem like so many of them end up in your area. So weird…

Eugh……ew……ick. Donna, thanks for posting these articles, and I’m with others that are flabberghasted about the fact that these children are being SET UP for victimization because they are provided the techonolgical devices to do it. The kids are not at fault, on ANY level, and technology has allowed human beings an unbridled access to information and techniques that are wholly damaging.

When I was a child, comptuers were called, “BOOKS.” Phones were called “telephones” and hung on the kitchen wall. Text messaging was called “Speaking To Another Person With Your Face And Voice.” My parents were more able to monitor my activities because there were no technological devices to help me “keep secrets.”


Brightest blessings

I’m for anything that can help the police and federal agencies track child predators.

I think a lot more “sting” operations should be set up, like that TV show “To Catch A Predator”. When a sleazy child predator showed up at a particular house believing that he was going to meet up with a minor child for some sex, he got nabbed live on camera!! HA!!!

I also agree that it would be a wonderful and probably highly marketable new product, to have cel phones that are specially designed for children, that allow the parents to determine which phone numbers the child can use or receive calls from, whether the child can send and receive texts, and with a GPS tracker in it to help locate the child, etc. And if the parent allows internet access, being able to select which sites the child can access on the cel phone. I think that would sell really well.

Babs94540, there ARE parental controls on every browser available for internet computer use. Parent’s not only need to set these parental controls with a password, but they need to STRICTLY allow computer use for a specific amount of time in a “common” area where a parent can physically observe and monitor what their children are browsing. Allowing ANY child to browse a computer in the “privacy” of their own rooms is setting up a child for a whole host of “issues.”

I may be mistaken, but I also believe that there are “parental” settings on cell phones, as well. Additionally, parents should be checking phone logs, text messages (that haven’t been deleted), etc. if they’re going to pay for their children’s cell phones.

YES, there are predators out there, absolutely. They prey upon innocent, needy children and they should definitely be rounded up and identified as sexual predators. Having typed that, “intrusive” parental involvement is also necessary in this climate of Technology. Sometimes, being a “good” parent means setting boundaries, and that goes for computer and cell phone use. It is a parent’s obligation to lay these boundaries and to do it with the best interests of their child(ren) in mind.

I know too many parents that literally ignore whatever their children are doing because they have become (or, always were) entirely too selfish.

Brightest blessings

While younger children may be totally innocent as to the dangerous situations that exist (and parents SHOULD NEVER allow technology in their child’s hands without EDUCATING them first about DANGERS);there are older children who already show signs of personality disorders by the time of preteen/teenage years.They ‘sext’ inappropiate pictures to each other.They also end up spreading mean rumors and end up bullying students this way.Sexting can lead to sexual abuse if it gets in the wrong hands and we’ve all heard the news reports of how bullied students have committed suicide.

On another topic (sort of),my husband used to take pics of me on his webcam.Some I approved of for his Facebook page.Others were meant for him only,and when he acted like he was going to put them on the internet,I told him to delete them immediately IN FRONT OF ME.It got to the point where I no longer trusted him with taking pics of me anymore.But he still tried to sneak around and take them if he could get by with it.I had to watch him like a hawk!

Lots of young “kids” who have poor judgment allow photos and posts on social networks that will be problematic for the rest of their lives when they apply for work, school, etc. They just don’t THINK before they post. Like that idiot who put the “laughing at the rape” video up…and even if it is just “stupidity” or immaturity, it can ruin a chance of a career etc.

Then there are the young budding Psychopaths…who do expose themselves this way or who use and abuse others and drive them to suicide. SICK!

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