Reply To: My father is a psychopath/sociopath!



Hi Donna,

**Trigger Warning to any other adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I mention child abuse in the writing below*****
Thank you! I confronted him on being a pedophile and sociopath shortly after I started having flashbacks of the abuse. I moved across the country and he sold his house and moved away too. He never contacted me again after I confronted him. He may have access to his girlfriend’s grandchildren and my estranged sister’s children (I emailed and called my fathers girfriend and her family and my estranged sister and told them that he abused me and is a con man/sociopath but they refuse to believe me). So thankfully by reporting to the police hopefully he can be stopped if he is still abusing children and hopefully his horrific abuse will be exposed and I can begin closure and more healing. I believe he was in a pedophile ring when I was growing up. I have a lot of mental health issues resulting from the abuse (survivor skills ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and distrust in people and relationships I am working on healing through. My history of child abuse at the hands of my father who was extremely manipulative and deceptive definitely set me up to be vulnerable to other sociopaths as an adult but I am stronger and safer than I have ever been. Things are getting a lot better. Piecing my heart, mind, and life back together again, for the first time really! Thanks for creating this website and forum. I look forward to reading your book and continuing to read the info on this site. We are brave people, yes!

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