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Finally, two sociopaths go to jail

Vincent J. Fumo, for 30 years one of the most powerful politicians in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, has been on trial since October for conspiracy, fraud, tax offenses and obstruction of justice. Yesterday he was found guilty of all 137 counts against him. He faces 10 years or more in prison.

His co-defendant, Ruth Amano, was found guilty of all 45 counts against her.

I’ve been following this case closely, and wrote about it in November—see Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent J. Fumo on trial for corruption. He was brazen in flaunting his power, snubbing the rules, and spending “other people’s money.” He thought of himself as “royalty.”

The guy is clearly a sociopath, although no one except Lovefraud has said it. So to see a big, black headline on the front page of the newspaper this morning stating that he’d been convicted was extremely satisfying. For extensive coverage of the verdict, and a summary of the case, see Fumo: Guilty on all counts in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bernie Madoff

Last week, of course, Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 counts of fraud, money laundering, perjury and theft. He admitted running a Ponzi scheme that vaporized the life savings of thousands of investors. For coverage of the plea, see Madoff goes to jail after guilty pleas in the New York Times.

Even though Madoff is sitting in jail, rather than relaxing in his penthouse apartment, it appears that he pleaded guilty in order to game the system. By circumventing a trial, he seems to be trying to protect his wife, sons, and perhaps other people who may have known what was going on.

Criminal vs. manipulation

The good news about the Madoff case is that people in the media are continuing to refer to him as a sociopath, which may help educate the public. Unfortunately, that’s not happening with Vince Fumo.

The difference appears to be that Madoff’s actions were blatantly criminal, even though he was quiet and covert about it. Madoff stole money. A lot of money.

Fumo, on the other hand, said he wasn’t defrauding a community organization; he was accepting “gifts” in return for his efforts on behalf of the organization. And he wasn’t defrauding the senate when his state-paid aides handled his personal affairs. He said the aides “volunteered” to help him in addition to their legislative responsibilities.

So sociopathy is associated with criminality, but not grandiose arrogance and manipulation.

Well, at least these two guys are facing consequences for their actions. It’s a start.

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Lifevest user

Yessssss! Yay! Hooray! I’m all full of thoughts I’d like to say about the entire mental health systems, and lack thereof, but my words just won’t come out.
…I hope to be able to express myself, like I used to, again someday; now that I’m on my “healing road” I know I will eventually regain that ability.
But, yes; this is really good news, Donna.

Ox Drover

Thanks for this post, Donna. There are several Ps that are being brought out in government in the last year or so, and I hope there will be more convicted and jailed. For so long the “white collar” criminal has “skated” so many times.

The failure to label them psychopathic is not new, of course, and I wish more people in the media would label some of these “white collar” criminals as psychopaths. I’m actually even suprised that Madoff was “labeled.”

I have even hears the “mother of 8” labeled a Narcissist, which I think is a good step, because she is AT LEAST that! I think it was a GOOD sign that the public was CRITICAL of both her and her physician for her “unique” ability to give birth to a litter of 8 babies, and to criticize her for the abuse of the system and her ability to “care for” these 14 children. They didn’t buy her story that this was some kind of “blessed event” or that she was some kind of “outstanding mother.”

The fact that crooked politicians are being brought down, what seems like more and more, is definitely a GOOD sign. I do think, though, that the other Ps in positions of power, like most Ps, will not quit their bad behavior because they think it will “never happen to them.” The arrogance they have may also bring them down, but I think unfortunately, there are many more ready to take their places of position and power.

At least this is a START.

Ox Drover

ps: Congresswoman Maxine Waters has also been tied to a bank and some bail out funds, so there may be more coming to light.

It is also interesting that Michelle Obama’s position at a University where she received a raise from $120K to over $300K per year, AFTER her husband helped the university to receive over $1 million in federal money, will not be filled now that she has vacated that job.


“So sociopathy is associated with criminality, but not grandiose arrogance and manipulation.” Yes, that is always how I thought of it, but now I know it can be anyone I come in contact with, especially somebody that wants something from me. Maybe someday the media will get it right, I hope so!


Two down, so many more arrogant sociopaths to go.

I hope folks are finally coming to the realization that crime is crime … why flower it up with calling it “White collar” … and then letting these criminals stay in luxury resort minimum security palaces. It’s an outrage of abuse of power “ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY”. I pray that the FBI is investigating all politicians on every level in all 50 states … and bring those tainted with the arrogance of corruption to justice. The American People have been duped long enough. Hey, since we are in a recession we can have one trial for all these sociopaths … save money on the court proceedings (LOL).



