Reply To: Narcissistic Mother – the perfect training ground to marry a psychopath



For sure. I know now, and for some time my mother is a narcissist and my sister and sociopath. My Father was normal, but he is now deceased. I believe it is from living with these two women (my sister is 9 years older) that every man I dated, was engaged to, or married was either a narcissist, sociopath, or Borderline Personality disorder. It all makes sense. I got so used to the bullying and mistreatment from my mom and sister it didn’t seem at all unusual for the man in my life to treat me the same. My father being the only normal one may have left me to believe only females are disordered, but not men. I have been accused of being naive my whole life. Now, with Donna ‘s blog, and additional research, I feel I am better equipped to recognize a disordered person earlier on. Now to just let go of the compassion I have for tolerating these types!

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