Former federal prosecutor charged with ordering a hit

Attorney Paul W. Bergrin was once a federal prosecutor. When he became a criminal defense attorney, his motto was allegedly, “no witness, no case.” He is accused of arranging the murder of a man who was about to testify against one of his clients, and the trial is now getting underway.

Bergrin is representing himself, which apparently scares the prosecutors. The judge has put stringent restrictions in place against Bergrin, and if he violates them, he may be fitted with an electric shock device.

For more, read the following stories. The New York Magazine profile is fascinating, and refers to Bergrin as a sociopath.

Representing himself, under threat of electric shock, on NYTimes.com.

Jury selection begins in murder trial of high-profile attorney Paul Bergrin, on NJ.com.

The baddest lawyer in the history of Jersey, on NYMag.com.

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This guy is such a TEXT BOOK high level psychopath/criminal that his life story should be used to “define” the very word psychopath.

The sense of entitlement, the sense of absolute narcissism, the sense of greed….beyond belief. Well, whether he wins or loses this case for murder, I imagine it will be a SHOW for sure and there are enough cases the Feds have to keep on trying him and keep him incarcerated until he dies of old age.

He will of course appeal the appeals and keep spending our money for his own entertainment. What a SCUM BAG!

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