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Former surgeon throws humanitarian award at wife in domestic battle

Michael Brown, a former hand surgeon, is on trial in Houston, Texas, after allegedly assaulting his fourth wife, Rachel, in August 2010. Prosecutors say Brown threw two crystal vases and a humanitarian award at her. Brown lost his license to practice medicine in 2006 after testing positive for cocaine.

Read Ex-hand surgeon on trial in alleged assault on wife on Chron.com.

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Oh, how lovely. The pun is just disturbing, though.


okay, i haven’t read the article yet, BUT GREAT TITLE!

Jayzus, they are such losers….

Yes, it’s like they can manage to make a compliment an insult. “Here, you ***ing humanitarian bi**h! Always going around caring about other people, bla bla, you bad person!”

Reminds me of when my ex told me that there was something seriously wrong with me because I always insisted on being honest. He told me that I should see a shrink for this and that it was a sign of selfishness.

Actually, I should expand. I asked him a lot of questions when he made the claim that honest people were selfish. He explained that it’s because they are so selfish that they won’t let other people live in fantasy worlds. He said that telling people the truth was rude, because sometimes the truth is painful, and if you are more selfless, then you will lie to people so that they never know what’s going on, but at least they are happy. The basic point was that he wanted me to tell him I was a virgin and make him believe it, whether it was true or not. I don’t know how he expected me to do that, since he already knew I wasn’t and it was his idea for me to lie to him about it. He said, “Make me believe it…” Sick sick sick.

I think the fact that he has lost his medical license AND this is his 4th marriage involving violence should be a telling factor in labeling this guy at least “very high in psychopathic traits.” PS It think the award had been given to HIM. In any case it is “funny” in a sad way.

Quick question: Does anyone here ever get logged out for no apparent reason? Sometimes it happens between typing a message and posting. Suddenly I am just logged out. I am asking cause I worry that maybe someone else has my password.

What’s ironic is…he was striped of his license in 2006 due to drugs but remained the figurehead for The Browne Hand Center. In his commercials, he says he’ll care for you like he cares for his daughter Sophie (in the older versions) or he’ll care for you like he cares for his own family. So, either he is going to be a coked-out dad always abusing my ‘new’ mommy or I get to be the subject of his abuse…either way I think I’ll find a new hand surgeon 🙂

Panther, LF frequently crashes my foxfire, doesn’t so much on internet explorer, but yea, it happens so don’t go paranoid on us! LOL Probably just trouble with the server interface.

Okay thanks for that 🙂 It’s been a weird day. I think I’m prone to paranoia today after nightmares last night. But I’ll overlook this mysterious occurrence, hehe. Thanks for the feedback.


Panther – change you password daily. worry averted. and fer god’s sake download a free anti-keylogger like ‘keyscrambler.’

“I didn’t kill him, he died”……this is a court statement from an accused, who stragled his cellmate with a speaker wire…….


OMG……It never ends……


EB – today i heard a comment on radio made by the lawyer of a man (convicted pedophile) who stole a child and RETURNED him returned him, supposedly unharmed. The pedophile is now in custody. The lawyer said, ‘ my client feels really bad about…the situation HE’S in.

it never ends…


Comic relief: best summer injury ever!!!

I have a pot of chicken stock on the stove at a rolling boil – I open the cupboard above and a little pyrex lid drops down and into the soup pot. The stock flies up and out of the pot and scalds my left hand….and my right breast!

remedy: ice packs and wine.

But the question is……did you save the soup?

Damn girl…… 🙂



…it is now cooler than my breast :mrgreen:

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