Love hearing success stories!


I’ve spent a fair amount of time on political blogs. I’d like to think I’ve had some influence on the blogosphere’s common wisdom regarding sociopathy. This has been my primary reason for being there. I avoid the silly tribalistic bickerings between left and right, city and country, and try to make sure that people understand the dangers of any and all unchecked, non-democratic concentrations of power (political, religious, cultural, corporate, etc.). The pure power game rarely ever rewards the wisest or most faithful, but instead the most ruthless and devious. And those kinds of people most often have sociopathic characteristics. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that many people are very tribalistic, and will see what I’m trying to tell them through the lens of what is acceptable for their ’tribe’. And sociopaths see things like tribalism and ideology quite clearly (possessing of neither themselves), and use them for all they’re worth.

That being said, the best targets for “sociopathy” branding, are the most obvious ones which everyone can agree on, like Bernie, who Madoff with your money.

Frank Lee Speaking

This is classic.

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The aging Frank Dryman, a notorious killer from Montana’s past, had hidden in plain sight for so long that he forgot he was a wanted man.

In an exclusive jailhouse interview with The Associated Press, Dryman detailed how he invented a whole new life, with a new family, an Arizona wedding chapel business – and even volunteer work for local civic clubs.

“They just forgot about me,” said Dryman, in his first interview since being caught and sent back to the prison he last left in the 1960s. “I was a prominent member of the community.”

That is, until the grandson of the man he shot six times in the back came looking.

Dryman understands he is not likely to get out again now. And he is not kindly disposed to the victim’s grandson, the Bellevue, Wash., oral surgeon who became intensely interested in a piece of family history he knew nothing about. Clem Pellett compiled reams of old documents and tracked down his grandfather’s killer with the help of a private investigator.

“I can’t blame him for what he did,” Dryman said. “But I think it was so wrong he spent so much money getting me here. I feel it is unfair.”


frank lee: ‘“I can’t blame him for what he did,” Dryman said. “But I think it was so wrong he spent so much money getting me here. I feel it is unfair.” the SPATHspeak!

i have googled ‘psychopath quotes’ several times – always interesting to see the odd use of logic and language.

dryman changed his name and assumed a new life…and when questioned he said that other guy did that stuff, not me. uh huh. it’s a short article and it is a fascinating example of spath speak.

thankfully – there is also light in the world.

Ox Drover

ROTFLMAO “I can’t blame him for what he did, BUT….I feel it is unfair!” ROTFLMAO Choke, snort, snarff

OMGoodness! That is PRICELESS!

Talk about P-spath speak, and talk about contradicting oneself! LOL

Frank lee speaking, thanks for making my morning cheerful, I can tell you I got the biggest belly laugh I’ve had in a week out of that article. THANKS!!!!!


Frank Lee, I went to the link you provided and read about this case. Like Ox, the man leaves me speechless! And laughing!
He shoots a man in the back six times and then thinks it’s unfair that the man’s grandson hunts him down? Huh? How about it’s unfair that you took a man’s life and finally you are going to pay the rest of your life for what you did?!?! Spath speak!

Ox, Is this not truly a case in point of how well they can blend in? The man MARRIED people, for pete’s sake! This is the chameleon, the one who can blend in and no one even notices the stench of evil that comes from them.
I DO feel bad for the family he created to hide behind and I feel equally bad for the grandson and his family as well.


best cache of spathspeak evah –

i was doing a bit of research into the serial killer Robert Pickton, who killed many women in BC Canada in the last few years. I came across the name of Thomas Loudamy, who writes letters (as an ‘aspiring’ journalist – don’t know what’s aspiring about him – seems he is a journalist) to serial killers and then publishes their letters to him. he often doesn’t write as ‘himself’ – but creates characters that would ‘appeal’ to the ppaths.

He writes a coloumn on this website:

oxy asked me to write a warning on extremely triggering info. she says this qualifies. so this is a caution. i don’t endorse this guy or the website he is writing on – i only saw the letters of the ppaths as instructive to the disorder. i did not delve deeply into the site, so please only approach with caution.

Ox Drover

Dear Cat, I agree with you, and somehow they seem to think that if they are NOT killing this moment, that somehow the fact that they hid the body or hid themselves in plain sight makes what happened in the past null and void.

