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Former National Lampoon CEO sentenced to 50 years for fraud

Timothy S. Durham was found guilty of swindling $208 million from investors. He showed no remorse.

Judge sentences Tim Durham to 50 years in prison for defrauding investors, on

Ex-National Lampoon CEO Tim Durham gets 50 yeas, on

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It is a start. Ruining lives without remorse can be much worse than murder. I think they deserved more than 50 years and hope someday to see all psychopaths behind bars working to pay off their debts whether monetary, physical, spiritual or emotional.

They should work for their keep and to reimburse society instead of being rewarded with HDTV, free food, lodging and education at the expense of taxpayers who include the victims.


To quote Durham, “We are what we are.” That’s it in a nutshell.

These criminals should be making small rocks out of big rocks with a 40lb maul and NOT languishing in a prison cell, eating 3 meals a day, having access to medical care (even substandard), cable television, and other luxuries that I, as a victim of fraud, DO NOT have access to.

“We are what we are.” Yes, he surely is what he is.


Hail Fellow, well met. That is the sociopath’s mantra.

But what happens when your parents were sick sociopaths…which tragically “grooms” you for sociopaths outside of your family.

I never would have been exploited as horrendously as I have been if my own parents…mother especially…had not been such sick narcissists. Today while picking up crumbs of human contact as best I can, I find that people have no respect for me and spurn me as much as possible.

It is a lonely and joyless existence. Has anyone else experienced such parenting?

P.S. Not to deter from “LoveFraud”, but there are excellent articles to read on “Narcissists and their Children” websites…as well as articles on scapegoating.

oh yes. I understand about the parents setting us up. The entire family is a huge disordered mess and I’m sure that it has been for centuries. Very well hidden though. You’d never know it if you didn’t know where to look.


Babs, whether its being raised in a socipathic environment, or in an environment of alchoholism, dysfunction generates dysfunction.

For me, counseling therapy with someone that “gets it” was probably the best decision I’ve made, yet. Without that strong interaction, reading sites and so forth would have assisted me on an academic level, only I NEEDED that “safe place” to cry, vent, talk, recollect, and face down my personal demons with adamant.

The guy named in the article said it no better than anyone else could when he declared that “We are what we are.” He IS a predator, and a predator he is, and always will be. Whether a predator is a parent, sibling, lover, spouse, coworker, or religious/spiritual leader, they are, have been, and always WILL be a predator.

Brightest blessings

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