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For raping his daughter, DuPont heir gets probation instead of jail

Judge Jan Jurden sentenced DuPont heir Robert H. Richards IV to probation instead of prison for raping his three year-old daughter, noting in her sentencing order that he “will not fare well” in prison, and that treatment needs exceed need for punishment.

Although surprised by the ruling, Defense lawyer Joseph A. Hurley said it makes sense to him that the judge would be concerned about Richards’ time in prison. “Sex offenders are the lowest of the low in prison,” Hurley said. “He’s a rich, white boy who is a wuss and a child perv. The prison can’t protect them, and Jan Jurden knows that reality. She is right on.”

Judge said du Pont heir ‘will not fare well’ in prison, from delawareonline.

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To Be Free

Well, who was there to protect the 3-year old daughter!! No one!!
She didn’t “fare well” in her own home!!
This is most disturbing.


To Be Free, I was going to write the same. That poor little toddler – what about her mental and physical damage? Will she have to live with knowing everyone knows what happened to her? Will she be a suicide risk when older..his actions leading to her death? So because he has money and is white he basically walks. Is this about the State not wishing to risk being sued by him, should he come to harm in prison? If so, he raped his 3 year old daughter and escapes a penalty appropriate to his crime (locked up and the key thrown away) because the State doesn’t want it to cost them money. Hope I’m wrong, that this cannot be the reason. Or was the judge really concerned for his welfare?


Who cares if the judge was concerned for his welfare??? The scum sperm donor should have his brains shot out. Life in prison tortured daily is too good for this not-a-human.

Seems like solitary confinement could solve the problem of attack by other criminals. A judge who is overly concerned about the outcome of a convicted criminal can’t possibly be capable of dispensing justice for the victim. He should be removed from the bench! It’s an outrage!



Joyce, exactly, this is what I’m questioning – was the judge really concerned for his safety to let that override justice? Or was it about not risking any legal action against the judge/the State should he be harmed? Your solution of solitary confinement is absolutely brilliant. It is the only solution in fact as the judge serves a penalty a bit more fitting to the crime (we all will have our own thoughts what really should be done to him) while “protecting” the guilty party. I wonder what the reasons are the judge didn’t think of that or didn’t want to impose it? I would have sold it under “for his own safety”.


So, let me get this straight.

This “man” entered the vagina of a baby? And he is not in prison?

I truly do not understand our judicial system. We have more compassion for the criminal? Who by the way is a criminal psychopath and he would be in good company since prison has about a 50 percent headcount of OTHER psychopaths. DuPont will NEVER EVER change and will rape another child again. Count on it.

Only shows how money wins in court. This is yet another reason to dislike the State of Delaware. Ick.

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