Bob Hare talks about “they know the words but not the tune” and I think that is as GOOD a description as it gets. The emotional meaning of words like “love” and “fair” etc. don’t resonate with them.

Dr. Hare thinks it is because they don’t “speak” to each other from one side of the brain to the other, but I’m not sure WHAT the actual mechanisim is (probably no one yet knows) but somehow the emotional part of their brain that goes with words doesn’t work right. It may be a chemical failure, or a failure of development of the area of the brain, but something sure is NOT right!

Like that jerk that they just shot in Utah, he killed someone trying to escape from court where he was being brought on a MURDER RAP to be tried, and dang if they don’t want to kill him for that! SHEESH those cops, and lawyers and judges just have no freaking sense of humor. Since this happened in a court room and there is NO DOUBT the man in Utah is guilty I am FOR the death sentence FOR HIM.

I’ve sort of changed my mind though about the death sentence for others—first off too many people are judged on EYE WITNESS testimony which is only accurate about 64% of the time, unless you know the guy already, and then are later proven INNOCENT by DNA….so I can no longer support the death penalty except in VERY RARE cases like the Utah one.

I DO think it is wrong to appeal the case for 25 + years though, but right now Arkansas probably has at least ONE innocent man on death row so who knows how long they should appeal,, the guy in Ark is going on 18 years.

At the time my son was convicted I was grateful they did not give him the death penalty, it would have “devestated me.” However, actually before he was convicted I actually wished him dead and the girl to be in jail for the crime! I would not be devestated any more if my P-son were put to death by the state, or by another inmate with a shank. That may sound pretty cold, but it is what he deserves. He killed a 17 year old young woman by shooting her in the head twice. He also BRAGS about how much more HORRIBLE his crime was “than the cops even knew”—I don’t know the details of how it was “more horrible” but I actually think he was TELLING THE TRUTH when he said that! He said it verbally to me and son D and in writing to the Trojan horse psychopath.

That statement was made orally to me because he was frustrated with me not buying one of his “but mommmmm, what would jesus do?” carps, and he changed in an INSTANT, said that his crime was worse, etc. and then when I didn’t react like he expected,, IN AN INSTANT changed back to “BUT MOMMMMM, what would Jesus do?” It was surreal! It was probably the best illustration I have ever seen of “they know the words but not the music” I’ve ever seen. It actually took a few days but it SNAPPED me out of the FOG where my son was concerned. I never saw him again. Unfortunately I DID communicate with him. In fact, too much! I let my anger over come my good sense and told him way too much, WARNED him of my intentions and that is never a good idea with a psychopath. That is why NC is SO important! One reason anyway!

Ox Drover

One_step, you know that LINK you put up.

I have seen some SICKOs (not you, him) in my life but the guy writing to the serial killers and GIVING THEM ATTENTION and then publishing the VOMIT they spewed out like it was something worthwhile made me want to puke!

It didn’t take me but a minute of reading to realize that the guest author of that blog was a SICK SOB! (head shaking here) If you are easily triggered by gore and carp do NOT go read that stuff. I thought I had a STRONG STOMACH for carp but let me tell you, that reached the limit of MY endurance and then went 1000% over the top!

BTW One, WARN me next time when the link is rated XXXXXXXX! LOL


oxy – have added a warning to my post. i do not endorse these folks. sorry about that. i was just reading the spath speak and thought this was one of the best sources of it i have ever seen.

again, sorry sweetie. sometimes i don’t look too deeply sideways and most times it is a good idea to do that. i was focused on the spath speak, not the conduit.

Ox Drover

When I first started to read it I felt like you did, looking at the “spath-speak” (and boy was it THERE!) Then I realized that this would-be journalist was GLORYING in being “close” to these CREATURES of the underworld, and that he was gaining attention himself by reaching out and “touching” these creatures. Sort of like a Man who proves his “bravery” by reaching out and touching a lion with his bare hands.

I was more repelled by the “would be journalist” than I was by the psychopaths themselves and what they said. Of course what they said was nasty, but the “would-be journalist” reminded me of a little boy looking through a hole in the wall watching a prostitute and her client and running to tell all the other little boys how “nasty” it was.

I started to register on the site and comment there about my opinon of it and thenn I decided not to give the “would-be journalist” the satisfaction of the attention he so obviiously craved. He struck me as worse than the psychopaths in seeking attention. PUKE!


Donna, thank you for this article! It’s a beacon of hope.

