Former altar boy describes abuse by priests, teacher

Last year, a 21-year-old man testified to a Philadelphia grand jury about what he endured as a 10-year-old at the hands of two priests and a Catholic School teacher. Because of the abuse, he spent his adolescence in mental health and drug treatment facilities. His description makes his pain and confusion so real.

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In light of the fact that a minister that I know was arrested in July for Internet stalking of a child and child pornography (he didn’t actually meet a 14 year old that he had been corresponding with for a year, but the DEPUTY SHERIFF instead) and my past association with several pedophiles this article just makes me literally sick to my stomach.

The pedophile preacher of my acquaintence goes back to court Oct 26, and in the meantime, I will be contacting the DA, I have contacted several local newspapers (his home town weekly newspaper did not pick up the story but they have it NOW!) and will do my best to be allowed to speak at his sentencing hearing.

I am glad that these priests and teacher are being prosecuted, that is such a position of community trust and to have it betrayed so horribly is the worst kind of crime in my opinion.

I hope and pray this young man gets some validation and some healing from seeing his abusers prosecuted. Hopefully he can find closure and peace.

Donna, when I read Anna Slater’s book “Predators” in preparation for the letter I wrote to the parole board about the Trojan Horse’s past history as a pedophile I was AMAZED at the “balls” (for lack of a better word) these pedophiles have to molest kids. One guy she talked about actually was molesting the kid in the back seat of the car with the parents in the front seat.

She described a school principal who had his office door open (giving the appearance of openness) but was out of SIGHT of the secretary sitting outside while he molested a kid in his office.

The things I have read and know about from the history of the pedophiles I have personally known –Like charles Jackie Walls III molesting 1500 kids over a 20 year period with the Boy Scouts of America, even his own sister’s kids—one of which killed himself—and Jackie even went to a Scout Jamboree in Colorado AFTER he had been kicked out of scouts entirely, under a fake name, but allowed his photograph to be taken.

Jack Pratt, who is now deceased, but was in our living history group, when he got out of prison IMMEDIATELY WENT TO WORK at a museum in Arkansas where he was working with kids. It was only when I called the museum director and sent him a copy of the PUBLIC INFORMATION about Jack’s prison record and CONVICTION that Jack got fired. I had a heck of a time getting him kicked out of our living history group as some of the men on the board of directors said “well, he’s paid his debt to society” and we can’t kick him out.

I ran for and was elected to the board of directors of our group and he WAS kicked out. Jack later killed himself in the summer of 2007 after he was questioned by the local police. I do not know what he was questioned about. I do know that after he was fired by the museum, he went to work for 4-H and several other youth type organizations who apparently did NOT check for criminal backgrounds in their volunteers or employees.

I agree with you that legally a person is “innocent” until proven guilty in a court of law. However, arrest records and the information which is given in which an arrest warrant is obtained when signed by a judge is public information.

Technically, Casey Anthony is “innocent” of her daughter’s murder, and OJ is “innocent” of his wife’s murder, but that does not mean that there was NO EVIDENCE to lead to the arrest or trial of either one, it simply means that our justice system is not perfect. Sometimes “innocent” people are arrested (See the information on the West Memphis three) and people who are guilty are not “convicted” but it is a fact that, according to Anna Salter’s book, Predators, for every person who is FIRST arrested, the average number of offenses they have committed before that first arrest is 300! That number should ring your chimes! If those men molested this one young man, my guess is that there are hundreds more that they got away with. But that’s not “proof” but my opinion. I do hope this young man is vindicated and the people who hurt him are punished, even if it is after the fact, so that they will not be able to hurt more.

I intend to speak to the DA and the judge in the case of Dickie Chance and I have made sure his home town newspaper picked up the story of his arrest. It is only when as a society we search out these child molesters that we can even hope to cut down the number, much less stop the abuse. Thanks for this article.

This story plus what Ox is saying about the numbers makes me think that pedophiles are single-handedly destroying a huge chunk of the population. In a sense, they are a computer virus infecting almost everything they come into contact with, and with numbers like 300 by the first arrest…multiply that by how many pedophiles are out there, and then let’s see how much of the population we can guess might be dealing with abuse. How many of the people we know who suffer are victims of this? Also, since sociopathy forms in the young ages, I wonder if pedophiles have created many sociopaths. Being raped as a child is traumatic enough to possibly effect the child in a fundamental way and change the entire functioning of the person forever. I mean, couldn’t it change their brains?

My ex eluded to stories of this happening. I never knew whether to believe him, because his stories changed a lot. But there was one story of a 30-year-old woman when he was 11. He once told me that she raped him (he looked a lot older when he was 11), but later he told me that he ran out of the room before she could. He had some other suspicious statements which made it sound like he was keeping something hidden about his childhood. It could be that he was trying to make me feel sorry for him, but I also wonder if these experiences can destroy a person so much that they become sociopathic later in life.

