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Former surgeon throws humanitarian award at wife in domestic battle

Michael Brown, a former hand surgeon, is on trial in Houston, Texas, after allegedly assaulting his fourth wife, Rachel, in August 2010. Prosecutors say Brown threw two crystal vases and a humanitarian award at her. Brown lost his license to practice medicine in 2006 after testing positive for cocaine.

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15 Comments on "Former surgeon throws humanitarian award at wife in domestic battle"

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“I didn’t kill him, he died”……this is a court statement from an accused, who stragled his cellmate with a speaker wire…….


OMG……It never ends……


EB – today i heard a comment on radio made by the lawyer of a man (convicted pedophile) who stole a child and RETURNED him returned him, supposedly unharmed. The pedophile is now in custody. The lawyer said, ‘ my client feels really bad about…the situation HE’S in.

it never ends…


Comic relief: best summer injury ever!!!

I have a pot of chicken stock on the stove at a rolling boil – I open the cupboard above and a little pyrex lid drops down and into the soup pot. The stock flies up and out of the pot and scalds my left hand….and my right breast!

remedy: ice packs and wine.

But the question is……did you save the soup?

Damn girl…… 🙂



…it is now cooler than my breast :mrgreen:

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