About the ex spath, I used to say that it’s arrogance had grown so huge that it would trip over it, one day. The more arrogant they become, the more likely they are to fly in the face of the law.

2 down, many, many more to go!


Dearest Ox,
NO, you do not sound cold. Until now, I didn’t know what crime your son had committed, and to BRAG about it being worse just shakes me to my core. What also really hit me was that he was able to switch personalities on you like that; But Mom, WWJD? and then to bragging and then back again? It was worse than even the cops knew? I understand your feelings today and I canNOT imagine how you dealt with this then. What gave me the creeps about this is that my ex used to do that. He used to be whining and crying one minute to get what he wanted and the next minute, he was in a total rage. My head would spin! You did what you had to do…you DETACHED. And having read so much of what you’ve written and shared on here, this is not a case of a child being raised to think this was OK. He can’t blame it on his upbringing, as almost all of them try to do. My heart DOES go out to you for what you must have gone through when he did this. HOW painful it must have been! I simply cannot imagine…

You’re right. This is where NC is so important! I have had the blessings of having almost 2 weeks without ONE phone call from the ex. He is in court AGAIN tomorrow for 3 more offenses, all traffic, but enough for him to be sent away for 6 months. I’m GLAD he isn’t calling here. He hasn’t even called to talk to his son and it’s Father’s Day. Once, this used to be a big deal. Today, it’s not. And I’m glad. I’m glad he’s moving farther away and giving his son the chance to have GOOD male role models in his life. He has plenty in his older siblings, grandparents and uncles.

I have thought long and hard about the death penalty because there are such recent cases of people being freed from jail for a crime they never committed thanks to DNA. You’re right about the one in Utah; since they SAW him do it, this is beyond reasonable doubt. Others are no so clear cut.

one-step and Ox, below is a link for the latest. A man walked into a taco place and killed 3 people, one of them being a 6 yr. old. What the HELL is the world coming to? What gets me about this is that, like so many who do this, he turned the gun on himself in the end. STAY ALIVE and take your punishment.

one-step, I too, visited the link you posted. I SO wanted to comment on this guy, but like Ox, I refused to. I’m not going to give someone like this any undue attention. He loves the attention and I did catch your warning about him. Yea, spath-speak all the way!

Buttons, I’m smiling about what you said about the arrogance. As I just said, my ex is in court AGAIN tomorrow. And you know what got him there? That very arrogance you spoke of.

Hugs to all!


Cat, congratulations on the ex spath paying what’s due! (snarl, hiss, spit) I had always hoped that the ex spath in MY former life would finally get caught committing insurance fraud, etc., but it kicked the proverbial bucket, first. Damitol ©® (a new and exciting pharmaceutical that’s better than Farkitol ©®)

Ox Drover

Dear Cat, well, I’m glad you validated my opinion about this “would be journalist” who was seeking attention by reaching out and “touching” the TURDS he was and then thinking this was making HIMSELF exciting and knowledgable! YUK!!!!!

Giving himself attention by giving them attention, how is that for mental mastrabation? Oh, that guy creeped me out! Makes the COLD chills go up my spine. Pass the blankets TB!


Buttons, I’m rolling on flmao! I think I need to get some Damitol-hehehe!
Yes, he is finally getting at least some of what he has coming to him but I have to laugh. My dad has a nickname for him, Teflon C… meaning the charges never seem to stick and he walks away from most of them, which is the truth. THIS time, however, he’s not walking far.

Ox, we can’t be the only ones to feel like this. I have read some of what Sam V. has written on his sites and I refuse to comment or post there, even if I could. These people(?) crave the attention and I have found that negative attention is better to them than none at all. So, I choose to say nothing. Hugs!

Ox Drover

Well, guys I have to go work on some parole documentation so I’m out of here for a while. Will be back when my blood pressure rises and I need a LF FIX!


Omigosh……Sam V, the self-proclaimed narcissist? ROTFLMAOTMNR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yah – a trolling ground for the empathetic-impaired. (ick)

Good luck, OxD – keep up the good fight!

Ox Drover

GUYS, I am having connection problems tonight due to internet air card problems, I am not able to get on any thread but the very shortest and still sometimes lose the post.

I see where people have been addressing me. I am unable to answer or even read your posts except for the first few words. I am also working on the final documents for my son’s parole hearing so I am going to log off tonight and will check back tomorrow if I have adequate internet connection. Goodnight!

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