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Florida woman loses $52,000 to her con man boyfriend

Blayne Jeffrey Frederick

Catalina Rosas, of South Florida, thought she met the perfect man in Eric Benson. He claimed to be an art dealer and stocks and commodities trader for wealthy clients. He certainly acted the part.

But everything he said was a lie, which Catalina found out the hard way. She described her ordeal in an article for Huffington Post:

After almost two years of dating, I learned that Eric wasn’t who he said he was. Not only was our relationship a complete sham, he only saw me as a pawn in an elaborate plan to scam me out of over $50,000 and my 24-year-old son out of $12,000. His scheme ― which involved another girlfriend, fake gold, stolen paintings, forged checks and a false identity ― sounds like something that you’d only encounter in the movies. If I hadn’t found myself at the center of it, I never would have believed it was true.

Read the entire horrifying saga:

I discovered my boyfriend of 2 years was a con man who swindled me out of $52,000, on

Fugitive accused of scamming, stealing from two girlfriends in Boca, on


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BRAVO Catalina Rosas for going to great lengths in stopping this sociopath from destroying new potential victims!! I think it should be a law that the police must give you the information to which government agency deals with sociopath type fraud. SO many victims go to the police, are turned away and think that is the end of getting help.

To spot a sociopath just look in their eyes…my ex had dead eyes, so does this sociopath.


And that is why before I meet someone for a first coffee date I always vet them. I have found some very shady people out there. Some were married or living with a woman. One person had two felonies, one with a weapons charge and also a vehicle used intending bodily harm. Online dating is extremely sketchy.


You must be very careful.

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