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Florida doctor arrested again for beating his girlfriend

Dr. Rafael Azulay

Dr. Rafael Azulay

Dr. Rafael Azulay, a practicing internist in Pembroke Pines, Florida, was arrested last week for domestic violence. He allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face, and kicked her in the face and stomach, in the home they shared.

According to, the woman was bleeding when deputies arrived, but Azulay claimed he didn’t touch her.

A longtime friend of the victim said Azulay humiliated the woman by rubbing cat food and dirt into her face. But the woman was afraid to leave.

Pembroke Pines doctor accused of beating girlfriend for second time, on

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UGH what a nightmare.


Goes to prove that sociopaths exist in all echelons of society as well as their unsuspecting victims.


…being a sociopath or a victim has absolutely no bearing on an individual’s intelligence quota.

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