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Fifth graders’ murder plan included a gun and a knife

Two fifth-grade boys in Fort Colville Elementary School in Colville, Washington, thought one of the girls in their class was rude, so they planned to kill her. The two minors planned to kill six other classmates as well. All the children are still alive and the boys are in custody, because a student who knew of the plan had the good sense to informed a school employee of the plot.

Fifth-grade boys’ plot to kill a classmate thwarted on

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Ox Drover

This is very disturbing to me…first, having seen children as young as this (10-11) in inpatient psych hospitals with a diagnosis of “oppositional defiant disorder” (a pre-age-18 diagnosis for budding psychopaths) who responded only to superior force, and who showed “duping delight,” this makes me wonder if these kids (one or both) were not this kind of kid, or on the other hand, are they simply responding to our violent culture and lack of parental oversight? Or a combination of DNA and environment?

Hopefully, with the seriousness of the charge against these kids, there will be some serious mental health assessments done on these kids…yet, “the system” many times fails to assume proper oversight of this kind of kid in my opinion.

This is truly sickening!I read over the weekend about a similar plot in Orlando,Florida.A stop was put to that plot because one of the conspirators ‘weakened’….Thank Goodness!That took strength!Parents weren’t even told of the plot until news reached the media!

Oxy,you’re a Bible reader.Remember how Jesus prophesied that his presence (having turned his attention to the earth for judicial action)would be “just as the days of Noah”.Noah lived at a very violent time,when the Nephilim roamed the earth,with their bullying acts.We’re seeing evil acts,as never before.It’s true that we hear more because of the media….but c’mon,how many of you readers remember CHILDREN murdering parents,schoolmates and neighbors and others?!Often over ‘silly’ disagreements!

Ox Drover

Blossom, the “prophesies” of the “end times” have each generation think that their time is IT because of how evil the world is…actually, I read a proof of this attitude where contemporary writings were examined from each generation since before Christ even and all the way up to today showing that each generation thought their children were “not obeying parents” etc etc.

There have been “wars and rumors of wars” and “earthquakes’ etc and violence in EVERY generation, and though I think our generations right now are violent, I really don’t think it is any worse, I think it will just CONTINUE to be this way until the end of time. Countries will war against other countries and people will commit horrible acts against other people, just as in the days of Noah and Sodom and Imperial Rome and Nazi Germany and Communist China and Stalin.

We see different religions persecuting and killing others for not believing as they do…I saw where a woman was burned to death as a witch last week, in front of her children. In the US people were burned, hung, drowned and pressed to death as witches and left the UK because people of their faiths were being burned at the stake…I have no doubt that each of us has an ancestor who was burned at the stake for their religious beliefs, and we also probably have another ancestor who lit the fire.

Maybe I am more “aware” of kids like these because I worked with them in two different inpatient psych hospitals, and have also seen some who I think “qualified” that were not inpatient but should have been IMHO. I didn’t see much definant behavior from Patrick, except one episode at age 11, until he hit puberty and then all hell broke loose.

According to “statistics” not ALL of these kids who are oppositional defiant become psychopaths, but my guess is that the majority of them are not “healthy, well-adjusted adults.”

But as far as “statistics” go I look at them like this



Donna, thank you for posting this extraordinarily disturbing article.

I noticed a very glaring aspect of the article: nothing about these boys’ parents was mentioned, which leads me to believe that there are some seriously disordered dynamics going on in their environments.

That one of the boys had been “dating” the intended victim at age 10 or 11 suggests that these children obviously got the “wrong” messages and that they may be beyond help. “Oppositional Defiance Disorder” is no jokel, as OxD pointed out. It is the HALLMARK of a budding spath/ppath, and I would like to know where the parents were in all of this!

OxD…..I love the insight on statistics!

Again, thank you for this article. I am SO glad that I’m not a parent of young kids, right now, and that I’m not a 10-year-old, myself. Eugh….

Truthy makes a good point about where the parents were in this situation.Too many parents turn a ‘blind eye’ to what their children are doing,simply because they’re exhausted and don’t want to ‘deal with it’, or just don’t want the inteference in their lives(but they enjoyed bringing the children into the world!).

I’ve heard many people respond in the way you did about times not being any worse than at other times;in general that life just goes on repeating itself.It’s true that there has always been suffering in some form or another since Adam & Eve sinned.One wonders how any human could think up some of the horrendous & evil things perpetrated!You mentioned the burning of people,which even goes on today in some places.My ancestors were imprisoned in the Tower of London,then beheaded.In some countries,husbands have the legal right to ‘dispose’ of their brides if they find fault with them.These are all horrible things.But when you can pick up a newspaper,or turn on the tv,and see news that depicts the very things prophesied at Matthew chapter 24,2 Timothy 3:1-5-and this on a WORLDWIDE scale-then it IS a DIFFERENT TIME IN HISTORY.

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