Female sociopath survey closing January 21, 2015

Female sociopath colorizedDo you think your stepmother, daughter or stepdaughter may be a sociopath? If so, please describe your experiences with her by completing the Lovefraud Female Sociopath Survey.

The survey will be closing on January 21, 2015.

Your relationship with the individual can be any one of the following:

  • Spouse or ex-spouse
  • Romantic partner
  • Mother
  • Stepmother
  • Daughter
  • Stepdaughter
  • Sister
  • Work colleague
  • Business associate
  • Other family member
  • Friend, neighbor or acquaintance

Most of the people who have participated say the individual was their spouse, ex-spouse, or romantic partner.

I would especially like to get more responses from people who believe their stepmother, daughter or stepdaughter may be disordered.

If you’ve been involved with more than one female sociopath, you can complete separate questionnaires for each of them. However, if you have already completed the survey, please do not fill out another one about the same individual.

Your contributions will help expand our knowledge about disordered individuals. Thank you!

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9 Comments on "Female sociopath survey closing January 21, 2015"

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I have only just realised through completing the survey that my mother was a sociopath. I grew up knowing that she had little empathy (accept for herself and her perceived woes). My emotional needs were mocked and I grew up with a life of criticism. No wonder that I then went on to choose lovers who were like her- emotionally cold, in need of support and as my recent ‘relationship’ has shown me complete psychopaths. Completing this survey confirmed many of the things I had thought about the person who raised me (alone with no family members-just me and her). She didn’t even have friends so her control was complete. I may be in my late 50’s but my life is not over yet!!! I’m looking forward to working my way through a brilliant book called Life Coach-Be the person you’ve always wanted to be”. I can’t think of a more apt title!!

Per my “handle”, you may be right if you think I was feeling all alone when I chose it, and you would be correct. However, I am so encouraged in general by this site and the post above in particular. I too applied the survey questions to my mother and the comments here reflect exactly the life from birth with my mother. In fact, I now wish I would have filled out a survey for each of my family members with the exception of my father.

Feel blessed that there were no younger siblings as my two younger sisters are clones of the psychopath my mother was…and my mother’s mother as well. There need be no convincing for me to realize the genetic connection.

Donna, is it confidential or can be traced back to our email address?

I wondered what happened with this survey that I filled out quite some time ago. Also, the results of a survey that I took regarding an evil girl who sabotaged my good name and high school career.

Actually, I suspect my older sister of sociopathy. Anyone who steals from you, walks away with it, tries to justify it, lies about it and leaves you bereft without any kind of explanation is not just a ‘not nice’ person. I think that person is a sociopath of sorts…at the very least, a narcissist.

The clothes that I had were purchased at stores that do not exist any more (Cherry & Webb, Touraines, White’s) and were very unique and I wore them well. While I started to realize that some were probably stolen by pet sitters, others disappeared in a different time frame (and my sister has always taken advantage of situations). She is horrifying selfish.

I drive my mentally ill brother wherever he wants to go, and my sister is his financial source/legal aide. You would think, since she lives in an affluent town outside of Boston, that a few dollars towards my gas would not be too much. She started to write out checks to me but it stopped abruptly. She twists and distorts to such a degree that it is painful listening to her.

Personality disordered? I think so. Narcissist? Definitely. Sociopath? What do you think?

I’ve got to the point that I think any human being that can hurt (physically, emotionally, psychologically etc) another human being without remorse, regret or a desire to change is in fact at the very least a Sociopath. I could be wrong….. but I know we are not talking about carelessness, or even selfishness. I believe these people have an ability to see the world exclusively (and everyone in it) as something to be used for their gain, advantage, pleasure and above all…ego! I think there are far more individuals with sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies than we realise-especially in the West (I’m in London). Maybe it’s ‘genetic’ but then blossoms’ in the values of a self-centered society? Or maybe I’m just talking/thinking nonsense?? Either way I’m happier today than I have been for years! Thanks to ‘lovefraud’ and it’s lovely contributors.

Dear Ifellforapsycho

I take it your post was in reply to mine? If so, thank you. Usually I receive an email (and I checked that box)…but not this time, but that is okay.

Your thoughts reflect wisely and well on what is happening with alarming frequency in society. I think all of society, both western and eastern, encourage narcissism and corruption.

We, the People, need to ‘take back the day’ (Take Back the Day) an acronym that I compare to the Women’s Movement to ‘Take Back the Night’.

I am so sorry about the fact that disordered people exist, and that my family of origin is a hotbed of disorder and greed.

Yes Barb, I was responding to your post. I agree with ‘taking back the day (and night!). I also came from a disordered and dysfunctional home and have struggled with the effects of my childhood for years. It made me perfect fodder for a psycho. Now I’ve finally seen that I feel more powerful than ever. I know how to ‘spot a psycho’ now. And my ex-psycho is just that…an ex!

Interestingly, of those women I could even consider might have been sociopathic (as you define it), I can not really be sure. Yet I am much more sure about the many men I have known who I think fit the bill. I worked with some, who eventually became obvious — all were men. The latest confirmed for me that he was actually tested and came back as a mild psychopath.

As far as children, I think it is hard for mothers to tell for sure. Sometimes we worry, but are we just looking too hard? And then, what if kids are not yet grown? We don’t have the prologue yet?

There is one friend I had in college who may be a sociopath. Clearly something was wrong and she even told me years later that she went on some sort of medication for a chemical imbalance in her brain. I remember her actions as cold and predatory, almost jokingly, arrayed against another woman, also a friend of mine, for no apparent reason. So maybe, but I can’t be sure. The possibly sociopathic woman married soon for our social group and the marriage only lasted a few years. Later she went into politics and in the wake of a mass shooting, supported and asked for more access to guns, not less. So, maybe that says something.

I know of another woman, who if what I am told is true, is a flagrant and severe example. But that story is not mine to tell. I forwarded the link to the study to an individual who could tell the story if that individual chooses to.

I await with interest the outcome and how perceptions or observations of women sociopaths may differ from those of men sociopaths.

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