And for those who actually kill themselves after being abused, I think it’s cause to try the pedophile for MURDER not just molestation. The fact that any and all of these children may later kill themselves seems like reason enough to take pedophiles MUCH more seriously.

The problem is probably that the legal and political system is riddled with pedos themselves who find their behavior perfectly excusable.

I agree with you, but I would substitute the word “spath” for pedophile, I think all peds are spaths but not all spaths are peds. I agree that all spaths are destroying the human race. It doesn’t require an encounter with a ped to make someone kill themselves.

My exspath told me that he had a girlfriend who committed suicide. She was a meter maid. One day she walked out into traffic and got hit by a car. They had been together for 1.5 years. At the time, I wondered how someone who was in the “bloom of love” could kill themselves. At 1.5 years with spath I was still in heavenly bliss. Yes, there were moments when we fought but the drug high was still there. fast forward 20 years and I woke up every morning cursing the fact that I didn’t die in my sleep. No different from the timeline of any other drug addict. The first years are bliss and the last years are hell. He kept me in bliss for longer because there was money involved and he needed to milk me for longer. Stupid spath. I got away because he was too slow.

You got it exactly right when you said: The problem is probably that the legal and political system is riddled with pedos themselves who find their behavior perfectly excusable.

His ex killed herself?

My….god….gulp…..that is so sad. And only you and a select few will ever really know why. She just vanished into the dust, and I”m sure many wonder why.

This sounds a bit nuts, but have you ever thought of checking with her family to see if they are left in this perpetual wonder about WHY she did that? Maybe you could help them by letting them know there was a reason for her suicide. I dunno. I just imagine that people around her would have never understood what she was going through.

I mentioned once on here that I’ve realized I dated at least 4 spaths. Yes, four. I never realized this until recently.

The first was when I was 17. He was 30. My mom wanted me to move out of the house and marry him (he had the family charmed) so I moved in with him. I was a 17 year old girl living with a 30 year old creep. What went on in that house…oh…I can hardly even repeat. He even went so far as to disassemble my car in the backyard. He was a mechanic and he took my car apart on the lawn in the backyard of the house. Then he told me if I ever left him, he would kill me and any boyfriend I ever had again. Well, I nearly killed myself when I was trapped in that relationship. I tried once. I took 7 Valium, a Xanax, smoked some pot, and then drank an entire bottle of gin. He was there. He did NOT take me to the hospital, because he didn’t want to get “caught” for having an underage girlfriend. So he just put me to bed. I woke up 2 days later. I later found homemade child porn on his computer. I got out of that relationship with nothing but the clothes on my back. I literally walked, because I had no car. I recall the day. I just walked out the front door and kept walking. I never went back.

That was spath number 1. I think after the initial one, I didn’t know what had happened. I was too young to process it. Things that are utterly sick had become “normal” to me. (and I mean SICK stuff went on in that house with him). So, one after another, I was sucked in by these sick spath men. FINALLY at this age, I am seeing the light. I will NEVER come near one again. EVER.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention. After I left him, he sent me a text message telling me it was my last chance to come back to him. He clearly still didn’t “get it” at all.

Then about FIVE YEARS later, I got this random email from him. In the mail, he just wanted to tell me that he forgives me. Are you effing kidding me? He FORGIVES me? My first thought: For what? Goodness gracious!!!! I have no idea what I was being forgiven for. It actually freaked me out because it really demonstrates that they NEVER change and never understand how they hurt people.

with 25 years of memories, it’s hard to remember all the names. If her name ever surfaces again, I’ll try to write it down, but it was only a first name. It wasn’t Marla, that was the next GF, it was……I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure I’ve written her name down on LF before.

most days, since i left him, have been about trying to survive and pay off the debt he left me with. There hasn’t been any energy for doing more than that. It’s been hell. but some days the memories come back. if anyone else can remember, please remind me. I don’t keep records.

Yes, spaths will pop up about once a year, usually. They just want to check in to see if you are still as dumb as you were when you left. In my case, the spath scored each time. Until the last time. Because the last time, the internet and a random stranger, intervened. Otherwise, I’d be dead by now.

It’s true, I dated nothing but spaths. One guy, John, when I was 15. He was 30-something. started to have sex with me, but I changed my mind, half way through. Said I wanted to go home. Then he laughed as I walked out the door in the pouring rain. I hitchhiked home.

In a way, I was lucky to meet one spath who stayed with me for 25 years because otherwise I would have met spath after spath after spath. This is what I was raised to do. Both my sisters are married to spaths and narcissists. They don’t know it though.

no words

It’s appalling to think this is still going on after so many years. I wonder how many priests are socipaths?

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