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Female sex offender sues victim’s parents

A teacher convicted of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy sued his parents for failing to adequately protect the boy from her. The court threw out the woman’s lawsuit.

Read Court tosses suit of ex-Prescott teacher who sexually assaulted teen on

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silly spaths.

the last two paragraphs are chilling:
a) they allege the teacher’s husband knew of her behaviour;
and b) they call her problems ‘mental illness’.

‘ Unspecified compensatory and punitive damages are sought in the suit filed against Anne Knopf and her husband, Wade J. Knopf.

The suit filed by the teen’s father claims Anne Knopf’s actions were not decent, that Wade Knopf should have avoided exposing the boy to risk of harm in the Knopfs’ home and that he was aware of his wife’s mental illness.’

Ox Drover

What is the diagnosis of this woman’s “mental illness”?

I can see the boy’s parents suing HER but unless her husband actually KNEW what she was doing I don’t see how he is at fault. BUT–is he being supportive and staying with this woman after he has been exposed as a pedophile? If so WHY for goodness sakes?

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